40+ Unique Baby Names That Mean Fire, For Girls

Looking for an elegant baby name that will pique people\’s curiosity? If you believe your child will have a personality that will illuminate a room or want them to carry the torch of your family\’s name, consider naming them after the hottest element on Earth: fire.

Fire baby names are uncommon and startling, helping your child stand out. In addition, they are completely stylish for 2022.

If you\’re prepared to burn, baby, burn, go no further than this extensive list of fire-themed baby names.

From Apollo to Vulcan, you\’re ensured to find the ideal fire-related baby name for your little firecracker!


Girl Names That Mean Fire

  • Abenanka: This name in Ainu culture signifies fire!
  • Aguya: This Russian name translates to \”fire mistress.\”
  • Aithne: This name means \”fire\” in Irish.
  • Alinta: A native Australian name that means \”fire\” or \”flame.\”
  • Arpina: This Armenian name translates to \”sunrise.\”
  • Bedelia: This name is derived from the Celtic Goddess of fire.
  • Bridget: This baby name is derived from the ancient Irish fire goddess.
  • Calida: Calida is a Latin name meaning \”hot\” or \”fiery.\”
  • Cyra: This name\’s meaning in Greek is \”sun throne.\”
  • Cinderella: After the famous fairytale character \”little ash girl.\”
  • Eliane: This name has Latin origins and means \”sun.\”
  • Enya: This baby name\’s meaning in Irish is \”fire.\”
  • Ember: This colorful name is derived from the English language, and its exquisite meaning is \”the smoldering remnants after a fire has been extinguished.\”

Baby Girl Names That Mean Fire

  • Adeen: Adeen, like its male counterpart Aiden, means \”small fire\” or \”flame.\”
  • Anala: This posh-sounding name is derived from the Hindi word meaning fire.
  • Azula: Azula is one of the main characters in Avatar: The Last Airbender. Her name translates to \”blue fire\” in Spanish.
  • Bedelia: This name indicates strength and is related to the Irish fire goddess.
  • Britt: Britt is a name with Scandinavian origins associated with a fire goddess.
  • Calida: The Latin word Calida means \”hot\” or \”fiery.\”
  • Cyra:  Cyra is a Persian name that means \”sun\” or \”born in the light.\”
  • Eilidh: Eilidh is a common Scottish name for girls that means \”sun\” or \”radiant.\”
  • Eliane: This name is of Hebrew, Greek, and Latin origin, meaning \”sun.\”
  • Enya: This name, made popular by the Irish singer Enya, is entrenched in Celtic history. Enya is a fantastic choice if you\’re searching for a tranquil name, much like her music.
  • Fiamma: This fiery name is derived from the Italian word for flame and means \”fiery one.\”
  • Hestia: Hestia was the Greek Goddess of the hearth and home, with legendary origins.
  • Idalia: This lyrical Italian name means \”behold the sun.\”
  • Oriane: This lovely name brings up a positive vision of the sunrise, which is its French meaning. Lovely.
  • Seraphina:  This lovely name, Seraphina, means \”fiery\” or \”burning.\”
  • Solveig:  This Scandinavian name, Soul-vay, means \”daughter of the sun.\” Solveig is a bright and cheery name with a positive meaning.

Unisex Names That Mean Fire

  • Phoenix: This name is connected with the immortal bird Phoenix from Greek and Egyptian mythology, as well as with perseverance, strength, and rebirth.
  • Ash: This natural name, derived from the English \”ash tree,\” is an excellent unisex option.
  • Hayden: This name, among the top 200 boys in the United States, is equally suitable for girls. Hayden Panettiere and Hayden Christensen are noteworthy individuals with the same name.
  • Sol: This centuries-old name means \”sun\” and has been given to both boys and females.
  • Keegan:  This cheery name, Keegan, means \”son of the fiery one.\” It was traditionally a male name, but its use as a girl\’s name has gradually increased.

Gender-Neutral Names That Mean Fire

  • Hugo: Hugo, the Latin form of Hugh, has more weight and vitality than the original, and of course, we adore names that end or begin with o. This one is particularly interesting because it is supported by a substantial amount of good history and European style.
  • Cyrus: This name of the creator of the Persian Empire had a more rural, corncob pipe-smoking image among most Americans in the past, but this perception has shifted.
  • Seraphina: Seraphina is one of the most sought-after names on Nameberry and is poised for even greater renown. The highest-ranking angels, the six-winged seraphim, inspired the beautiful name Seraphina. Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck picked it for their second daughter, following the influential selection of Violet for their first child.
  • Elio: Elio is a cheerful and vibrant Italian and Spanish name that makes a terrific cross-over candidate and might become as popular as Enzo. Elio is very popular in France, where it presently ranks in the Top 250.

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frequently asked questions

1. What Name Means Fire For Girl?

Along with Ember and Phoenix, it also includes Bridget and McKenna as names for girls that signify \”fire.\”

2. What does Name Mean, Goddess Of Fire?

Bridget: This name has divine origins, derived from Briga, the Irish Goddess of fire. There are other spelling variations, including Bridgit, Briget, and Brigid, and the name is connected with power and vigor.

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