Most Popular Cat Breeds And What It Takes To Be A Cat Parent

Aside from dogs, another popular pet and affectionate companion would be cats. Many households all around the globe have at least a dog, a cat, or maybe both. Having a pet such as a cat can help us cope up with loneliness and stress, especially if we live alone, check out this link Moreover, they also bring joy and fun into your life. 

However, how do you know which breed is best for you?

There\’s a wide range of cat breeds to choose from worldwide. We can all agree it\’s important to be knowledgeable about them before adopting. Do you have what it takes to be a fur parent? Of course, there\’s nothing wrong if you aren\’t fully aware of what to do yet; everything can be learned, even if it takes time. That\’s why before we hop on to popular cat breeds, let\’s discover the primary things you need to know to be a cat-parent. 

What It Takes To Be A Cat-Parent 


When adopting a new kitten, the excitement we feel may get the best of us that we forget the other responsibilities ahead. When it comes to fur babies such as kittens, it requires so much patience. Having cats means there will always be a mess every now and then, and not to mention they may not know boundaries yet. All pet parents will agree that patience is the key, and you must keep that in mind. Your cats or dogs won\’t be that good all the time, but you can always train them.

Health And Nutrition Costs

We can all agree that taking care of any pet is like having a child. Their well-being is your responsibility, and it\’s a must to keep them healthy. Keep in mind that being a cat-parent means paying for health costs such as their vaccines, medicine, vitamins, and you might consider spay and neuter in the future. Moreover, there are also vet expenses for their regular check-ups and so on. Overall, you\’ll be responsible for their health and necessities. 

Popular Cat Breeds You Should Check Out

  1. Siamese

First, we have Siamese cats, and I bet you\’ve seen them in several movies by now. This breed is originally from Thailand and is known ever since the 19th century. They have a short coat that is normally in the colors chocolate and seal (read more). Siamese cats also have blue eyes and are expected to live 8-12 years. Additionally, they can grow up to 14 inches and can weigh six up to 14 pounds. 

  1. Ragdoll

This breed has dog-like personalities, such as following their owners around the house. Ragdoll cats are also known for being obedient or having a docile temperament. They may also seem like bigger and fluffier versions of the Siamese breed since they can grow up to 11-13 inches and can weigh 10-20 pounds. Their coat is silky, medium-length, and has various colors and patterns. Moreover, they have blue eyes, and their life expectancy is 13-15 years which is much longer compared to Siamese cats. 

  1. Persian

One of the most popular breeds would be these \”smushed-faced\” cats. Unlike other breeds, Persians are known for having flat-like faces and long fur coats. There are also two other terms for this breed which are Iranian or Shiraz cats. Aside from having beautiful long coats, their fur can also come in many colors; common ones are black, cream, white, and smoke. More importantly, their height can be 14-18 inches, their weight can be 7-12 pounds, and life expectancy is 10-17 years.

  1. Birman

This breed looks a lot like Siamese and Ragdoll cats. For the reason that ragdolls were bred using Birmans as the main stock. However, they differ in personalities since Birmans are known for being social, fun and need attention from their owner. They have long and silky coats, many different fur colors, and deep blue eyes. Lastly, they weigh 10-12 pounds, their height can be 8-12 inches, and they can live up to 13-15 years. 

  1. Bengal

These cats are quite known for having wild coat colors and patterns. They may look like a mix of a leopard and tiger, but they\’re domesticated and interactive cats that have green or gold eyes. This breed is a mix of domestic and wildcat, which explains its unique markings and spots that came from the wildcat family. Its height can reach up to 13-16 inches, and its weight can be 8-15 pounds. In contrast to the others, it lives longer, perhaps 10-16 years.

  1. Himalayan

This breed is another siamese look-alike since it was bred from Persian and siamese cats. Himalayans are playful, and they like attention and affection. They have dense undercoats but have long overcoats that come in common color patterns such as gray, cream, lilac, chocolate, and blue. When it comes to height, they grow ten up to 12 inches, and for their weight, they can be 7-12 pounds. Unlike the others, their life expectancy is 15 years.

  1. American Shorthair

The first time you lay eyes on this cat, you\’d think it\’s one of those mixed breed cats or the common ones you\’d find in shelters but happens to be purebred. American Shorthair cats are medium-sized, have a round face, and short ears compared to most. They\’re intelligent, and unlike the others, it lives up to 20 years at the most! Of course, they have a short-haired coat that comes in cream, brown, black, white, tortoiseshell, and many more. Their height is 8-10 inches, while their weight is 6-15 pounds.