Oculus Quest Is Priceless Unless Facebook Account ‘Is In Good Standing’

Andrew Bosworth’s not helpful tells fans to keep their accounts in good standing before getting an Oculus Quest 2 in order to avoid connection problems. 

Andrew Bosworth, VP of Facebook reality Labs is encouraging gamers to be sure their Facebook profile is in good standing. It should be before they purchase Oculus Quest 2. The new headset makes a number of important hardware advance modification over its ancestor. However, it has also got a big new problem thanks to Facebook’s mandatory account integration.15

Numerous clients have raised issues about Facebook have ceased them out of their headsets totally due to problems with their accounts. Leaving them with costly paperweights. 


Oculus has long been an important name in the grow fastly VR industry. It is a recent development with the Oculus Quest. A totally self-sufficient headset that does not require an external camera or a PC. it made VR more reachable for just about everyone. 

The Quest 2 comes with a lot of advances including better intention higher controller battery life. Most significantly, not at a high price. After the victory of the Quest, users had almost each and every reason to get thrilled for the Quest 2. 

However, the prior declaration that Oculus was about to start pushing Facebook account integration in October caused general outrage. It pushed excitement for the new headset pretty low. 

Following the release of the Quest 2 that looks very warrant. Andrew Bosworth sought to calm some of the anger in a Facebook AMA declared to Twitter. He told me that the team was working hard to track. Follow up on every single case of Facebook. In the meantime, the only guidance he served was for folk to make sure their Facebook profiles were in good standing before they brought the new headset.