Ultimate Baby Names That Mean Rebirth

Names that mean rebirth are so profound as they carry such deep and varied symbolism and meanings.

Your baby can be a rebirth of hope, love, life, positivity, light, transformation and so many things in your life so choosing among names that mean rebirth is in fact the best choice.

We have composed a list of ultimate baby names that mean rebirth for boys and girls along with names that rebirth in other languages, names that signify chance and are inspired by new beginnings.

Let me guide you in your search for the best name for your little one by introducing you to ultimate baby names that mean rebirth.

Girl Names That Mean Rebirth

  • Anastasiya- It is a Russian name that means ‘rebirth or resurrection. Another variant of this name is Nastasya.
  • Naissa- An Indian name related to the Hindu origin that means ‘rebirth’ in French.
  • Reena- A feminine name coming from Indian origin that means ‘rebirth’ or ‘artistic’.
  • Kasi- It is a popular Indian name for a tree symbolic of resurrection. It is used for girls as a name that signifies ‘rebirth’.
  • Renisha– A rare feminine name of Indian origin that means ‘rebirth or reborn.’
  • Anya- An Arabic name popular in India and it means ‘rebirth’ or ‘resurrection’.
  • Nouvel- Rising from French origin this distinguished name depicts ‘rebirth.’
  • Sanjibani- This feminine name pertaining to Indian origin is popular among Bengalis and it means ‘rebirth \’or ‘shibboleth of eternal life.
  • Morana- Coming from Slavic origins, it is the name of the goddess of rebirth and dreams in Norse mythology.
  • Avil- Variant of Avril or Aviva, it is a name coming from Hebrew origin that means ‘renewal. Or ‘fresh’.

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Boy Names That Mean Rebirth 

  • Janeet- A name of Indian origin that means ‘rebirth’ or ‘reborn’.
  • Punay- An Indian masculine name popular among Hindus and it signifies ‘rebirth’.
  • Adonis- Originating from archaic Greek origin, Adonis, is the Greek God of ‘rebirth’ and his name means ‘masculine beauty’.
  • Karma- A powerful name that signifies actions that affect our rebirth. Thus, this word can be used as a name inspired by ‘rebirth.’
  • Lazarus- A biblical name that means ‘God has helped’. This name signifies rebirth, resurrection, revival of the dead to life in Christian belief, referring to the story of ‘the raising of Lazarus.’
  • Kaivalya- This is a spiritual masculine name derived from Sanskrit roots and it means ‘freedom from rebirth’.
  • Kariuki- Coming from Kikuyu origin, this is a unique masculine name that means ‘the one who is incarnated’.
  • Renatus- A quaint but mesmerizing name related to the Roman origin that means ‘the one who is born again’.
  • Neander- A name inspired by the concept of rebirth, this name is a traditional one since it originates from the Greek origin and it means ‘new man.’
  • Tasya- A boy name of Indian origin that means ‘resurrection’ or ‘the one to be reborn.

Names That Mean Reborn

  •  Punarva- Pertaining to Indian origin it is a Kannada name popular among girls that means ‘reborn’ or ‘giver of rebirth’.
  • Rene- This elegant name originated from French roots and it means ‘reborn.’
  • Jiyana- Feminine name that means ‘reborn’ or ‘Moon’s name’ pertaining to Indian origin.
  • Tadesse- An Amharic name that means ‘reborn’ or ‘revived’.
  • Samsara– Rising from Sanskrit origin that signifies the cycle of life, death and rebirth.
  • Ziyaan- A melodious name of Arabic origin that means ‘reborn’ or ‘piece of heart’.
  • Rajvik- A masculine name pertaining to Hindu origin that means ‘reborn.’

Words That Mean Rebirth in Other Languages

  • Genfodt- This word originated in Danish origin and it means ‘reborn’.
  • Renaissance- A very popular word that took birth in Italy and is of French origin that signifies ‘re-awakening.’
  • Renovamen- This is the Latin word for ‘rebirth’. Other variations of this word include resurgence, revival, and revitalization.
  • Athbhreith- Rebirth is called ‘athbhreith’ in Irish and it is of Welsh origin.
  • Rinascita- This word can be used as a name and it means ‘rebirth’ in Italian.

Unisex Names For Your Baby-Inspired New Beginning

  • Jiyan- A non-binary name that means ‘reborn’ coming from Indian origin and depicting a new beginning. It also means ‘name of the moon.’
  • Neo- A cute and attractive name that is used for both genders and it means ‘new’ or ‘present’.
  • Sahar- A gender-neutral name derived from Arabic roots that means ‘dawn or morning’ which is symbolic of a new start or beginning.
  • Tan- A cute and snappy Vietnamese name that means ‘new beginning or start’.
  •  Inizio- Originating from Italian origin, it is a voguish name that means ‘new beginnings.’
  • Ordell- An English name that signifies ‘new beginnings.’
  • Sura- This unisex baby name is of American and Gaelic origin and it signifies ‘new life or beginnings.’
  • Asier- This positive name means ‘new beginning’. It is derived from Basque origin.

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Unique Baby Names That Signify Change

  • Fatiha- Alternative to ‘Fathiya’ and pertaining to Arabic origin this feminine name means ‘foremost or new beginning’.
  • Nimith- This is a Telugu name pertaining to the Indian origin that signifies ‘change’ or ‘transformation.’
  • Janus- An unusual name coming from Latin origin that means ‘Goddess of change or transition’.
  • Rupantar- A masculine Bengali name pertaining to Indian origin that means ‘change’ or ‘transformation.’
  • Fani- An Arabic name used for girls that means ‘the one who can be changed.
  • Matram- Originating from India this Tamil feminine name signifies ‘transformations’ or ‘changes.’
  • Gearie- An unusual masculine name mostly used by Hindus and it means ‘one who is changeable.’
  • Kia- A short and simple name with a beautiful meaning that depicts ‘new beginnings.’  It is an archaic name reviving from African origins that is popular in modern times.
  • Ruthwik- A masculine name that sounds powerful, it comes from Indian origin and it signifies ‘change of weather.
  • Yugbadal– A very rare masculine name pertaining to Indian origin that means ‘change the world.’

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What names mean reincarnation?

Phoenix is the name of a mythological bird who signifies ‘reincarnation’ by rising from its ashes.

2. What does the name mean 2nd chance?

Veasna is a Cambodian name that signifies luck and means ‘second chance.’

3. What name means resurrection?

Asya is feminine Indian name often used by Chritians that means ‘resurrection’.

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