50+ Unique Names That Mean Fighter or Warrior

Names that mean fighter are numerous reasons to choose a warrior-inspired name for your child. Perhaps you fought long and difficult to become a parent, or perhaps your child did the same.

Perhaps their journey here was relatively straightforward, but they had to fight hard once they arrived.

Regardless of why you want a fighter, guardian, or protector baby name, we have 50+ fantastic names that imply warrior so that you can choose the perfect one.

Girl names that mean fighter

  • Agrona: Agrona may be a Celtic name that means conflict or slaughter. Agrona was a Brythonic goddess revered by the Celts in what is now referred to as the United Kingdom. Her name is derived from the Latin root Agravare, which is also the source of the word aggravation.
  • Alala: The Ancient Greek word Alala means war scream or battle cry. In Greek mythology, the barbarian Alala was Ares, the god of war attendants. ,\’s Alala\’s war cry was \”Alale Alala,\” earning it an onomatopoeic name.
  • Aldara: Aldara is a Galacian name that means \”wariness in combat.\” In Spain, roughly fifty girls are given this warrior name annually. However, fewer than five girls are called Aldara annually in the United States.
  • Alojzia: Alojzia has Slovak origins and means \”glorious battle.\” In addition to being a Slovak name, Alojzia is also a Hungarian name. The Slovak date for Alojzia\’s name day is October 23, while the Hungarian date is June 21.
  • Armista: Armista is an English girl\’s name that means \”battle\’s end.\” Armista evolved from the truce derived from the Latin words arma, arms, and stitium, meaning cessation.

Boy names that mean fighter

  • Agnar: Agnar is a Norwegian name that means \”fighter.\” Author Agnar Mykle was Norwegian. His most famous piece, \”The Song of the Red Ruby,\” was prohibited in Norway when it was first published in 1957.
  • Alfonso: Alfonso is a Spanish and Italian name indicating fight or noble and prepared.
  • Alvey: Alvey is a name that carries the meaning elf fight. You will encounter Alvey as both a first and last name. It is an updated version of the somewhat less user-friendly fig.
  • Asim: The Arabic name Asim means \”protector.\” In several civilizations, the meaning and written form of Asim are distinct. Asim is written without a dot in Turkish, while in Sanskrit, it implies bottomless or infinite.
  • Blair: Blair is derived from the Gaelic term for plain, field, or battlefield, blár. Blair was originally a surname. Therefore, someone named Robert could be referred to as Robert of the Blair to indicate he was renowned for his exploits on the battlefield. This spelling of Blair can be used for both boys and girls, while the feminine form is also found written as Blaire.
  • Cadel: The Welsh name Cadel means \”war.\” Cadel Evans is a cyclist from Australia. He won the 2011 Tour de France after switching from mountain biking to road racing.

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Morden Names that mean fighter

  • Cathán: Cathán is an Irish name that means struggle. The \”cath\” component of Cathán signifies combat. The \”án\” is akin to adding an \”i.e.\” to the end of a name, such as Alf becoming Alfie.
  • Chanda: Chanda is an Indian name whose Sanskrit meaning is furious or passionate. The masculine version of this name and the feminine form is written as Chanda using the Latin alphabet.
  • Duncan: The Scottish name Duncan is derived from the Gaelic words donn, which means brown, and cath, which means fight.

Names that mean Fearless fighter

  • Aaron: This Hebrew name implies exalted or mountain of power. Alexander: Alexander is a Latin name that means \”defender of mankind\” or \”one who helps men.\” Anders is a Scandinavian name meaning \”manly and robust.\”
  • Andrew: The Greek name Andrew means \”manly\” and \”strong.\”
  • Arnold: Ruler of eagle-like fortitude (Old English origin).
  • Arsenio:  Arsenio is the Spanish word for robust.
  • Barnett: German for bear power.

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Gender-Neutral Names That Mean Fighter

  • Edmund: Edmund is an Old English name for boys that means \”rich protection.\”
  • Elbrus: Elbrus is derived from the Proto-Iranian term Har
  • Evander: Evander is derived from the Old Norse name varr, which means \”bow warrior.\”
  • Faris: Faris is an Arabic name that means \”knight.\” Faris is most famous in Bosnia and Herzegovina, ranking as the 32nd most popular boys\’ name in 2019.

Name that means strong fighter

  • Gunnar: Gunnar is an Old Norse name that means \”battle fighter.\” This thrilling, tough-sounding name is GUUN-Nahr in Iceland, GOON-Nahr in Norway, and GUYN-nar in Sweden. It is a possibility for families of Scandinavian origin.
  • Harvey: Harvey is the English form of the Breton name Haerviu, which signifies courage in battle. In 2019, 762 baby boys in the United States were given the name Harvey, making it the 404th most popular name for males that year.
  • Ho-jin: Ho-jin is a Korean name whose meaning can be \”ferocious progress.\” Ho-jin might imply \”ferocious advance\” because this is the transliteration of the Korean into the Latin alphabet. Ho-jin can be written with many kanji, each conveying a different meaning.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a good fighting name?

Ethan. The Hebrew word for \”strong.\”

2. What does the name mean, Brave fighter?

Dustin signifies a \”brave warrior.\” Thorstein is also known as Thor\’s stone.

3. What name means, strong-willed warrior?

If your child is a \”brave warrior\” with a strong determination, this Irish name is for him. With Gaelic origins, Angus is a somewhat uncommon name.

4. Which names mean warrior?

Agnar. The Norwegian name Agnar means \”fighter.\”