Top 25+ Unique Names That Mean Moon

Throughout history, the moon has fascinated humans. Perhaps this is why individuals want baby moon names. Names for babies that mean \”moon\” might be common or highly rare, ensuring that your child will be the only one in their class with that name.

This has given rise to enthralling tales, legends, and mythology in cultures and societies around the globe and throughout history, as they have sought to explain the dazzling brilliance of the night sky.

We\’ve included some interesting tidbits for those who desire further information when searching for names that signify the moon.

Names that mean moon for boy

  • Aadhira: The word translates to the moon in Hindi. The name Aadhira can be used for either a boy or a girl. It is usually used as a girl\’s name.
  • Abylay: Abylay derives from the Kazakh language. This name translates to \”father of the moon.\” Kazakhstan is located between Europe and Asia. Thus, the name could be ideal for a child whose culture and family heritage show diversity.
  • Aegaeon: It is the name of the moon of Saturn. According to Greek mythology, Briareus was an incredibly powerful giant with one thousand arms and fifty heads. The Gods referred to him as Briareus, while mortals referred to him as Aegaeon. The name means \’goatish\’ or stormy in Greek.
  • Agharna: The meaning of the Sanskrit word Agharna is \”moon.\” This is a rare name, making it a unique option for your baby boy.
  • Aibek: If you choose an exotic name for your son, consider Aibek. It is a blend of the Turkish words \’aye\’ and \’beg,\’ which together mean moon master.\’
  • Aku: Aku is the legendary name of the Moon deity in Babylonian. This modest and unassuming name could make a comeback as double-syllable baby names gain favor.

Girl names that symbolize the moon

  • Aitne: This Greek baby girl\’s name is the name of one of Jupiter\’s satellites. Aitne was also Oceanus\’s daughter. This name is also written Aetna, and the Sicilian volcano Mount Etna was named for it.
  • Altalune: The unique Latin name Altalune means \”moon\” or \”above the moon.\”
  • Artemis: This unique name is associated with one of the most renowned Greek deities. Artemis is the goddess of the moon, animals, wilderness, and hunting. Artemis was Apollo\’s twin sister and one of the twelve Greek gods residing on Mount Olympus.
  • Arianrhod: This name is related to the moon in Welsh mythology, from which it is derived. Curious how? The name translates to the silver wheel, an apt metaphor for your little moon queen.
  • Aiday: This Kazakh name translates to \”moon kid\” The name Aiday rose to prominence in 2013 when Aiday Isaeva has crowned Miss Kazakhstan and represented the nation at the 2014 Miss Universe competition.

Names that mean moon goddess

  • Raith: Unknown is the meaning of the name Raith. Raith is the moon goddess venerated in Bali and Java. According to her legend, she was devoured by the disembodied head of a giant she spurned. This narrative discusses the lunar eclipse.
  • Sanda: Sanda, derived from the Sanskrit word Chandra, signifies the moon. Sanda is a Burmese name with Sanskrit origins. It should not be confused with the Croatian, Romanian, and Latvian Sanda, a shorter variant of the name Alexandra and means \”defender of man.\”
  • Selene: The Greek term for the moon is Selene. In Ancient Greek mythology, Selene was a moon goddess alongside Artemis and Hecate. However, only Selene was regarded as the moon\’s embodiment, and she is pictured traversing the sky in her moon chariot.
  • Sponde: Unknown is the meaning of the term Sponde. In Greek mythology, Sponde was one of the Horai, or goddesses who oversaw particular periods. After lunch, Sponde observed as drinks were poured. Sponde is also the name of the 36th moon of Jupiter.


Names that mean Galactic moon-inspired 

  • Amalthea: Amalthea is a moon of Jupiter named for the goat (or goat keeper) who nurtured Zeus as a child. It would make a beautiful extended form for the trendy diminutive Thea.
  • Calypso: Calypso is a playful name with musical roots in the West Indies and a vibrant beat. Both Callie and Cleo could be used as nicknames.
  • Leda:  Leda, the name of the beautiful mother of Helen of Troy in Greek mythology, was given to only 17 infant girls in 2018, despite its simplicity and universal appeal.
  • Thebe: Thebe is a rarer moon of Jupiter than Phoebe, but it has the same brightness and simple sound.
  • Skathi:  Skathi is named after the Norse goddess of winter and archery, Skai.

Surnames that mean moon or stars

  • Aelius: \”Sun in Greek.\”
  • Altair: Altair is referred to as \”The flier.\”
  • Antiman: Antiman means \”sun condor.\”
  • Antinanco: Antinanco means \”sun eagle.\”
  • Archimedes: \”Master.\”
  • Aries: \”The constellation of the ram.\”
  • Elio: \”Sun in Greek.\”


Last names that mean moon

Ersa:  Ersa is the morning dew\’s goddess.

Esmeray: Esmeray means \’black moon\’.

Hala: It means \”the bright aura surrounding the moon.\”

Hesper: A simple Greek name that means\’ evening star.\’

Jaci: According to Tupi-Gurani mythology, the ancient god or goddess of the moon.

Jacira:  Jacira is composed of two Tupi syllables that translate to \”moon\” and \”honey.\”


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the other name for the moon?

Luna, kuu, hli, cap, maan, mwezi, bulan, marama, ay etc.

2. What names are related to the moon?

Selene – Greek for the moon. The Latin name Sidra means \”of the stars.\”

3. What does the name mean, child of the moon?

Amaris. This baby name means \”child of the moon\” in Spanish, making it a charming astrological moniker for your child.