MemoraBALL campaigns – a list of unforgettable marketing campaigns

When it comes to marketing, Bingo and casino sites are at the top. For example, Paddy Power has pulled off some pretty impressive campaigns in the past. However, their most recent campaign has seen them bag a nomination for the eGaming Review (EGR) ‘Innovation in Bingo Marketing Campaign’ Award. This nomination is a recognition of Paddy Power Bingo’s innovative and creative approach in their campaign, that has led to increased traffic to their site and significant growth as a result of its success.

Although this campaign has been submitted for a prestigious online gaming award, Paddy Power’s previous marketing strategies have been memorable in their own right and deserve some form of recognition. So, to find out about some of the weird and wacky campaigns that the online Bingo and gaming platform have released over the years, read on.

‘Guess or Drag it Out’

Paddy Power Bingo released a unique and eye-catching marketing campaign which featured a Mini Cooper, a gaggle of glittering A-list drag queens and more balls than you can count. But that was the aim of the game, as the campaign took the form of a competition which required contestants to count or guess how many plastic balls the drag queens were placing inside the Mini Cooper. Sounds more like a weird dream you once had?

The competition was hugely successful and saw Paddy Power Bingo secure their nomination for the EGR awards!

Royal baby name betting

If you’re familiar with the world of betting, you’re probably aware that you can pretty much bet on any relevant, highly anticipated event. It would seem that that also includes the arrival of a royal baby. In response to the excitement surrounding the baby-name guesses, Paddy Power sent three giant babies, all dressed in green, to St. Mary’s Hospital, where the Prince was born. We’re not sure how this went down with the royal couple, but that’s one way to welcome the new heir to the throne into the world.

Euro 2020 campaign

As part of Paddy Power’s latest campaign to mark the start of the 2020 UEFA European Championships, the online gaming and betting provider brought back Peter Crouch, who had previously featured in an advert for Cheltenham festival. This campaign depicts the famed football star walking through the street, joined by England fans. He then turns to a group of German fans to say, “It’s coming home”. The campaign was sure to get England fans excited about their nation’s upcoming involvement in the championship!