160+ Memorable Maid Names From Movies, TV And Books

Sometimes we all find it difficult to select names for our maids. Many look for maid names ideas from television, some looking for maid names from cartoon characters, and so on.

That is why I come up with some awesome creative as well as unique name ideas. So, without wasting time, let us take a look at what I researched and collected for you.

Maid Name Ideas From Television

Are you looking for a collection of names for your made that come from television? If yes, you are in the perfect place. I can assure you that if you read the entire article, you will never think to go anywhere. I carefully researched everywhere and collected the most creative maid names from television because some of you looking for maid names for television.

The names I collected mostly have appeared on television and these names are the most famous housekeeper names that you may like. Here is a collection of maid name ideas from television:

  • Alice
  • Alex
  • Anne
  • Bonnie
  • Edna
  • Florida

Maid And Housekeeper Names In Movies


Are you a searcher of maid and housekeeper names in movies? It’s common because many people like to call their housekeeper or maid by the names which are famous in movies.

I am a movie lover which is why finding maid and housekeeper names in movies is not so tough for me. And this is the reason I easily collected the best and most unique names. The collection of names I selected all are featured in popular movies that movies you may already watch. Here is a list of maid and housekeeper names in movies:

JeanneYvonneHazelRosey The Robot
EthelVelmaMr. BelvedereDorota
EuphegeniaMrs. GarrettMrs. HughesDaphne
  • Cinderella
  • Aibileen
  • Danny
  • Magda
  • Marisa
  • Sofia
  • Mary\’

Names For Maid From Books

If you are a book lover, you will look for names for maids from books. There are a lot of books, so it is a little tough to find unique and creative names for maids from books.

I read some best books to find unique and creative names for maids from books. The names I have collected are mentioned in all famous books that a lot of people like. Here is a list of names for maids from books:

Swept AwayJelliaStephaniePernia
Angus StanierMarthaOriginPenellope
CelestineMaid ForwardMeaningRayna
Clark StanierMollyDescriptionNathifa
Godfrey ParsonRoseMedhyaReina
  • Amelia
  • Bessie
  • Christine
  • Jellia
  • Emma
  • Minny

Cartoon Maid Names


The made names I mentioned below mainly appeared in children, adults, as well as anime cartoons. Here are several Anime names such as Roberta, and Rem. Also, there are some robot names for maids as well as fun names like Roomba and Robot Vacuum. Here is a collection of Cartoon maid names:

ConsuelaRemLilia GreyratShonen Maid
Green GloveRobertaVirgoBlend S
LowScrubPercy CarrinSaberSteins;Gate
The PineTomOverlordPersona 5
MarielHaruBlack LagoonBlack Butler
  • Akia
  • Rosie
  • Joan
  • Irona
  • Maria
  • Amoriah
  • Araja

Famous Maid Names

If you are a searcher for some famous maid names, you should read this article because here I made a list of some famous maid names. If you follow the below famous maid names, you will find it easy to select the one you desire. Here is a collection of famous maid names:

Amelia BedeliaPing\’erMrs. DoubtfireGeoffrey Lush
CélestineMammiePrissyPercy Sadler
Hua XirenMarisaSofiaThe Come
Jellia JambMaryDeepJames Page
MantharaMinny JacksonOlin WayneRoger Milner
  • Velma
  • Marisa
  • Ida
  • Celestine
  • Frances

Funny Maid Names

If you are looking for some funny names, here I came up with some best funny names that you will love. From the below list, you will find it easy to select the funny name you are looking for. Follow the below list to collect funny maid names:

Niles ChafterGeorgina SpicerRemington TylerEdmun Turner
CleanMeReginald ChafterSecondaryScrubLucious Toller
SoreCleanAlice CartwrightCrawford TyrerCommercial
Selma WebbCaitlin CampionYou Have It MaidBernard Milner
Albus TavernerArsis ServiceCome CompleteClaud Taylor
The CrystalHarold Plummeruliet BacchusJeremy Stringer
OvenCleanAngus CherrierElliot CarpenterHelena Bender
Andrew CandlerAngelina LushMany MaidsBarnabus Seales
Abbington HammerHartley MasonNiles WarrerBenedict Graves
Oswald ColemanScrubbed CoCursive ServiceEve Baker
  • Walter seal
  • Xtreme clean
  • Cleaning With Meaning
  • Georgina spicer
  • Reginald chafter
  • Alice cartwright
  • Caitlin champion

French Maid Names


There are a few people who look for French maid name. Finding French maid name, it’s quite difficult. Still, I did not give up. I made a list of some famous French maid name. Here are some French maid name:

Best MaidsMadelineAmelieMillicent
FleurPiers SalterIdettaAgote
  • Albertine
  • Maria
  • Nadine
  • Fleur
  • Cosette

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