Powerful Names That Mean Storm, Rain, Sky

As parents, we select some baby names because we enjoy their sound. Others are chosen because their meaning is significant to us.

Alternately, you may seek a name that expresses your child\’s developing personality.

We have investigated, examined, cross-checked, and validated 100 baby names that signify wind, sky or storm for whatever reason you may be looking.

You may choose one of these weather-related names for your baby.

Boy names that mean storm

  • Abel: The Hebrew name Abel means \”breath.\” In numerous mythology, it was believed that the wind was the breath of the gods. This leads us to believe that Abel is an excellent addition to our list of wind names and one you won\’t find in other collections.
  • Aeolus: In Greek, Aeolus denotes swift or nimble. Aeolus is the Latinization of the Greek name Aiolos. Aillos was the Greek god, the king of Aeolia, and the wind keeper.
  • Akash: Akash is an Indian name that means \”open space\” or \”sky.\” In certain Hinduism sects, Akash refers to the place where all things exist, the initial element produced, and the substance of all material objects.
  • Amphorn:  The Thai name Amphorn means \”sky.\”
  • Amun: Amun is an Egyptian divinity whose name means \”hidden.\” Amun was one of the most significant ancient Egyptian gods. He was considered the greatest creator and was the deity of the sun, air, and wind.

Girl names that mean storm

  • Aella: Aella is an ancient Greek name that means \”whirlwind.\” This name, pronounced A-EHL-LA, seems like an excellent option for parents looking for a name that symbolizes wind.
  • Aellopus: The Greek word Aellopus means whirlwind-footed. Aellopus was a nickname for Iris, the Greek goddess of rainbows and the messenger of the gods with golden wings.
  • Aethra: The Greek word Aethra means \”bright sky.\” Sometimes spelled Aithra, Aethra is the name of a crab genus. Five species of the crab genus Aethra are found in and around the Pacific Ocean.
  •  Ahana: Ahana is a Japanese name that translates to \”sky blossom.\” 
  • Alizée: Alizée is a name that carries the meaning \”trade breeze.\” Alizée, a modern French name, first appeared on the popularity lists in 1986, peaked in 2001, and has since gradually lost ground.

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Names that mean storm or lightning

  • Adad: Adad is a short yet formidable storm name for males. This name of Akkadian origin is claimed to be the name of the Assyrian-Babylonian God of Thunder and Storm. This is a short, trendy name option that means storm.
  • Barak: Barak is a storm name that conveys both strength and elegance. The name\’s origin is Hebrew, meaning \”lightning\” or \”flash of lightning.\” This was the name of an ancient Israel monarch and military commander in the Old Testament. This distinctive and memorable name is also spelled \”Baraq.\”
  • Baran: Baran is a name with origins in Kurdish. It reportedly carries the meaning \”thunderstorm.\” In Turkish and Kurdish, Baran is regarded as a boy\’s name, but it is said that in Persian families, it is given to girls.

Last names that mean storm

  • Kutsa: Kutsa is a storm-related name that is both uncommon and memorable. Kutsa is an Indian name, and its meaning is \”lightning.\” It is considered a generally masculine name, but the suffix \”a\” gives it a wonderful feminine quality that fits well for girls.
  • Munja: Munja is a storm-related name that connotes a majestic, royal strength. The meaning of the Croatian name Munja is \”lightning bolt.\” This unusual and memorable storm name is suitable for both boys and girls.
  • SAAR: Saar is a name that carries the meaning of a brief, powerful, and gracefully beautiful storm. \”storm\” is the meaning of the popular unisex name Saar, which has Hebrew origins.

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Names that mean quiet storm

  • Dorrin: Dorrin is a name that has a traditional sound and a vintage allure. The name is of Irish origin and is thought to imply \”storm\” or \”bad weather.\” This is an excellent option if you\’re looking for a name related to a storm for your child.
  • Freyr: The name Freyr may contain only five letters, but it is brimming with distinctive allure. It is believed that this Old Norse name is the name of the weather god. Freyr, whose name means \”God of rain and brightness,\” is a unique storm name that leaves quite an impression.

Names that mean storm bringer

  • Minnesota: Minnesota is a Dakota Sioux name that translates to \”cloudy water\” This may not be everyone\’s notion of a cool, sky-related baby name. We adore the idea of a name that, pun intended, mimics the appearance of the foggy sky on the river\’s surface.
  • Misty: Misty is a name that means \”mist-covered.\”
  • Nephele: Nephele is a Greek name that means \”cloud.\” In Greek mythology, Zeus used a cloud named Nephele to make a copy of his wife, Hera. He did this to determine if Ixion secretly loved Hera.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What\’s a name that means storm?

The English word tempest denotes a storm.

2. What names mean storm girl?

Bronte (Greek Origin) means \”thunder.\” It\’s usually used as a girls\’ name but also as a unisex option.

3. What name means, thunder?

Thor. The Scandinavian name Thor is derived from the Old Norse word meaning \”thunder.\”

4. What\’s a name that means lightning?

Asterope (Greek Origin) means \”lightning.\”

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