Now And Then: A Statistical Review Of Dating Apps

Have you ever wondered how the concept of dating came to be? From courting one officially in the ballroom to wooing someone in theatre, to finally sending a text saying \”let\’s go out\”, the concept of dating has not only changed linguistically but methodically as well.

Letters were replaced by texts, meetings were replaced by video calls, introductions via common friends were replaced by newly developed applications. It is no mystery that the medium of dating has changed a lot.

So where did the concept of dating apps start from, and where it is now? If that is what you want to know then you are in the right place.

Where Did The Concept Of Dating First Come To Be?

The dating app is a culmination of humanity\’s desire to communicate, to find love. However, this publication first came to be through a very simple thing, that is the newspaper.

According to research from Betway online casino, the first recorded lonely-heart adverts occurred in 1695, only five years after the modern newspaper got developed. It was used as a tool to find a perfect match.

The newspaper that brought important information soon became an intermediary tool with the authority to connect people.

The first advert was placed by a man of 30 years old in the UK that claimed that he was especially \”looking for a good young gentlewoman with a fortune of £3,000 or so\”. Talk about demands.

We don\’t know whether the guy successfully managed to land a woman but it is evident that the concept soon developed thanks to the enthusiastic bunch from Harvard.

In 1965, a bunch of Harvard students utilized the IBM 1401 computer to develop the first matchmaking device in the USA, known as the Operation Match. It can be said that one after another, many generational devices were made that influenced the combination of dating apps.

However, it is believed that it was the social media platforms that created the spark of advancement for dating apps. The first social media that created the path for such advancement was MySpace.

After MySpace, Facebook, or initially known as \’Hot or Not\’ became the topic of the town as both these platforms promoted the idea of finding a communion.

After Facebook, which then served as a rating community specifically made for the students of Harvard, within three years MySpace took the initiative and launched the first three dating websites, PlentyOfFish, OkCupid, and Badoo.

It is at this point when the culmination of Tinder and Hinge took place. In 2012, the two most important dating applications hit the market, they are tinder and hinge.

So Which Applications Are Being Mostly Accessed Now?

From the adverts to using the applications, the notion of dating that we knew thoroughly changed. It is due to some premium applications like tinder, hinge, Badoo, Bumble, and many more, many can find the connection they strive to establish. While all the applications have the same goal, that is to find a match, it begs the question, which application is faring well the most?

  • Tinder:

After the initiation of 6 years only, Tinder started ruling the app store ranking of almost 86% country of 165 participant countries. A study has found that tinder has successfully managed to clock in 50 million users hailing from 190 countries. Moreover, it also states that since then, it has successfully played the role of the cupid by matching 20 billion users daily.

As the application is accessible to the user in 40 different languages, the universality of the app has made it much more easygoing and straightforward to utilize. No wonder it has many users which continuously keep growing.

  • Badoo:

The second most popular dating app in the app store is Badoo with 7% of users preferring it more than other applications. The statistical analysis has found that it has 500 million users, which is significantly 1.5 times more than the entire population of the US.

  • Bumble:

The American-based app Bumble ranked third in terms of app store ranking having 2% users from the participant preferring it to be the best option to hurl them into the daring realm. It is said that the application has an almost 42 million user base.

Countries Are Using These Applications The Most

  • Asia:

If you are thinking that Asia being the biggest continent in the world will have the most prospective candidates open to using dating apps, then let us tell you that you are wrong. Only 9 out of the 41 researched countries from Asia had dating apps ranked in the top 100 app stores. The countries were Myanmar, Brunei, Armenia.

  • Europe:

Compared to Asia, the result obtained from Europe is pretty shocking. The average ranking for the popular dating app was 88.9% and Germany, and Italy were the two countries where 55% of the users registered to some dating apps.

  • South America:

The average ranking for the users using dating apps among the 12 countries was comparatively higher. It was 68.5%. Moreover, 10 out of 12 of those countries have reported dating apps to make it to the top 100 of their app stores.

Ending note:

Evidently, the concept of dating has changed a lot. With the inclusion of 5G, it will continue to change more.