The legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild has one of the best mounts and the most strange and noble creature called Satori and it is also called the lord of the mountain botw.

This mount is not too hard to conquer but it can be spawned very rarely and randomly and it is difficult to tame. It is also one of the fastest mounts in the game and had the highest stamina but it is worth the effort.

No side quest is involved in finding the botw lord of the mountain but the NPC is called Botrick and it points in the right direction. He can be found wandering the road somewhere around the stable.

The nearby location is called the satori mountain and the nearest shrine to the destination in the MoggLatan. It should be unlocked as soon as the player can travel.

Where to find the lord of the mountain?

When the lord of the mountain spawns it is either because of the random or the relies on the breath of the wild.  The breath of the wild lord of the mountain is a brand of the inscrutable logic which is the blood moon or shooting stars.

It is a very obvious sign and one has to go and look for it. It is a green glow that appears on the top of the mountain when the lord of the mountain is present.

One can see the breath of the wild satori mountain from a long way off and a clear line of sight from the central tower off west.

Satori does not always appear at night and it might be that the glow is an obvious notice at night and as botrick was mentioned, the lord of the mountain is shy and it won’t appear if nearby and this makes the outskirt table and central tower which are good places to watch and wait.

This doesn’t mean that should stand around and wait for it to appear. The lord of the mountain spawns randomly and it might wait for a few in-game days.

The best approach is to drop a pin on the map and easily find the satori mountain and then to wander off and it should be periodically checked at night. The green glow is very hard to miss and people tend to pay attention to it.


When does the lord of the mountain breath of the wild need to be tamed?

Satori should be tamed like any other mount in the game and sneak up on it and then soothes it until it stops trying to buck them off. The lord of the mountain though is very skittish and grumpy and they want to best stealth armor and the set is a good choice.

It is also cold at night on the mountain and to balance the stealth versus warmth. The recommendation that is given is to wear the stealth set and then drink a warming elixir and a spicy meal. One can wear warm clothes and drink a stealth elixir and is up to the style.

A lot of stamina is needed to calm the lord of the mountain down enough to ride it. One needs a well with more than two wheels of stamina and it can be maxed out by the stamina by trading the spirit orbs and then the goddess statues.

The drink or stamina increasing food and it should be plenty in amount and a few shots at capturing satori.

Zelda lord of the mountain

The legend of Zelda and the breath of wild and is remarkable as enormous and it is a game that needs to be played in the leisure time. It isn’t easy to figure out and every part is linked to one another and in the continent of Hyrule, they need to find a way.

The master trials are the expansion of the breath of the wild and the tips and tricks are updated.

What is the lord of the mountain quest?

The lord of the mountain is present at a spring on top of the Satori mountain whenever a green glow comes. It appears alongside the burpees and it is said to be the reincarnation of a sage that protects all the animals in the forest.

The link can ride the mountain and it approaches the stealth of the stable and has five-level stamina that replenishes immediately. Whenever the link dismounts, the mountain disappears shortly after.

What is lord of the mountain Zelda?

The lord of the mountain called Satoru is a creature from the legend of Zelda and occasionally pools atop the Satori mountain.

The appearance of the mountain coincides with the massive animal migration which can be applied to the presence and causes Stalkoblin, stalmobin and the player can atop the mountain to disappear and has to be disappeared.

It can be mounted upon like a horse and cannot be registered at a stable. Bringing the player to the stable is a bad omen and people fear that all of it will be cursed. It is unclear that is simply a superstition that has the unfound belief that is cannabis.

It cannot be registered which is very unfortunate and give the lord of the mountains and has the maximum spurs. The link can be tamed as a normal horse as it will be as soon as the players start following it obediently.

How to tame the king of the mountain botw?


To tame satori and or any other mount in the game and the player can sneak it until the buck is off. The player needs to find the best stealth armor and the set is a good choice. It also gets very cold at night on the mountain. One needs a lot of strength to calm the lord of the mountain.

Zelda botw lord of the mountain

It is an entirely optional quest and whenever an animal is found it adds a sense of wonder to the game. It can also be a tribute to the Satori Iwata.

Satori mountain glowing     

It is a location from the legend of Zelda and is a mountain in the Hyrule ridge and is the Hyrule. A cooking pot can also be found between the crags in the mountain and a wooden chest can be containing a forest dweller’s spear.

The several endura carrots grow in the small clearing near the Mogg Latin shrine. On a ledge on the face of the mountain the sunrooms and the cap shrooms.


The lord of the mountain: Zelda can only be played if the player decides to register lord of the mountain. The game has become wildly popular and the quest is optional and is very interesting.