80+ Attractive & Cool Medical Shop Names

My friend, Richard, is planning to open a pharmacy in our locality. So, he was looking for a medical store name that can attract customers. So, we were searching for a few medical store names on the internet and we liked the names: Med-X Drug, Rite Aid, Thriftway Pharmacy, and Ally Scripts. Among these names, he named his medical store by the name: Med-X Drug.

To come up with an independent pharmacy name idea, you need to look at other competitors as well as measure how they name their business. As your mission is to search for a name that will survive in the market. You should pick a name that attracts the attention of folk. The name must increase the trust of the customers.

Medicine Shop Names

Firstly, brainstorm all the ideas and make a list of them. Note down all the names that you liked from the above lists. Make sure to clear your mind about your future goals and missions so that you can choose a suitable name.

Keep every name in mind until you select one. The name should be creative and unique.

Healthy FloydsDakota DrugPublix Pharmacy
Rite AidBelow DrugPharmacy Partners
Med-X DrugPride PharmacyAlliance Community
Vista PharmacyHealth ElementWellness Craft

Independent Pharmacy Names

There are numerous online name generators that can give you various ideas. Although the name ideas from generators are not that good, still they are good to motivate you. Here are some ideas that can beat your shortlist.

Ally ScriptsAssured DrugBeSure Pharmacy
All Health PharmacyIHC PharmacySand Point Pharmacy
Dakota DrugMarsh Drug StoreHeart Medical Shop
Thriftway PharmacyWellbeingFamily Fare Pharmacy

Chemist Shop Names

Ideas from friends and family are always worth it. Give and take ideas with your loved ones and discuss the thoughts that you want to put in the business. Due to sharing your thoughts, you will come up with the end name that could be perfect for your business name. Check out some names for the pharma business below.


90th Street PharmacyAlpina Pharmacy INCXpress Lane Pharmacy
Avalon ChemistsPharmacy ChannelPharmacy Direct
Ivan PharmacyAll Health PharmacyCare Pharmacy Hastings
Drug LoftRoyal Care PharmacyLife Pharmacy

Suggest A Name For The Medical

Still, looking for more names? The list is endless. Since you are finding on the internet and coming up with different names every time. Also, you got confused. Instead of being more and more confused check this name and do not forget to check the availability before you use it.

Blackstone Medical IncPharmacy Management CorpRxperts Pharmacy NJ Inc
Precision Surgical IncDrug World Of Cold Springs LlcCenter Pharmacy
Elijah StawickiWest Shore PharmacyFollansbee Pharmacy
Cornerstone Hosp Of Southeast AZPotomac Valley Pharmacy IncCentral Pharmacy

Healthcare Company Names

The healthcare profession has to put a lot of risks and responsibilities into it. You have to hire people who can check the stock regularly. You have to stay up to date with the market. Moreover, you have to analyze the drug sellers to come up with a more creative name they have.

Layers of WellnessNeighborsSureMedi
Better youShoprite PharmacyPlanet Health
Health elementPharmacy DirectAllergy Pharmacy
NutraVitaGrand MedicineXpress Lane Pharmacy

Cool Medical Name Ideas

To come up with brilliant healthcare business names, write down the names of your competitors as well as mix different words with them. Additionally, give your thought to them and try to create a more cool and updated name list. Read out here some more cool names.

Health ChemistHealth ChemistPharma Street
Community PharmacyCommunity PharmacyHeal & Vibes
Pharma StreetPharma StreetHealth Element
Absolute CareAbsolute CareCrossroads

How Do I Name My Pharmacy?

To name your pharmacy, please consider the following points to brainstorm a name list.

  1. Keep it simple and short.

Simple and short names for brands and stores can always be attractive.

  • You should pick a name that will make your business name memorable.

A memorable name that will be easy to speak when your old customer needs you. When your business name is memorable and you get more customers online and hence more sales.

Moreover, the name should be as easy as understanding.

  • Searchable. Here, the point is that the name should be searchable by putting a keyword. For instance, keywords like pharma, medical, drugs, etc.
  • We have seen umpteen medical store names in our surroundings that the owner used to give his name for the business. You can use that too! Though it is an old idea.
  • We have seen umpteen medical store names in our surroundings that the owner used to give his name for the business. You can use that too! Though it is an old idea.

How Can I Start A Medical Shop?

There are also some bullet points that you should avoid in a medical shop name,

  1. Do not use hyphens in your name.
  2. No digit should be added. 
  3. Do not try to copy others.
  4. No more than three words.
  5. Do not throw more letters to be creative or unique.
  6. Avoid names that are not relevant to your business.
  7. Do not ignore your target audience.

Attractive Names For Medical Shop

Above all the ideas the short and simple way to choose a medical shop name is to choose a word after medical things. It is not necessary but the idea will put more logic into the topic and it could be more familiar to the related customers.


The trust between the products and the name could be strong. And hence, you will attract more and more customers than ever before. Here are some attractive ideas to choose from.

Sav-OnRevco Discount DrugsABC Pharmacy
Downtown PharmacyAlego HealthJaros Pharmacy
Best Care PharmacyKeystone PharmacyThriftway Pharmacy

Different Names For Pharmacy

There are no particular rules for deciding pharmacy store names. Just use your logic to brainstorm ideas to make a unique name. Also, do not go out of the topic much more than it looks so designers and people do not take it seriously.


Yes, you are thinking right that it is a new opportunity to get wings in your career. Above all these ideas you will need a license of pharmacy to open a medical shop. However, with a lot of trust and work ideas, you can use your family member’s license to open a pharmacy shop.

Think twice before you put any effort in this direction because opening a medical shop requires a lot of courage and strength to run. Hence, to finalize creative pharmacy name ideas, you have to work a little. You can research and get a good name.  All the best!

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