200+ Discover Catchy And Cool Names For A Detective

My friend Selvester wants to start writing a thriller. It’s a great idea, indeed. But, Selevester is confused when it comes to giving a suitable name to the detective of his novel. He asked my suggestion. 

All he wanted is some names for a detective. So, I suggested names like Fran Maxwell, Taylor Ace, Cleo Simos, Susan Fox, Danny Winder, and others. So, there must have been other people as well who search for suitable detective names for their novels, movies, stories, or video games. 

Now, if you are one of those people who is looking for some creative names for a detective, this naming guide is just perfect for you. Here, you will find numerous catchy, creative, interesting, and cool detective names that take your story to the next level. 

Therefore, don’t wait anymore. Check the names out. 

Best Detective Names

Here are some best detective names for your novels, stories, video games, and more. 

The MagnifierThe ClueInspector ClouseauCleo Simons
HawkeyeP.I. VigilanteRoger PointerFran Maxwell
Agnes PointerAgatha LovelaceCatlyn SteelDonald Eckart
Justice FinderMagnum P.I.Chris NicholsonSusan Fox
G. E. SpotterMs. DiscoveryTaylor AceRobin Campbell

Good Names For A Detective

The story will look stronger when you choose a good name for your detective. So, below are some of the good and unique names for your detective character.

Lady PeabodyMister PeabodyThe Savvy SleuthErika Granger
Doctor DetectiveJessica SteeleAlan SawyerSeth Skinner
Franny MaxwellLady SkinnerZack BurnsDonald Williams
Sir SkinnerMadam WastonHenry SparksMike Clarkson
Vera SeekerAgnes FindersLady LensSam Woods

Cute Names For A Detective


Sometimes, you will need some cute detective names to make your novel unique. Here are some suggestions.

Lil P.I.The Modern Hardy BoyThe Moden Nancy DrewYoung Watson
Lil SleuthTiny P.I.Lil SnoopySally Peabody
Little HawkshawYoung SherlockLittle Girl ClueLittle Boy Clue
Sally PeabodyLittle EnigmaPrivate PatsyYoung Sherlock
Lil InvestigatorBaby SpyBaby SneakShoony

Funny Detective Names

If you are in a comic-thriller genre, you will need some funny names for your detective. You can choose a funny detective name from this table.

Justin CaseGene YussIneda ClewJeremy Snoope
Peter NoirP.I. GrayTom DroopBlythe Glass
Casey ClosedNancy DroopIneda ClewMagney Fier
John SmartAce AnnCasey ClosedJanet Eagle
Samatha NoseeThe BulldogGray NoirAlley Waze

Unique Detective Names

Want to name your detective uniquely? Here are the name suggestions.

Clive JordanFiona FrostKate CrossRuth Burn
Andrew SharpeWilliam WatsonHal ParkerChristie Finn
Merle LawyerSid GunnRuth BurnIrene Seals
Jon CrossOscar DarwinBlake KnightLars Lambert
Vivian LeeLynn KnottLara PriceDon Fox

Cool Names For A Detective


A detective, whether in real life or in fiction, should be cool in nature. So, why not give a cool name to match their characteristics? 

Harley HushBrock P.IJack HudsonPete Hackman
Duke JonesArthur BraintreeWilson WaterfordAdrian Jackson
Harlan DukeDavid RothMeg BurnhamDan Campbell
Aurora WestoverJenna KnightDet. CloseRuth Simons
Zack BurnAgnes HigginsSue LawyerJason Shepherd

Badass Names For A Detective

A powerful detective needs a badass name. So, you can pick a name from the below table.

Detective Duke JonesSnooper P.I.Mister GumshoeHenry Simons
DI SleuthBenjamin BogeyAgent Beatrix AbbottVictor Chase
Bridget LovelaceHe Who Sees AllMr. InquiryMiles Heath
The Bounty HunterThe SnifferDCI QuietfootAsh Ford
The OperativeCode Name, P.I.Vesper P.I.Larry Woods

Famous Detective Names

Here are some of the famous detective names for your story.

Joe HardyFrank HardyLieutenant ColumboMiss Marple
Veronica MarsBurt MacklinJessica FletcherHercule Poirot
Velma DinkeyLutherNancy DrewSam Spade
Jessica FletcherJake GittesPhillip MarloweVeronica Mars
Olivia BensonSherlock HolmesJim RockfordEasy Rawlins

Real-Life Detective Names

Here, you can have some real-life names for a detective. Take a look.

Ellis ParkerIzzy EinsteinAllan PinkertonDave Toschi
Kate WarneJules MaigretMoe SmithJon Burge
Dave ToschiRoger RogersonKiran BediRichie Roberts
Mary DoylePaul HolesJay J ArmesEd Burns
Eliot NessJay ArmesAlice ClementBill Clark
Raymond C. SchindlerIgnatius Paul PollakyMarcel GuillaumeJohn Yates
Francois VidocqFrank SerpicoWilliam E. FairbairnMark Fuhrman
Allan PinkertonWilliam J. FlynnTom HornEd Hickox
Johnny BroderickJacqueline ShireAníbal Cavaco SilvaSteven McDonald
William J. BurnsEdward ConlonChang ApanaVincent Gregory

Fictional Detective Names


Who does not know the names of some famous fictional detectives? However, here are the names.

Sherlock HomlesAuguste DupinMs. MarpleSam Spade
Hercule PoirotThe Hardy BoysEnola HolmesFather Brown
Dana ScullyNancy DrewFox HarryMaigret
Frank ColumboCadfaelLord Peter WimseyNero Wolfe
Dr. WatsonMiss MarpleTommy and TuppenceJessica Fletcher
Robert BlakeAlex CrossByomkesh BakshiKinsey Millhone
Jim RockfordAdam DalglieshCormoran StrikeAnita Blake
Dirty HarryMarcus Didius FalcoWilliam WarwickHarry Bosch
Dale CooperDirk GentlyPhilip MarloweElvis Cole
Robert CraisGuilty PleasuresG. K. ChestertonMichael Connelly

Final Thoughts

So, that’s it! I am sure you can choose a perfect name from this guide for your character. These names are quite catchy, unique, and of course creative. All the best!

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