100+ Adorable Names That Mean Light For Baby Girls And Boys

Why do not give them a name from our list of names that mean light? We are sure the name that you chose for your cutie patootie will illuminate their life with loads of happiness. Plus, they will feel blessed and appreciate such a beautiful name given by you.

Our kids bring light to our world, don’t they? Their small smiles and giggles can brighten our day. Even your kids deserve a bright name that guides them and others in their paths of life, be it happy days or bad days.

Hence, we have rounded up 100+ beautiful names that mean light or baby girls and boys. Come have a look at our blog for more!

Boy Names That Mean Light


\”You are my sunshine, my only sunshine. You make me happy..\” It\’s such a lovely song! Sometimes, powerful words used in songs and our day-to-day lives, make us better people. And giving a name to your child means the light will fill their life with radiance and hope.

So if you have been recently blessed with a baby boy then you must definitely check out the names that mean light!

Abner -Hebrew origin, means “father of light”.
Anwar –Arabic origin, means “light”.
Apollo –Greek origin, means god of light and destroyer.
Beacon- Old English origin, means “signal light.”
Chand –Hindi origin, means “moon, light”.
Epifanio- Spanish origin, means “bringing light”.
Ivar –Hebrew origin, means “light”.
Jomei –Japanese origin, means “spread light”.
Kiran –Hindu origin, means “beam of light”.
Lucian –Latin origin, means “light”.
Ner –Hebrew origin, means “candle or light”.
Oran- Aramaic or Gaelic origin, means “light”.
Pradeep- Hindi origin, means “light”.
Uri –Hebrew origin, means “my light”.
Zain- Hindu origin, means “godly light”.

Girl Names That Mean Light

Indeed, girls are the light of every house. In every step they take, they fill everyone\’s life with joy. Moreover, with their innocent puppy eyes and a big smile, your baby girl can become a source of light in your life. If you are looking for the names that mean light, then have a look below:

Alina – Greek origin, means “light”.
Aonani: Hawaiian origin, means “beautiful light”.
Ciana – Italian origin, means “light”.
Dawn – English origin, refers to the first appearance of light.
Ellen – Greek origin, means “sun, ray, shining light”.
Ilene – Greek origin, means “light”,
Ilona – Hungarian origin, means “light”.
Leora – Greek origin, means “compassion, light”.
Lucy – Latin origin, means “light”.
Luz – Spanish origin, means “light”.
Mahina – Hawaiian origin, means “moonlight”.
Meira – Hebrew origin, means “light”.
Nura – Arabic origin, means “light”.
Oralee – Hebrew origin, means “my light”.
Phoebe – Greek origin, means “brilliant, radiant”.
Sunny – English, American origin, means sunshine, bright, and cheerful.
Thea – Greek origin, means Greek goddess of light.
Zia – Arabic origin, means “light, splendor”.
Ziv – Hebrew origin, means “radiance or light of God”.

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Names That Mean Sunlight, Starlight, Or Fire

Names that mean fire, starlight, or sunlight can bring out a new personality in your kid. Your bundle of joy will be remembered for their energetic yet strong personality, which will be unstoppable just like the moon and sun. So here is the list of names that mean fire, sunlight or starlight.

Aelia – Roman origin, this light-filled baby name means “sun”.
Aster -Latin Greek origin, means “star”.
Astra – Latin origin, means “of the stars”.
Danica – Slavic origin, means “morning star” (AKA, the sun).
Estelle – Latin origin, means “stars”.
Esther – Persian origin, means “star”.
Hester – Germanic origin, “evening star”.
Hestia – Greek origin, means \”hearth, fireside\”.
Hoshi – Japanese origin, means “star”.
Idalia – Greek origin, means “behold the sun”.
Kalinda – Hindi origin, means “sun”.
Roxanne – Greek origin, means “dawn”.
Soleil – French origin, means “sun”.
Stellaluna – Latin origin, means “stars and moon”.
Svetlana – Classic Russian origin, means “luminescent\”.
Aarush – Indian origin, means “first rays of the sun.”
Anatole – Classic Greek origin, means “rising sun”.
Blaze – Germanic origin, means fire or flame.
Cyrus – Latin origin, means “sun”.
Egan – Irish origin, means “little fire”.
Hayden – Old English origin, means “fire”.
Helios – Spanish origin, means the sun god.
Izar – Basque origin, means “star.”
Kir – Persian origin, means “sun”.
Namid – Ojibwa origin, means ”star dancer”.
Polaris – Latin origin, means “North Star”.
Samson – Hebrew origin, means “sun”.
Tyson – English origin, means “firebrand”.

Names That Mean ‘Light’ To Brighten Your World


A newborn child is a ray of hope and fills everyone\’s life with happiness. The home becomes warm and every morning becomes bright. You wake up every day to a new optimistic day to make your kid learn new things one day at a time.

If you have been trying to find the right name for your child that means light, then here is the list of names that means light:

Alina – Greek origin, means light
Aonani – Hawaiian origin, means beautiful light
Aurora – Latin origin, means dawn
Ayla – Turkish origin, means moonlight
Chiara – Italian origin, means light; clear
Ciana – Italian origin, means light
Dawn – Old English origin, means first appearance of light
Eileen – Gaelic, Scottish, Scotch-Irish origin, means Bright, shining one
Elaine – French, Scottish origin, means bright; shining light
Eleanor – Gaelic, Scottish, Scotch-Irish origin, means Light
Eliora – Hebrew origin, means the Lord is my light
Ellen – Greek origin, means sun, ray, shining light
Faven – African origin, means light
Hannelore – German origin, means God is my light; grace
Helen/Helena – Greek origin, means shining one; bright
Iliana – Spanish origin, means ray of light
Ilona – Hungarian origin, means light
Kamaria – African origin, means moonlight
Leora – Greek origin, means compassion, light
Lucy/Lucia/Luciana – Latin origin, means light
Luz – Spanish origin, means light
Mahina – Hawaiian origin, means moonlight
Meira – Hebrew origin, means light
Nahara – Aramaic origin, means light
Nera – Hebrew origin, means light; candle
Nur/Noor – Arabic origin, means light
Oralee – Hebrew origin, means my light
Phoebe – Greek origin, means brilliant, radiant
Roxana – Persian origin, means dawn; little star
Sanaa – African origin, means work of art; shining light
Sheridan – Gaelic origin, means bright light

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Gender-Neutral Baby Names That Mean Light

Gender-neutral names are pretty common these days. It works as a symbol that men and women both are equal and can be given the same names. If you are scorching the internet for names that mean light, then continue scrolling.

Anwar – Arabic origin, means light.
Cahya – Indonesian origin, means Light.
Dowan – English origin, means daybreak, or the first appearance of light.
Elon – Greek origin, means shining light.
Flash – American origin, refers to a bright flash of light.
Gae – French origin, means lighthearted.
Kenzie – Scottish origin, means a light one.
Kiran – Sanskrit origin, means a beam of light.
Lior – Hebrew origin, means God’s gift of light.
Lux – Greek origin, means light.
Mahina – Polynesian origin, means moonlight.
Merri – English origin, means joyful and lighthearted.
Nimai – Sanskrit origin, means filled with an inner light.
Roshan – Persian origin, means bright.
Shashi – Japanese origin, means moonlight.
Ziv – Hebrew origin, means light of God

Biblical Names That Mean Light

When one is looking for an ancient and classic name for their child, nothing is better than a bible. Traditionally, biblical names have a deep meaning and have been used since the olden days.

And still, people are continuing to keep their child\’s names like Mary, Jacob, Elijah, Noah, and the list goes on. If you are looking for a biblical name that means light for your kid but you don\’t have a good source, then we have gathered the best names for you.

Neriah – Hebrew origin, means “light” or “lamp of the Lord”.
Ray – Northern Europe origin, means Streak of Light; Regal
Uri – Hebrew origin, means Light; The Lord is My Light
Zia – Latin origin, means First Ray of Sunlight
Abby – Hebrew origin, means Father; My Father is Light
Jair – Hebrew origin, means Light, Diffuses Light
Ludo – Dutch – Flemish origin, means Light; Famous Warrior
Luke – Greek, Latin origin, means Light Giving; Light
Abner – Hebrew origin, means Father of Light / Luminous
Ahaan – Arabic/ Muslim origin, means Dawn; Auspicious Dawn; Morning
Horus – Egyptian origin, means Lord of the Air; God of Light
Jalen – American origin, means Flute; Calm or Serene
Lance – Old French, Germanic origin, means Land; A Lance; A Light Spear
Lucas – Greek, Latin origin, means Bringer of Light; A Region of
Orion – Greek origin, means Border or Extremity; Son of Fire
Uriah – Hebrew origin, means Light of the God; Light is Yahweh

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What name has the meaning light?

Lucy means light. It is derived from the Latin word lux and the Roman word Lucia and both the names mean light as well. Girls who were born at dawn were given the name Lucia or Lucy. alternatively, Lucy can be spelled, Lucie or Luci.

2. What name means Goddess of light?

Here are some of the list names that mean goddess of light:
• Thea
• Twinkle
• Uriela
• Aurora
• Ziv

3. What names mean bringer of light?

The names that mean bringer of light are mentioned below:
• Lucas
• Ellen
• Helen
• Helena
• Helene
• Hikari

4. What names mean bright light?

If you want to know what names mean bright then take a glance below:
• Aileen
• Áine
• Akiko
• Alina
• Avira
• Bertha
• Chiara
• Claire

To Summarize

We hope after reading our article, you will get an idea of what name to give to your child that means light. If you are expecting a baby, then you can also pick any gender-neutral names from our list. Stay tuned!

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