Been watching a Netflix series with so much interest for weeks, and towards the end, a message is flashed onto your screen entitled, FIX NETFLIX ERROR code m7111-1957, followed by a message saying, ‘whoops! Something went wrong.’

Are you the person who has experienced issues related to Netflix’s several error codes, without knowing the rhyme or reason for them to appear and hinder your enjoyment? Read this article to know the meaning of all such blunders, and it’s many easy fixes.


Not every person gets the Netflix M7111-5059 error code for a similar explanation and that is the reason there are various techniques accessible to fix it.

Before you give any fix a shot on your gadget, you should firstly think about the problem that is causing the issue. Indeed, frankly, if you are utilizing a VPN server or custom intermediary server to get to Netflix, at that point you will get this FIX NETFLIX ERROR: m7111-5059. Since the IP given by VPN servers are not private, a ton of clients use it for doing different stuff.

After getting different solicitations from a similar IP, Netflix blocks it and gives the M7111-5059 error code to every client. So if you are utilizing a VPN or intermediary server, incapacitate it once and take a chance at utilizing Netflix. On the off chance that you are not getting the error, you can continue to utilize it, or else follow the strategies referenced below.


HOW DO I BYPASS M7111 5059?

After understanding the most basic causes of Netflix streaming error m7111 5059, keep reading if you need to know how to fix it and to enjoy smooth, blunder-free functioning.

Disable VPN and Proxies: The first and most ideal approach to fix Netflix blunder code is by killing your VPN or proxy server. Some of the time to watch hindered or geo-confined shows and movies, individuals use VPN administrations. Netflix is quite smarter than the clients utilizing it and that is the reason you will get obstructed immediately, from enjoying Netflix.

There are different VPN applications out there that are obstructed as a matter of course by Netflix. We have referenced their names underneath so don’t utilize these VPN organizations to get to Netflix in any way. The list of the VPN servers mentioned here cannot be used unless you have an Amazon firestick, with the jailbreak. Unblock-Us, TorGuard, and Hotspot Shield. Using any of these VPN apps will not allow you to access the Netflix content in any manner, so do not try.

You can likewise cripple the Proxy Network from your framework (on the off chance that you are utilizing it) to fix the M7111-5059 error on Netflix. On the off chance if you don’t have the littlest idea of how to do that, you can follow the steps precisely below:

  • Firstly, access the Run Box by pressing Windows+R together.
  • Now, type or copy-paste the words intel CPU.cpl and press enter.
  • There on, the Internet Properties box will get displayed on your screens.
  • Locate the Connections Tab and hit the LAN settings button.
  • After the new pop appears on your screen, check if the Proxy Server is unchecked or otherwise. If it is checked, undo it.
  • Click OK twice, and lastly, your error code problem will be resolved.
  • Clearing the devices browsing history, cookies, and cache: If the strategies referenced above did not fix the issue for you, you may have to clear your program’s set of history and cache. At the point when you utilize your internet browser without clearing its cache and junk, then it can make issues for you.

    The cache will stack the past version of the site and on the off chance that anything is refreshed or updated, it will not be shown to you. So to fix this issue, you can likewise take a chance at clearing the cache and browsing history. It does not make any difference if you are utilizing a third-party apparatus like CCleaner for it or doing it physically, ensure you are clearing both the cache and the browsing history thoroughly. Here is how you can do it physically on all Windows working systems:
  • Download the CCleaner tool on your device.
  • Upon the installation process being completed, open the app and locate the Cleaner Tab.
  • Click the Applications tab and select History, Cookies, and Cache. Do not forget to shut down your web browsers before clearing them.
  • Once selected, click on the Cleaner button and allow it to do its magic.
  • Lastly, refresh your device first and try opening Netflix to see if the problem is fixed or not.
  • Use Working VPN: If you heartily want to access the geo confined or blocked contents of Netflix, there a list of VPN servers that are best to use and which will not flash the FIX NETFLIX ERROR: m7111-5059 expression. The problem can be resolved quite smoothly with a working VPN service with Netflix, in any region. Some of the VPN servers and apps are, NordVPN and Surfshark.
  • Use Working Netflix Proxies: As listed above, there are several working Netflix VPN services to access the geo confined and blocked content of Netflix. However, if you do not wish to use any of those VPN servers and apps, you can always opt for custom proxies, to access Netflix content. Amongst all, the S5 and elite proxies are the best and most utilized by users. To be extra careful of your device, and in need to be assured of the IP addresses and network your Netflix account is utilized from, you can always buy proxies.
  • Try Other Streaming Services: in case none of the above recommendations works for you to access Netflix content and vanish the error code, you can try using other streaming apps like Amazon Prime Video, Hotstar, or Disney+ to watch your shows and movies. Another option is also that you can try downloading them through Torrent, peer to peer file-sharing network.


There are several, easy ways to fix this problem. The fixes mentioned below can be used to resolve VPN blocking for any other streaming app or websites, apart from Netflix as well.

Change Your VPN Server: The most talked about and advised. Based on server data, IP bans are imposed by most regulators that can target certain VPN servers and apps. Changing the VPN server can give you access to the content you want, within seconds.

Create A New VPN Connection: Since a VPN offers multiple server locations if the ban is imposed onto one of them, simply create a new connection from a different location. If a VPN service is sacrificed and cannot be used to access your desired content, use a private and secure VPN service app like Surfshark to get the job done.

Change Your VPN Protocol: Different VPN services offer varying protocols like OpenVPN, PPTP, and L2TP. If you are uncertain about which VPN will work the best for you, it is wise to test as many as you can, and then decide which works well. Today’s VPN protocols are flexible, providing more freedom and security to create newer connections and gain access to the content you need.

Switch VPN Ports: Possibly, the controllers have hindered a couple of ports. Most VPN workers offer you the alternative to look over different VPN ports. You can utilize these VPN ports to make an association with the site/platform that you need to get to. On the off chance that port number 443 is not accessible, maybe change to port 80 and check whether it does. Most VPN workers likewise offer secret VPN alternatives that the directing stages can’t recognize. ExpressVPN and NordVPN offer stealth VPN usefulness.

Use Different Tunnels to Overcome VPN Blocks: SSH/SSL VPN tunnels keep the traffic source on your device, anonymous from the end website. However, these tunnels need to be installed on the user’s and regulator\’s servers, so one must do some research about which VPN services allow this feature.


This is the most common error that flashes onto Netflix user’s screen. It is displayed whenever Netflix detects any usage of a proxy or VPN service. Luckily, it is extremely easy to fix this error and keep streaming your show.

  • Firstly, download a VPN browser extension or app on your device after doing a thorough research of whether or not can it unblock Netflix. After doing so, sign up!
  • Open the app and set the server to the country in which the show or movie you wish to watch is available. For example, Grey\’s Anatomy is available in Korea; hence I will switch to a Korean server, which will unblock Netflix Korea. There are loads of servers to select from.
  • Clearing your browser’s cache and cookies is elemental, as that will vanish your old IP addresses and make Netflix accepting to the new IP address of the VPN.
  • Lastly, go to Netflix and try streaming the content you want to watch, which should be unlocked. If not, try contacting your VPN server custom care for assistance.

NETFLIX ERROR M7111-1935-405001

Amongst the several errors that Netflix shoots onto your screen at times, this one might be particularly displayed whenever you are watching your desired series, movies, and dramas. This error code is accompanied by a message saying, ‘something went wrong’, ‘unexpected error’, or ‘please reload and try again.’ Whenever this error code flashes, the smooth streaming becomes distorted and irritates, as said by many users.

As per many Netflix audiences, this error code does not allow the streaming of videos and freezes the screen. There is no official announcement by Netflix as to why this error is operated, as of yet. However, there are some fixes you can use to resolve this issue.

  • First and foremost, try the easiest thing. Log out and log in back to your account by putting the correct details. Sometimes, Netflix does not recognize the same user through a different device, hence is assumed to throw this error code. So, sign in and out is one of the basic fixes.
  • Check your Inbox for an email from Netflix. Sometimes, if the app finds anything fishy with your id user and password, it flashes and obstructs the streaming of videos and sends an email to the registered email address, to change the password. So, search for an email from Netflix entitled error code m7111-1935-405001, and follow the guidelines to change the password.
  • Clear your browser’s cache and history: Many times, the junk stored into your device might cause disruptions and the error code, which might cause hindering in the streaming of shows and movies on Netflix. Google Chrome users, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge users, all have different manners of clearing browsing history and cache, so follow the respective steps to do so.

If you have Google Chrome: – click on the three dots at the top right corner of your screen> select history> clear browsing history> all-time data. Note- you can use the shortcut keys, CTRL+H to get access to the history and cache files.

Firefox users: – copy-paste or type the URL, about: preferences#privacy, hit enter> clear all data. Note to select Cached data, Site data, and Cookies to be deleted.

Microsoft Edge User: – copy-paste or type in the address bar, edge://settings/clearBrowserData. Hit enter and select All time in the period section, and click on ‘clean now.’


Netflix is an app that is believed to be streaming all series and movies, with the best video quality and sound. It has a large audience and is popular throughout age groups. Everyone’s first preference is Netflix, for it is that fine. However, Netflix’s is privacy policies and the will to maintain the utmost security for its users, warns them through error code m7111 Netflix Reddit, whenever it detects any violations. Nevertheless, all these blunders have the easiest solutions and it never drops the number of Netflix users, universally.