Names That Mean Evil For Girls And Boys

Every name has a great significance, and parents worldwide are burdened with selecting the perfect name for their children. There are some bad names that we should never give to children.

Some names are considered positive or negative by many cultures throughout the world. Male and female evil names have been categorized on this page.

Names That Mean Evil Boy 

Several male names are evil or demonic. Here are some sinister-sounding names for your little demon if you\’re looking for one.

  • Abaddon: Abaddon is a Hebrew name that means destruction or ruin.
  • Abchanchu: Unknown is the meaning of the name Abchanchu. Abchanchu is the name of a vampire from Bolivian folklore who changes form. He assumes the appearance of an elderly, helpless wanderer.
  • Acheron: Acheron translates to \”river of grief\” in Latin. The River Acheron was 1 of 5 rivers in Greek mythology\’s underworld. In Roman mythology, the Acheron was believed to be the source of the Styx, across which the newly deceased were transported via ferry.
  • Adbeel: Adbeel is an ancient Hebrew name that means \”God grieved.\” The name is derived from the Hebrew verb adab, used only once in the Bible to describe Eli\’s soul mourning the death of his family.
  • Ahriman: Ahriman is the current Persian form of \”Angra Mainyu\” (evil spirit) in Avestan.
  • Amon: Amon is derived from the Greek word Ammon, which means \”the hidden one.\”

Names That Mean Evil Girl 

There are fewer demonic and devil baby names for girls, but we have compiled a list for you.

  • Abyzou: Abyzou is believed to have sprung from the same root as the abyss.
  • Achlys: Achlys is a Greek name that translates to \”death mist\” or \”mist over the eyes at death.\” Achlys was a character in Greek mythology who was believed to represent sadness. She was a Greek demon of the death-mist that appeared over the eyes of the deceased.
  • Agash: Agash is an old Iranian word for \”evil eye.\” In Persian mythology, Agash was a demon who embodied wicked curses placed through the sense of sight.
  • Akeldama: The Aramaic term Akeldama means \”field of blood.\” According to Christian tradition, Judas Iscariot purchased Akeldama with the 30 pieces of silver he received for betraying Jesus.
  • Akuji: Akuji is rumored to imply \”dead and awake,\” however, we could not corroborate this with credible proof. Akuji is a beautiful-sounding name that would be an excellent choice for a zombie enthusiast.
  • Alabasandria: Alabasandria is synonymous with the goddess Bast.

Names That Mean Your Little Devil

  • Allatou: Unknown is Allatou\’s meaning. Allatou was a monster from the Middle Ages who whispered in your ear, persuading you to leave your values. Those who listened to her were supposedly cursed to an eternity in hell.
  • Ammit: Ammit is an ancient Egyptian name that means \”devourer of the dead.\” Ammit was a demon with the head of a croc, a lion\’s top torso, and a hippo\’s lower body in Ancient Egyptian mythology.
  • Antaura: Antaura has Greek origins and refers to a mild breeze. Headaches, and notable migraines, were caused by the demon Antaura. She would emerge from the water and inflict suffering on the wind.

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Names that mean Evil King 

  • Buer: The Germanic name Buer means temporary habitation.
  • Cerberus: The Greek word Cerberus means \”spotted.\” Cerberus is the dog\’s nickname that guards the underworld\’s entrance and prevents the dead from escaping. Occasionally, he is referred to as the Hound of Hell.
  • Charon: Charon, a Greek name, signifies fiery brilliance. Charon was the ferryman who transported the dead across the River Styx to Hades. Ancient Greeks buried their dead with a coin in their mouths to pay for their journey.

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Names That Mean Evil or Dark

  • Dagon: Dagon\’s meaning is unknown; however, it may imply fish or hazy. Dagon, in Philistine mythology, was a sea demon. Some proof suggests that he may have been represented as part man, part fish, or as a merman.
  • D√°inn: It is an Old Norse name that means \”dead.\”
  • Damien: Damien is a Greek name that means to subdue or tame.

Evil Names That Mean Baby 

  • Doyle: Doyle is an Irish surname meaning \”dark stranger.\”
  • Eligor: Eligor is a variation of the Hebrew name Abigor, which means \”unwilling.\” Eligor, sometimes spelled Abigor, is a demon and one of the Great Dukes of Hell in Christian demonic folklore. He rode a skeleton horse and exchanged the warriors\’ souls for victory secrets.
  • Forneus: Forneus is derived from the Latin word for oven, which is for us. In his most common appearance, Forneus is a sea monster. He is a vampire who imparts the knowledge of comprehension and language and occasionally assumes human form.

Frequently Asked Questions

1 . What are some cool, evil names?

Azazel: The Hebrew word Azazel means \”scapegoat or complete elimination.\”

2. What names mean death?

Azrail means \”angel of death\” in Hebrew.

3. What does the name mean, dark?

Nisha. This name is of Indian origin and signifies night or darkness. It is one of the few unique names that denote obscurity.

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