New PlayStation 5 Lets You Instantly Jump from Home Menu To Specific Game Activities

There is good news for PlayStation fans out there! Now, PS 5 will let you jump into other levels and missions directly from your home menus with the help of Game Activities. Keep reading to find the latest updates.

New Activities features help the players to jump from the Home Menu

PS 5 is a forthcoming home video game developed by Sony. It is expected to launch in late 2020. Recently, the company has announced the latest features of the console. 

One of the most popular added features is the new Activities system, which helps players to jump from their Home Menus to selected areas of numerous titles. Now, the players won\’t have to wait to boot up their game.

This exciting new update is made possible through the PlayStation 5\’s SSD (solid-state drive). The drive is capable of transferring 5GB/s and holding around 825GB of story. Compared to PlayStation 4, the new gaming console will transfer, load, as well as save data at a faster speed. A few months back, the Activities system was originally tested by Sony\’s Mark Cerny.


This feature is just a mere example of how solid-state drive technology can simply increase the gaming experience of the player. Moreover, it will also help them to cut downtime and perform tasks faster. Also, it will help the players to be engaged and focused on their games for a longer period. Besides, this feature can be used in both single-player and multiplayer games. This major feature is added for those who hate to waste a single second while playing their game.

Other features in the Activities tab of PlayStation 5

Last week, Wccftech checked what this new feature would look like in the game. In the forthcoming racing game WRC 9, the gamers will be easily stepping into the race directly from their home menus. Other than this, the Activities System will include several other live updates. Now, the gamers will have new updates like other missions, races, and events. So this means, the player will know what\’s going on in the world of WRC 9. Crazy isn\’t it?

Mark Cerny revealed that multiplayer games will witness a set of joinable activities, whereas, single-player games will give information like what missions a player can take and what rewards they might get after completing them. 

Additionally, he also clarified that the system will apply to both multiplayer and single-player games. For massively multiplayer online gamer (MMOG), the Activities tab will save their time, which they spend booting up the titles.

If you have played Destiny 2, then you know how much time it consumes to find the availability of a specific quest. 

Besides, this feature will be a helpful tool for mission-based games, like Nioh 2. This game daily features Twilight missions along with rewards for their completion. Similarly, it will also benefit the famous Call of Duty: Warzone and Overwatch, which is a multiplayer shooter game.

This game also contains various game modes.

It looks like the implementation of the Activities System is a sneak peek into the future. Besides, only a few months are left for the release of PlayStation 5, and it appears Sony has a lot more features to introduce before the console launches worldwide. Visit our website soon for more updates about the PlayStation 5 game console.