Colorful Baby Names That Mean Sky

What is it with skies and obsession? Are you an Astrophile, looking for names that mean ‘sky’? Well, you are going to be deeply satisfied after going through this article that is an ocean of names that mean ‘sky’ for girls, boys and even names suitable for both genders.

The sky is symbolic of freedom, tranquility, immortality, and transcendence, no wonder it is believed to be the abode of God, a place where heaven is, eternal bliss. The velvet cloak of the blue sky surrounds our earth and nurtures us with life.

Choosing among names that mean ‘sky’ can be a prolific and profound choice. A name that means sky can be a boundless metaphor because don’t you think we all are too complex to be crammed into one metaphor? But the sky itself is without seams and when seeking meaning why limit ourselves?

Let’s get your baby a deeply meaningful name that means ‘sky’.

Girl Names That Mean sky

Your baby girl is like a bird that is meant to soar high in the seamless blue skies that are home to her. Choosing among names that mean ‘sky’ for you little birdy is a perfect choice.

  • Cielo -It is an elegant Spanish name used for girls that means ‘sky’ or ‘paradise’, it is popular in Italy.
  • Alya– It is a feminine name coming from Arabic origin that means ‘sky’.
  • Dion– Feminine variant of the masculine Greek name Zeus. This name is of French origin and means ‘child of the sky (heaven) and the earth.
  • Miku– This excessively cute Japanese name is used for girls and it means ‘sky’, long period of time, and ‘beautiful’.
  • Nut– This name is of the Egyptian goddess of the heavens who is portrayed as a female arched over Geb (the God of the earth).

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Boy Names That Mean sky


With all the high ambitions that your baby boy is going to achieve as he grows up, he is bound to aim for the sky, so why not name him after it?

  • Akash– A very popular Indian name among Hindus. It is a masculine name that means ‘sky’ in Sanskrit.
  • Arsh– This boy\’s name which means ‘sky’ is of Arabic origin and popular in India. It has other meanings like ‘throne’ and ‘star’.
  • Turan – It is a bold name related to the Arabic origin that means ‘sky’.
  • Avneet – A Marathi name used for boys. It means ‘one who belongs to the sky’.
  • Umber– An Indian masculine name popular among Sikhs. It means ‘sky’. A variant of the name Ambar.

Non-Binary Names That Mean Sky

Like the sky is free from any limit so are these non-binary names that mean ‘sky’ of any gender identity and therefore they can be used for both girls and boys.

  • Azure -This stunning and colorful name is of English origin that means ‘sky blue pertaining to the hue of the sky. It can also be used as a middle name.
  • Sky– For all the nature-loving people enchanted by the ethereal beauty of the sky this name is perfect since it is gender-neutral as well.
  • Skye -Considered as an alternative to the unisex name Sky, this name is of Scottish origin that means ‘sky’. It is inspired by an Isle that brings the mighty sky down to earth.
  • Amphorn -Coming of Thai origin this name is unisex and it means ‘sky’ or ‘the elite seat in the sky.
  • Haneul -This gender-neutral name is rare. It is a Korean name that means ‘sky’.

Names From The Heavenly Skies

Since God is called the man of the sky, he resides up there in heaven, keeping in mind this aspect we have made a list of names that mean ‘heavenly skies’.

  • Gagan – Pertaining to Indian origin, it is a male name that means ‘heaven’ or ‘sky’ or ‘heavenly sky’.
  • Divum – A Bengali male name popular among Hindus. This Indian name means ‘sky’.
  • Meghna- It is an Indian feminine name that means ‘sky’ and ‘clouds.’
  • Arushi– A feminine name pertaining to Indian origin that means ‘red dawn sky’ or ‘first rays of the sun.
  • Perun– According to Slavic mythology, it is the name of the god of the sky, thunder, and lightning.

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Famous People Named Sky


There are many renowned personalities who have opted for names that mean ‘sky’. Have a look if you want to name your baby after them.

  • Amber Heard -The popular American actress Amber Heard. The meaning of her name is ‘sky’ or ‘gemstone’.
  • Falak Shabir– Famous Indian actress whose name means ‘heavenly sky’ or ‘cosmos’.
  • Neel Bhattacharya- Bengali television actor whose name means ‘sky’ or ‘blue’.
  • Amrik Gill– A renowned Indian writer whose name signifies ‘God of the sky’ or ‘pure’.
  • Indra Nooyi -Indian-American former chairperson and CEO of PepsiCo.

Celestial Baby Names Inspired By The Sky

Celestial baby names are those names that are associated with the sky and the heavens.

  • Arshee– This Bengali name of Indian origin is popular among girls and it means ‘heavenly sky’.
  • Celia -This enchanting name is of Latin origin and it means ‘heavenly’. It is a celestial name that has literary significance.
  • Rakia – Pertaining to the Hebrew origin this celestial name means ‘the heavens and the sky.
  • Selina– This celestial name coming of Greek origin is used for girls and it means ‘star of the sky.
  • Dishant –This masculine name of Indian origin means ‘the sky’ or ‘the point where the sky meets the earth. The alternative spelling of this name is Dishanth.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Greek name means sky?

Zeus is a Greek male name that means ‘sky’ or ‘shine. It is the name of the king of Gods who resides in Olympus and is the god of thunder and sky.

2. What name means rainbow?

Coming of Greek origin, Iris, is the most popular feminine name that means ‘rainbow’.

3. What is a sunshine baby?

The term ‘sunshine baby’ signifies a child before the loss of a newborn due to various reasons. Metaphorically, it symbolizes serenity before a dark storm.

4. What is a butterfly baby?

Babies ridden with a rare genetic condition known as Epidermolysis bullosa are called butterfly babies. This severe condition makes the skin so sensitive that even a slight touch causes a tear or blister, the skin becomes as fragile as a butterfly’s wing hence it is named so.

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