Origins of Roulette

As a player, you might be interested in some of the history behind Roulette, it is a popular game that originates from France. Its name means a little wheel, and although there are different theories, the most common belief is that the game was created in the 18th century by a physician named Blaise Pascal. His aim was not to invent Roulette but the Perpetual Motion Machine, a tool that was designed to keep on spinning without an electrical mortar. 

Today, roulette at Thor Slots is played globally in casinos and on online gambling sites. The classic became so popular that by the 1800’s it was common in America, where it would be played for years to come. Roulette shaped the face of the gambling world and provided many players with the type of thrill they desired.

About the Creator – Blaise Pascal

Blaise Pascal was a well-known man and Roulette was far from the only thing he is mentioned for in History. The ‘Pascal triangle’ is widely studied in schools, his works are seen throughout literature, and his education and stature meant that he was a sought-after individual. Being a man of mathematics, Pascal was incredibly wise, and he influenced both social science and economics alike.

The amount of thought that went into the Roulette game is immense with the creator being one of the centuries most knowledgeable people. He not only worked on calculating mechanisms but also the fields of science. He also invented “the probability theory” which was revolutionary in the world of mathematics and applied to gambling directly.

The First Versions of Roulette

There are many different variations of ‘Roulette’ and some similar games include, “Even-Odd” “Hoca” and “Biribi”. They are English and Italian versions of the game and would be played with cards, balls, and boards that would simulate the game. It is unclear these versions came about as an alternative to the original or separate entirely.

Even before the 18th century, there were forms of roulette being played. Using paint, soldiers in ancient Greece would draw circles inside their shields using an arrow to bet on what symbol it would stop on. Also, the ferocity of the battle the Romans faced meant that gambling their riches was nothing when used to gambling their lives and they would play by spinning a chariot wheel to decide their fate.

Final thoughts on Origins of Roulette

Roulette is a popular game that has a background in many different cultures and heritage all over the world. Although Blaise Pascal was the main contributor, many people have different versions of the game and Roulette is a classic that will be played for time to come.

The origins of Roulette provide us with some interesting knowledge and insight into the game’s foundation. A serious mathematical mind was needed to create the game and we will continue to pay our respects to Blaise Pascal for his genius invention. Roulette is a must play if you are interested in gambling.