200+ Unique Names That Mean Beautiful (With Meanings)

“She walks in beauty, like the night, of cloudless climes and starry skies, and all that’s best of dark and bright, meet in her aspect and her eyes”, Lord Byron indeed depicted the beauty of the entire feminine race in this quote and the girl names that mean in this article too will do the same job.

Just like beauty lies in the eye of the beholder because it has no shape, color or form so does the beauty of your baby’s name will lie in your name choice, and here we are presenting you with an attractive and unique baby girl name that means beauty.

Girl names that mean beauty are associated with vibrancy, and color and they sound appealing and enchanting.

Let’s get your beautiful baby girl a name that suits her very well and signifies the immense beauty that she beholds inside out.

Girl Names That Mean Beautiful

  • Annabel- A pretty Dutch name that means ‘beautiful.’ Bella can be used as a cute moniker that means ‘beauty’ in French. This is a perfect name.
  • Amara- It is a Christian name derived perhaps from the Arabic or Sanskrit origin and it means ‘beauty’ or ‘grace.’
  • Dira- A unique and rarely used exotic name derived from Sanskrit roots and it means ‘beauty.’
  • Ashi- Alternative for Aashi, this name belongs to the Indian origin perhaps having Sanskrit roots and it means ‘beauty.’
  • Fiza- This enchanting name is derived from the Arabic origin and it means ‘beauty’ or ‘nature.’
  • Sana- An Arabic feminine name that means ‘beauty’ or ‘brilliance.’
  • Kate- This appealing Christian name belongs of English origin and it means ‘beauty.’
  • Estrid- This French and German feminine name means ‘godlike beauty.’ Also, spelled as Astrid.
  • Sophie- Derived from Arabic origin this English feminine name means ‘beauty and wisdom.’
  • Anjana- Rooted in the Sanskrit origin this name means ‘beauty.’

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Popular Girl\’s Names Meaning Beautiful 

  • Neha- This popular feminine Indian name means ‘beauty.’
  • Renu- A popular Indian name that means ‘beauty.’
  • Kyra- An Arabic name that means ‘heavenly beauty’ or ‘princess.’
  • Eva- A feminine Christian name that means ‘beauty’ or ‘life.’ It is a very famous name.
  • Lilly- Widely used Indian feminine name that means ‘beauty.’
  • Save- A very well-liked Indian name popular among girls and it means ‘beauty.’
  • Mindy- An in-vogue feminine English name among Christians and it means ‘dark beauty.’
  • Ramya- It is a delightful Indian name favored by girls and it means ‘natural beauty.’
  • Sarika- A Sanskrit name that means ‘beautiful thing.’
  • Alana- Derived from Latin origin this name means ‘beauty’ and ‘precious.’

Unique Boys\’ Names Meaning Beautiful

  • Oliver- A Christian name that means a tree that signifies ‘beauty and fruitfulness.’
  • Alec- A Christian name belonging to the English origin that means ‘beauty.’ Short name for Alexander.
  • Kunal- An Indian name that means ‘one who can perceive beauty.’
  • Rayon- A Bengali masculine name derived from Arabic origin that means ‘heavenly beauty.’
  • Seamus– An English name derived from Irish roots and it means ‘beauty.’
  • Kavi- An Indian poetic name that means ‘beauty.’
  • Mohit- An Indian name popularly used by Hindus and it means ‘majestic beauty.’
  • Utkal- An archaic Indian feminine name that means ‘beauty.’
  • Jabil- Belonging to the Indian origin this masculine name signifies ‘beauty.’
  • Debnam- An Indian masculine name that means ‘divine beauty, ‘praise’, or ‘lotus.’

Gender Neutral Names Meaning Beautiful

  • Beau- A Dutch and English name that means ‘beauty’ as per French.
  • Masami- A Japanese name that means ‘beautiful’ in Kanji.
  • Brian- A Welsh unisex name that means ‘beauty.’
  • Amahle- An African name that means ‘beauty’ in Zulu.
  • Kanta- Derived from Sanskrit masculine and feminine forms this name means ‘desirably beautiful.’
  • Jia- A Chinese non-binary name that means ‘beauty.’
  • Lillian- A British unisex name that signifies beauty and purity.

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Names That Mean Beautiful Soul

  • Arusha- A Kazakh feminine name that means ‘beautiful soul.’
  • Bellamy- A unisex modern English name that means ‘beautiful pal.’
  • Brawen- A feminine name that means ‘beautiful raven’ as per Welsh mythology.
  • Nurcan- A Turkish name derived from Arabic roots that means ‘bright and beautiful soul.’
  • Chetan- An Indian masculine name derived from Sanskrit roots that means ‘conscious and beautiful soul.’

Greek Girl Names That Mean Beautiful

  • Venus- It is the name of the Greek goddess of beauty and love. It is used as a Christian feminine English name.
  • Aphrodite- This name is of a Greek goddess who is associated with beauty and love.
  • Kyra- A Greek name that means ‘divine beauty.’
  • Kallisto- Derived from archaic Greek this name means ‘beautiful.’
  • Aglaia- Originating from the archaic Greek origin in about the 4th century this name means ‘beauty.’
  • Helen- The Helen of Troy was the most beautiful woman in the world in Homer’s Iliad was a Greek writer.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which girl\’s name means beauty?

Abha is an Indian feminine name that means ‘beauty.’

2. What does the name mean perfect girl?

Maria is a Christian feminine name popular in Bengal and it means ‘one who is perfect.’

3. What girl\’s name means strong and beautiful?

Adira is an Arabic feminine name that means ‘strong and beautiful.’

4. What name means love and beauty?

Mia is a feminine Indian name that means ‘love and beauty.’

To Summarize

This article is composed of a list of the best enchanting names that mean beauty, for girls, and boys along with unisex names that mean beauty and additional names associated with beauty and soul.

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