Need a Kick? 4 Highly Recommended Tools To Help With Productivity

Where would we be without the Internet and all of its wonderful benefits? The answer to that is likely in a world where connectivity is not as utilized and widespread. Thanks to the power and proliferation of the Internet, we are now living in a world where productivity is increased, and human resources are becoming more and more efficient.

In this article, we’ve listed down some of the best tools anyone can get or add to their workflow to induce more creativity, which then makes productivity flourish. These tools are either software or hardware options, and may or may not be used in conjunction with each other. 

PDF editor and converter

If you are an employee, or even a student, files with a PDF file extension will be part of your world. Portable document format, or PDF, is one of the more popular document formats on the planet because it doesn’t change its properties and elements even when opened in different applications. This feature makes it perfect to use for documents shared online that are final and don’t need further enhancements, fill-up forms, and memorandum circulars.

Thanks to technology, the average person could easily use a PDF to PNG converter online which also has an array of tools that can add and edit the text into a PDF, merge pages, convert Office-based file formats, and etc. Thankfully, the options online are nothing short of limited. In fact, a quick Google search of a PDF editor should yield thousands of results. A great recommendation? Try PDFBear.

True wireless earbuds

With smartphones losing the 3.5mm audio jack, it only makes sense that Bluetooth-connected headphones and earbuds are taking the spotlight. Gone are the days when wired headphone choices are superior to their wireless counterparts. In fact, some wireless wonders have better audio output compared to those cheap wired headphones that many favors!

If you work in an office setting, you’ll need true wireless stereo (TWS) earbuds to streamline your focus and concentration. Alongside a power playlist that features focus music, you’ll have no distractions from the outside and can concentrate on the task at hand with TWS earbuds. 

You have plenty of choices for this, ranging from premium to budget-friendly. On the former side of the spectrum, you get Apple’s AirPods Pro and AirPods Max. These powerhouses are the best in integration, especially when you are tied to the Apple ecosystem. The Pro is more convenient to use in daily situations, but the sound quality is not at par with Max.

In fact, the AirPods Pro has average performance in sound clarity, wide soundstage, and music reproduction. It pales compared to cheaper alternatives like the Cambridge Audio Melomania 1, or the TWS50 from SoundMagic. The Melomania 1 is arguably the best in class among its competitors, and the TWS50 is the choice for those on a budget. Both have excellent soundstage, great highs, and lows, and can parse high-end audio codecs.

An ergonomic office table and chair

The importance of an office table and chair that can support your workflow can’t be overstated. Office work, whether you’re at the office or at home, will require you to sit for hours on end. A conducive environment for working is prefaced by a table and chair – in fact, these should be given. Even in a set-up where you choose to stand for your work, the right table still is relevant.

Grammar checker

Most people won’t be bothered by having perfect grammar, especially if you are a native speaker of the English language. But trust us when we say that having a grammar checker to check your emails, papers, proposals, and other documents will be a lifesaver. It will keep you from making the simplest grammar mistakes, improve your writing to be more forceful, and save you from an embarrassing double entendre or something else graver.

Grammarly is free to use, but if you work with articles all day, every day, getting a subscription should be the better choice. If you’re an occasional user, the browser extension for both Safari and Chrome should be more than enough. Hemingway is another grammar tool you can use now and then. It has a great readability feature which makes your writing more understandable. Plus, it’s free!


There you go! Having these tools will instantly make your workflow a little better, if not exponentially! Remember to invest in quality hardware when you can, but there’s no shame in looking for cheaper alternatives as well. On the software side of things, if there’s a free option, go for it. We hope this article helps you out in getting more productive for your daily work life. A few new things can surely help you get motivated to keep going and keep making yourself even better.