Omega Watches: The Over-the-moon Legacy of Omega

If you are searching for luxury timepieces, you will probably always see definitions such as elegance, sophisticated, and high-performance. These are the staple descriptions that most luxury watch brands tend to use when describing their collection. While it is true for most of these luxury timepieces, you can’t help but look for more out-of-the-box features that will make you want to buy their watches.

In this article, we will feature one of the most well-known luxury watch brands in the world. This Swiss watch is known for its popularity not only in the real world but also in the entertainment industry and beyond. It’s called Omega. You may have probably seen it on billboards when they launched the last James Bond movie, but there is more to know about this watch that you can imagine. Let’s begin.

Where it all began

Established in 1903 by Louis Brandt in Switzerland, this luxury timepiece was initially known as  Louis Brandt et Frère – Omega Watch & Co. It was only in 1982 that the company changed its name to a memorable one when it was acquired by the Swiss Swatch Group. Omega was considered the official watch for Britain\’s Flying Corps in 1917. It was chosen because of its unique features and capabilities which guided the country\’s combat units. Because of that, the US Army also admired their timepieces\’ performance and made it their official watch in 1918.

While these notable exposures built the brand\’s credibility, it was only in 1969 when Omega\’s popularity skyrocketed, literally. NASA trusted Omega as the first watch to be worn on the Moon for the Apollo 11 mission. There are several photographs and sightings of the Omega Speedmaster on Buzz Aldrin\’s wrist which makes the model popular to many aficionados.

And because these publicities are more than just marketing strategies, Omega continues to inspire more well-known prominent people into wearing their timepieces. Among the popular names who own an Omega are President John F. Kennedy, Elvis Presley, Prince William, and even US President Joe Biden.

Through time, Omega has created a name for itself. They managed to maintain the trust of their avid customers and continue to build new ones. With more than a hundred years in the watchmaking industry, one can say that Omega has truly created its mark on the world and beyond.

Different Omega Watch Collections

A great watch company will, of course, widen its horizons in terms of creating new designs and models. This is true for Omega. Each piece in their collection is equipped with features that are specific for all types of activities and occasions. Here are the different Omega watch collections that you need to check out:


This watch is the memorable timepiece worn by Aldrin. It is equipped with one of the world\’s most reliable chronographs. It comes with distinctive features that have the ability to track speed. Most men preferred this watch to wear on events such as car racing, biking, and the like. It comes with both metal and leather straps which are also perfect for day-to-day use. All models come with a chronograph while some also have a chronometer. It also has a minimalist design on the dial which makes it perfect even for formal occasions.


If you are into water sports and activities, the Omega Seamaster is perfect for you. It is built with a master chronometer and a co-axial chronometer. Most of its models in the collection are built with white gold and stainless steel while some come with a leather strap. It also has a date window which is perfect to track the date even when you are traveling on the sea. The best thing about this particular collection is that there are specific designs for women. The ladies’ version of Omega Seamaster has diamonds on the dial which elevates its style. It also uses a Quartz mechanism which makes it easier to maintain.


Omega also released a collection that is best to wear on formal and black-tie events. If you think that this Swiss brand is only focused on producing luxury sports watches, then the Constellation series will change your mind. This collection has a wide array of elegant and sophisticated timepieces designed with a minimalist and stylish aesthetic. It comes in his and hers versions and is made with some of the most precious stones and gems such as diamonds and sapphire.  Aside from its stunning bezel and straps, the main feature of this watch is the date window and water resistance. If you are looking for a timepiece to match your suit, this collection is for you. 

.De Ville

Another notable collection under the Omega brand is De Ville. It\’s a combination of complicated watchmaking techniques and pristine engineering plus the classic aesthetic of luxury watches. It is a wider version of timepieces which makes it look more appealing to everyone\’s eyes. While this collection is made for formal affairs, it is still built with the most reliable co-axial master chronometer that adds to its overall value. Most of the timepieces in the De Ville collection are made for men but some are also recommended for women such as the Prestige and Tresor timepieces. If you want a perfect look on your next evening gala, get one of these priceless watches.

The Omega Legacy

Over the years, Omega has always been an advocate of innovative watchmaking. It is one of the most priced heritage and legacy that transpires to all of their timepieces. Aside from creating some of the best watches for sports and conquering space, Omega is proud to be present in some of the most prestigious events in the world, even in the entertainment industry.

Despite the success of their wristwatches, Omega still remains true to its roots. They share some of the company\’s most prized works in the Omega Museum to inspire new and upcoming watch collectors and manufacturers. Through this, the company makes sure to influence not only the current generation but also the future of watchmaking.

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