40+ Baby Names That Mean Dragon For Boys And Girls

According to the sources, Dragon folklore exists in Eastern, Greek, European, Indian, Vietnamese, Japanese, Welsh, English, Norwegian, as well as Chinese cultures. So right here, in this read, we are sharing a list of names that mean dragon.

We all have grown up listening to enchanting dragon tales. Their myths have existed for centuries and their stories are commonly found in various cultures of the world. And whenever we think about dragons, all we daydream of powers, adventure, magic, as well as mighty creatures. They are enthralling, aren’t they?

There are some parents who love dragons or have collections of dragon figures. And as these creatures are universal, they can be seen in different appearances in various cultures.

Badass Dragon Names For Your Little Fire Breather

Dragons and humans have many things in common. We all have that fire, motive, and dedication to conquer and rule over this world. As dragons are of different kinds in different parts of the world, all these creatures have something in common.

And that is the fire and the fighting spirit. So if you are looking for dragon names for your babies that can remind you of a fire breathing dragons of warrior clans, then check out the list of names below:

  • Aiden – Irish, Gaelic origin, means \”little fire\”
  • Aine – Irish origin, means \”fire\” and \”splendor\”
  • Brenna – Gaelic origin, means \”blazing light\”
  • Brenton – English origin, meaning \”fire\” and \”flame\”
  • Cadmus – Greek origin, meaning \”dragon\’s teeth
  • Edna – Hebrew origin, means \”fiery red\”
  • George – Old Greek origin, means \”farmer,\” it is also a name of a knight who slayed a dragon
  • Kai – Scottish origin, means \”fire\”
  • Linda – English origin, means \”serpent\”
  • Malinda – Old Greek origin, means \”sweet serpent\”
  • Mindy – English origin, means \”dark serpent\”
  • Tyson – English origin, means \”fiery-tempered\”
  • Attor – English origin, means \”venom\”
  • Chua – Native American origin, means \”serpent\”
  • Chusi – Hopi origin, means \”snake flower\”
  • Falkor – German origin, from the luckdragon  in the Neverending Story
  • Hydra – Greek origin, named after the Hydra of Lerna, a multi-headed water dragon or serpent
  • Melusine – German origin, coming from folklore, she appears to be a serpent from her waist down
  • Nithe – Old Norse origin, means \”dragon\” and \”serpent,\” after a dragon in Norse mythology
  • Orochi – Japanese origin, means \”big snake\”
  • Pythios – Old Greek origin, means \”to rot,\” is the name of a serpent in Greek mythology
  • Samael – Hebrew origin, means \”venom of God,\” he was known as the chief of the dragons of evil
  • Shesha – Hindi origin, means \”King of serpents\”
  • Tiamat – Sumerian origin, means \”serpent woman\”
  • Tanis – Greek origin, means \”serpent woman\”
  • Tatsu – Japanese origin, means \”master of the water,\” named after a dragon in Japanese mythology
  • Veles – Slavic origin, means \”ox,\” related to a god known as being serpentine
  • Viper – Middle French origin, means \”snake, and \”serpent\”

Names That Mean Dragon From Around The World


Anthropologists believe that the dragon\’s name came to the surface when people found skeletons of dinosaurs. Some even tried to make sense of what these creatures are and gave them a specific name, which we today know as “Dragons.”

After all, no creatures looked anything like bones when they were uncovered by the archaeologists. So we have compiled a list of names from all around the world that mean dragon and are related to their history, mythology, and pop culture.

While some of these names may seem a little obscure for your child, if you are fascinated by dragons, then you should definitely check out the names for your little one we have shared below:

  • Drake – Old English origin, derived from a word that water means dragon
  • Kaliyah – Hebrew origin, means \”killer of a thousand-headed dragon\”
  • Belindo – Old German origin, means \”dragon\”
  • Draco – Latin origin, means \”dragon\”
  • Kaida – Japanese origin, means \”little dragon\”
  • Leviathan – Hebrew origin, means \”coiled,\” refers to a demonic water dragon
  • Long – Chinese origin, means \”dragon\”
  • Medusa – Latin origin, is the name of one of the Gorgons in Greek mythology who had serpents instead of hair
  • Ormr – Old Saxon origin, means \”serpent\” and \”dragon\”
  • Wyvern – English origin, means \”two-legged winged dragon\”
  • Ryoko – Japanese origin, means \”female dragon\”

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Names That Mean Dragon For Girl Babies

We all love dragons. But why? Maybe it is because of their ability to fly, they look like dinosaurs, their fiery breath, or simply the fact that they all are mythological creatures. And we already know that dinosaurs existed before us.

Moreover, there are great dragon stories being told for centuries. And now, various dragon-inspired movies are made that uplift our mood. We all have grown up watching and reading about dragons.

And now, this name is ingrained in our brains. And whenever we hear this name, we always feel that sense of adventure. So here is a list of girl baby names that mean dragon.

  • Anguisa – Latin origin, means dragon.
  • Chumana – Native American origin, means serpent-like dragon.
  • Chusi – referring to a dragon flower; as beautiful as your daughter.
  • Daenerys – American origin, means Lady of Light or Lady of Hope, light or hope while the Welsh Nerys means lady.
  • Dracona – Latin, Greek Origin, means she-dragon, also refers to a type of tree and succulent shrub.
  • Druk – Bhutanese origin, refers to the Thunder Dragon.
  • Georgina – Greek origin, refers to the medieval legend when a farmer slew a fire-breathing dragon and St George is also the Patron Saint of England.
  • Hydra – refers to the multi-headed water dragon.
  • Kaida – Greek origin,  means Little Dragon. 
  • Kaliyah – Indian origins, means the killer of a thousand-headed dragon.
  • Khuzaimah – Arabic origin, refers to the Gabal Elba Dragon Tree
  • Libelle – German origin, means Dragonfly.
  • Melly – Greek and French origin, refers to braveness and uniqueness.
  • Meraxes – Used in Game of Thrones, means responsible person.
  • Rhaenys – Used in Game of Thrones, means a genuine and cheerful girl.
  • Ryoko – Japanese origin, means dragon.
  • Scylla – Greek mythology, refers to a dragon monster.
  • Syrax – Used in Game of Thrones, comes from the goddess of Valyria, a charming and protective person.
  • Tarasque – French origin, means positive, generous, and good-natured character person.
  • Tatsuo – Japanese origin, a strong dragon with an angel\’s face.
  • Tiamat – Babylonian mythology, signifies a dragon that gave birth to the first of the gods.
  • Uwibami – Japanese origin, means dragon.
  • Wyvern – Latin origin, means dragon.
  • Xiuhcoatl – Aztec origin, refers to a serpent-like dragon.
  • Yang – Korean, Chinese origin, means brave.

Names That Mean Dragon For Boy Babies


We all think that our baby boy is a brave dragon. We want them to grow strong and fearless as one. So how about giving your baby boy a beautiful name that means dragon? Or you can even name them something related to breathing fire.

After all, fire-breathing dragons have always been a thing, right? So it is time to get creative and discover some of the fantastic and fierce names that mean dragon to your liking.

  • Anguis – Latin America, denotes excellent strength.
  • Arad – Persian origin, means the Name of an Angel.
  • Cadmus –  Greece origin, means dragon’s teeth.
  • Doryu – Buddhism origin, means one who understands the ways of a dragon. 
  • Draco – Italian origin, means dragon.
  • Dracon – English, Greek origin, it is a modern variant of the drake dragon.
  • Drake – English origin, means caring and crafty.
  • Draken – Greece origin, boys with this name have a strong desire for a stable family or a community.
  • Drayce – English origin, means leaders; they are independent; not afraid to explore new avenues in life.
  • Fafner – Norwegian origin, means dynamic, versatile, and optimistic.
  • George – Christian origin, refers to the knight who slew a fire-breathing dragon.
  • Irad – Israeli and biblical origin, implies an empire dragon. 
  • Jiao-Long – Chinese origin, means water dragon.
  • Ju-Long – Chinese origin, means big and powerful as a dragon.
  • Khuzaimah – Arabic origin, refers to the Gabal Elba Dragon Tree.
  • Ladon – Greek origin, denotes influential personalities.
  • Long – Chinese and Vietnamese origin, means dragon.
  • Longwei – Chinese origin, means very hard working; they push themselves to finish their projects.
  • Nidhogg – Norwegian origin, means dragon.
  • Oboth – Biblical origin, boys with this name see and love the beauty around them, and they respond very well to it.
  • Pendragon – Anglo-Saxon origin, These boys are excellent at speaking in public places, have strong values for justice and discipline.
  • Ryu – Japanese origin, means dragon.
  • Tatsuya – Japanese origin, people with this name possess the intelligence and longevity of the dragon.
  • Suoh – Japanese origin, associated with wealth and abundance, calm, stable, and secretive.
  • Yong-sun – Korean origin, means hardworking, worldly, protective of their family and the ones they love.

Game Of Thrones Dragon Names

Game of Thrones was a popular series on HBO. One thing unique about the show was the names of the characters and the creatures. The names of dragons were so beautiful and unique that they suited their majestic personalities.

All thanks to the authors and writers for coming up with such dragon names. While there are a lot of uncommon dragon names out there, Game of Thrones has a list of names that can be used to keep a name for your baby. So here is the list of head-turning and uncommon names for all the parents who want to keep a line-stepping name for their kids.

  • Aegon – Germanic origin, means \”lightning\”
  • Balerion – English origin, means \”hope behind the flames\”
  • Daenerys – English origin, means \”lady of hope,\” this character is known as the mother of dragons.
  • Drogon – Breton origin, means \”male dragon\”
  • Meleys – Persian origin, means \”queen of the underworld.\”
  • Syrax – Irish origin, is the name of a dragon who made an appearance in the companion book for the Song of Ice and Fire book series.

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Dragon Names For Your Little Firecracker

It is interesting to see how dragons have influenced everyone around the globe. And their sense of fierceness and adventure is making all the parents consider a naming inspiration for their newborn babies.

Maybe your kid’s green eyes remind you of Toothless from How to Train Your Dragon. Or maybe you want your little baby to be calmly strong as Daenerys Targaryen from Game of Thrones.

Whatever your reason might be to opt for a dragon-themed baby name, you can take a breath of relief because here we have shared a list of majestic names for your kiddo that are related to dragons and fire-spitting creatures.

  • Tatsu – Japanese origin, meaning \”master of the water.\”
  • Ryu –  Japanese origin, meaning \”male dragon.\”
  • Ryoko – Japanese origin, meaning \”female dragon\”
  • Scylla – Greek origin, it is the name of a serpentine water dragon in Greek Mythology.
  • Veles – Slavic origin, meaning \”ox,\” related to a god known as being serpentine.
  • Viper – Middle French origin, meaning \”snake, and \”serpent.\”
  • Wyvern – English origin, meaning \”two-legged winged dragon.\”
  • Ethne – Celtic origin, meaning \”little fire.\”
  • Flint – Old English origin, meaning “stone to make fire”
  • Idris – Hindi origin, meaning \”fiery\”
  • Ignacio – Latin origin, meaning \”fiery\”
  • Kenna – English origin, meaning \”born of fire\”
  • Niran – Arabic origin, meaning \”eternal flames\”
  • Orinda – Anglo-saxon origin, meaning \”fire serpent\”
  • Seraphine – Hebrew origin, meaning \”burning fire\”
  • Tarsa – Persian origin, meaning \”worshipper of fire\”
  • Vesta – Latin origin, meaning \”goddess of sacred fire\” and \”of the hearth\”

Frequently Asked Questions

1.What\’s a good name for a dragon?

  • Temedius
  • Aryzath
  • Thevren
  • Apallon
  • Nedryz

2. What Japanese name means dragon? 

  • The Japanese name Ryoto means dragon.

3. What are some badass dragon names?

  • Arman
  • Falkor
  • Dagahra
  • Saphira
  • Darksmoke
  • Mushu
  • Diaval
  • Toothless

4. What would you name a girl dragon? 

  • Adalinda
  • Anastasia
  • Belinda
  • Chumana
  • Chusi
  • Dalinda
  • Kaida

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