Top 35+ Wonderful Names That Mean Water For Your Baby

Therefore, finding a Names that mean water with a special significance is an excellent idea.

If water has always been significant to you, you may like to choose a baby name that relates to it.

Numerous cultures place a great value on the water. It is a sign of birth, development, and renewal in Egypt.

You may be astonished by the number of baby names with water-related meanings.

Girl Names That Mean Water


A girl\’s name will always be remembered. Thus, a great name will always be fashionable.

Choosing one of the gorgeous and sophisticated water or aqua-related names for the baby girl will ensure that she leaves a lasting impression.

Here are some ephemeral names we\’ve chosen for you to consider for your little Atlantis-seeker.

Choose intuitively while keeping in mind your princess\’ innate qualities:

  • Anahita: Anahita, a Persian name implying \”water or river goddess,\” is a beautiful name. This is one of the lovely female names with a water connotation.
  • Aqua: Aqua, from the Latin word for water, is a unique female name that means water. The color blue-green is also related to the name.
  • Ara: Ara is one of the short and straightforward girl names connected with water. The Arabic root of this name means \”brings rain.\”Bayou is an alluring name that means \”a tiny brook.\” It is one of the most desirable water names for girls.
  • Cascade: It is a gorgeous girl\’s name with aquatic connotations. The name conjures images of cascading waterfalls. The alternative form of the term Cascadia is likewise highly distinctive.
  • Como: The name Como is of Italian origin and means \”lake.\” The unusual water-related name evokes an image of tranquil and relaxing water.
  • Coral: This is a beautiful girl\’s name related to the element water, not merely a beautiful color. The term is also applied to reefs formed underwater by skeletal deposits.

Boy Names That Mean Water


A child or man\’s name is always the first thing people notice about him; thus, a great name will always be in style. Choosing one of the baby boy\’s top water names or aqua-related names will ensure he leaves a lasting impression.

Here are some aquatic names that your young animal boy can flaunt for the rest of his life:

  • Aalto: Aalto is a Scandinavian and Finnish name of \”wave\” origin.
  • Alun: Alun is one of the uncommon boys\’ names with a water theme. The name of a river in Wales has Welsh origins.
  • Adrian: Adrian, inspired by the Adriatic Sea, is one of the coolest water-themed male names.
  • Arno: The river Arno, whose name means \”flower water,\” flows through Florence, Italy.
  • Arroyo: The exact meaning of the name is \”deep ravine carved by an intermittent stream.\”
  • Bay: Bay is a rare boy\’s name that means \”an enclosed body of water.\”
  • Beck: Beck is an Old Norse name meaning \”stream.\” The smaller form of Beckham.
  • Bourne: Bourne is of Middle English origin and means \”one who resides near a stream.\” Matt Damon helped popularize the name.
  • Brook: Brook is one of the most common male names inspired by water. The name alludes to someone who resides near a stream.

Gender-Neutral Names That Mean Water


Here is a list of gender-neutral names that mean \”water\” or are otherwise associated with water:

  • Abital: My father is the nighttime dew
  • Adva: Meaning: ripple, little wave
  • Aeron: Meaning: a little Welsh river
  • Aqua: Having to do with the color aqua
  • Ara: Meaning: causes precipitation


Mythical water names

  • Fjord: This Old Norse and Norwegian term refers to a sea channel. Even though it\’s appropriate for all genders, we recommend Ford for guys.
  • Guadalupe: This famous Spanish name, \”river of black stones,\” has been declining since the 1990s. Therefore, it will be an original name for your daughter.
  • Hali: Hali, derived from the Greek word for sea,\’ is a wonderful alternative to the somewhat popular Halle. However, the pronunciation is similar.
  • Isla: Isla, which means \”island,\” is the name of a river in Scotland, but it is best known as Sacha \”Aladdin\” Cohen\’s wife, Isla Fisher.


Names That Mean Waterfall

  • Adrian: Meaning: originating from the Adriatic Sea
  • Alun: Welsh river
  • Arnav: Arnav is the Indian word meaning ocean.
  • Bach/Beck: Meaning: German term for stream dweller.\’
  • Banks: Derived from riverbanks
  • Bayou: Native American origin, derived from the term bayou, which refers to a little brook.
  • Wade: Wade translates literally as \”river crossing.\” The term is also used to describe walking on water.
  • Wolcott: Wolcott is an English name for males that means \”cottage by a stream.\”
  • Wilton: Wilton is an unusual boy\’s name that means \”place by the stream.\” The English name is one of the few male names related to water.
  • Wyre: Wyre is a Celtic geographical name meaning \”winding river.\” It is the name of the Afon Wyre in Wales and the River Wyre in Welsh.
  • Zale: Zale is a short and distinctive water-related name that means \”power of the sea\” or \”strong sea.\” The name\’s origin is Greek.
  • Zenebe: The African and Amharic name Zenebe means \”raining.\” A charming name with origins throughout cultures.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Does The Name Mean, Water Spirit?

Nixie is the name for the water spirit. This uncommon name means \”heavenly mist.\” The feminine form of Ocean is Oceane. It is one of the most fashionable water names.

2. What Names Mean Water Or Ocean?

Aerwyna is an English name that means \”fellow of the sea.\”

3. What Are All The Names For Water?

Drink, rain, H2O, aqua, rainwater, and saliva.

4. What Does The Name Mean For Beautiful Water?

Popular boy names that signify water in the United States include Kai, Beckett, Brooks, Fisher, Ford, and Hudson.