How To Complete Lost Ark Her Majesty\’s Holiday| Full Guide

Yesterday I was playing Lost ark. But I was thinking how I could complete \”lost ark her majestys holiday.\” So, I started searching on the internet to gather some knowledge regarding this and shared my experience as well as the details with you in this article. 

Lost Ark is a MMO action role-playing game which Tripod Studio and Smilegate co-develop. Smilegate released it in South Korea in December 2019 whereas Amazon Games released it in Europe, North America, and South America in February 2022. The beginning of the hidden story, lost ark her majestys holiday, takes place once you meet the queen & help the citizens of the castle ( asked by her), whereas it completes with your return to her after you complete all tasks in between the story which is hidden. 

We have given here the steps through which you can complete her majestys holiday lost ark Story.


Step-1 Visit The Queen Ealyn:

At the beginning of this story, you should go to the specific Her Majesty that is being referred to. Hence, you can see Queen Ealyn in Vern Castle. Her current location in this situation corresponds to the castle\’s throne room. Then, your job is to help people who live in her castle. 

Step-2 Help Avele Of Vern: 

You need to help Avele, the Knight Commander of Vern. Then, you will be entrusted with reporting to the Queen. It indicates that you must return to the queen to give the report. 

Step-3 Return To The Queen:

In this journey, you can see a cutscene where she will be venting her frustrations over the area\’s inhabitants. Once the cutscene occurs, you need to come closer to the queen.

Step-4 Keep Her Company:

She wants some company, and that\’s why the queen wants you to stay with her. But you must check the audience chamber first to see if someone is there to eavesdrop. It is possible by navigating to a certain target & interacting with the marker at the audience chamber\’s entrance. Thus, you can see if there is anyone except you in that place. Remember that you are in the company of the queen. So, you are responsible for returning to her and giving her this good news. 

Step-5 Have Some Fun With Queen Ealyn:

You may need to pull off an entrance and have fun with her. In this case, it completely depends on you how you can divert Knight Berrick\’s attention. It allows her to sneak by him and have fun for a change. 

Once she has left, you need to move to the Vern Castle region. Then, you should proceed your route to Creation Plaza, where she is waiting. After finding her in a specific location, you can talk to her and try to have some fun. 

Step-6 Run Another Errand For The Queen:

Although you have caught some fun with her, she still remains a queen. Therefore, she has the right to order you to go on an errand to buy some freshly squeezed apple juice for her. Hence, you should move to the Drink Merchant to acquire a beverage for Her Majesty. 

After completing the reviving beverage in the possession, your job is to return to her to give it. She will be in another spot in this case. So, it is essential for you to move to that spot.

Step-7 Share A Drink With Queen Ealyn:

She will invite you now and ask you to have a glass of apple juice when you interact with the area on the ground near the Queen. After accepting the invitation, both can enjoy a beverage. When you talk to her, she will tell you about your next mission. 

Step-8 Your Next Mission:

Hence, you should bring a storybook to some youngsters. It allows them to read the ending of the hidden story that they learnt from the queen earlier. She will return to her castle thereafter. Therefore, it depends on you how you will give the book to the kids. 

Final Move:

Finally, your task is to return to the Palace and talk to the Queen. She has come back to the throne room where she was earlier. Thus, you can complete the Lost Ark Her Majestys Holiday. Now, you can select your next quest to go for. These above-mentioned steps are considered as the proven steps that will confirm that you have successfully completed Lost Ark Her Majestys Holiday.  

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