The Legend of Zelda: Link\’s Awakening is one of the best-selling games of Nintendo Switch, which takes the player back to their good old times as a gamer.

Nostalgia hits you and makes you remember your life before the Internet.

Thanks to Link’s Awakening for reimagining the old 1993 Gameboy original and turning it into a masterpiece.

From wonderfully retro-sounding musical core to minor detailing, this game has various elements which transport you to the past games you used to play as a kid.

In short, Link’s Awakening is an old ride with a fresh coat of paint and new specifications. And the biggest change is?

It has turned from a sprite-based game to a three-dimensional game that mimics the looks of children’s toys.

Many players have revealed that they couldn\’t stop themselves from saying, “So cute” while playing Link’s Awakening.

From characters, animals, and monsters to plants and trees of this fantasy game, the visuals give you great vibes.


The visuals and the sounds of Link’s Awakening received a facelift, but there are many changes in this new game.

Between its colorful world, the cute character animations, and the charming music, Link’s Awakening feels very much alive.

And the best part about this game is more playing the game and less menu juggling!

All the combats are fought using Link’s sword, shield, and other tools while beating the mid-bosses and big baddies in dungeons and solving the puzzles. 

The game begins with Link\’s arrival at a mysterious island, away from Hyrule, where monsters roam freely, and animals talk.

Here, he must explore all its trap-ridden dungeons and find eight instruments on the Koholint Island and play them in front of a giant egg on the mountain to escape the island.

On your way, you also meet charming and cute characters, which you will never want to say goodbye to.

Your adventure starts from Mabe Village and ends on Link\’s Awakening 7th Dungeon, aka in Eagle’s Tower, located in the Organ of Evening Calm. Its entrance begins far from the eastern peaks of the Tal Tal Mountain Range.

As its name implies, Link\’s Awakening 7th Dungeon is a tall greying green tower, that also has head statues of eagles.

Before fighting the ultimate, you have to first beat the Grim Creeper, mini-boss of this Dungeon.

All in all, the game is a cool remake of a wonderful classic, but the players have to spend a lot of their time finding the locations of chamber stones, secret seashells, and various other items.

So are you looking for spots where you can find them and make things easier for you?

Then, keep scrolling to find out the hidden tools and conquer this game!

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If you are a regular player of this game, then you might know how important secret seashells in Link’s Awakening are.

You can exchange these collectible items for gifts from Seashell Mansion.

Did you know that there are around 50 Secret Seashells hidden in Koholint Island?

Yes, there are 50 of them dispersed all around! Mostly, they can be found behind tall grass, dug up in the dirt, treasure chests, and sometimes even underwater.

And seldom, trees drop them too when you dash into them with the Pegasus Boots.

Cool, no?

If you want to find the location of each Secret Shells, then check out the Link\’s Awakening Shell Map location chart below:

Secret SeashellLocationsRequired Items
1Eastern Mabe VillageSword
2Trendy Game (#1), Mabe VillageRupees
3Mrs Meow-Meow’s House, Central Mabe VillageShovel
4Central Mystery ForestShovel
5Eastern Tornobo ShoresShovel
6Koholint PrairieShovel, Power Bracelet
7Crashed Wall Inside Tail CaveTail Cave Key, Bomb
8Mysterious ForestRoc’s Feather, Shovel
9Cliffs of West of Goponga SwampRoc’s Feather, Shovel
10Patch Grass, Tabahl WastelandRoc’s Feather, Shovel
11Under A Rock, Mysterious ForestPower Bracelet
12Under A Rock, Gopongo SwampPower Bracelet
13Pots In Abandoned House, Tornobo SHoresPower Bracelet
14Dig A Hill in Ukuku PrarieShovel, Bombs
15Under a Rock, South-Central Ukuku PrairiePower Bracelet
16Push, Bomb and Dig in Cave Network, Ukuku PrarieBomb, Shovel, Power Bracelet
17Under a Bush, Martha’s BayPower Bracelet
18Under a Bush, Ukuku Prairie/Shell MansionPower Bracelet
19Tunnel Under Richard’s House, Ukuku PrairieFive Golden Leaves
20Roof of the Key Cavern, Ukuku PrairieShovel, Five Golden Leaves, Roc’s Feather
21Bombing in a Hole, Tal Tal HeightsBomb, Power Bracelet
22Complete Four Arrangements, Dampe’s ShackFinish Key Cavern
23Banana Tree, Tornobo ShoresPegasus Boots
24Tree, Near Tail CavePegasus Boots
25Tree, Western Ukuku PrairiePegasus Boots
26Dig Across a Bridge, Martha’s BayShovel
27Dig Amongst the Cacti, Yarna DesertShovel
28Rock on the Cliffs, Yarna DesertPower Bracelet
29Performance for the Walrus, Animal VillageBallad of the Wind Fish, Ocarina
30Under a Rock, Eastern Face ShrinePower Bracelet
31Diving Under a Waterfall, Kanalet CastleFlippers
32Trendy Game (#2), Mabe VillageComplete Angler’s Tunnel
33Gp Back to Christine Village for a Reward, Animal VillageDeliver Goat’s Lteeter to Mr. Write
34Under a Bush on a Islet, Near the Key CavernFlippers
35Islet on the South Coast, Southeast Martha’s BayFlippers
36Diving Under Waterfall, Western Tal Tal Mountain RangeFlippers
37Fishing Hole (#1) Catch a Cheep Cheep, Mabe VillageUse a middleweight hook,  Finish Catfish’s Maw
38Explore on the Rapids Ride, raft ShopHookshot, Shovel
39Get Under 35 seconds on the Rapids Race Raft ShopHookshot
40Find the Friendly Zora, Animal VillageMagnifying Lens
41Hookshot Across the Potholes, Kanalet CastleHookshot
42Move an Armos, Ancient RuinsBow/Boomerang
43Ducking Out For Some Fresh Air Inside Face ShrineProgress in face Shrine, Face Key
44Fishing Hole, (#2) Catch a Blooper, Mabe VillageComplete Fish Shrine
45Bombing in a Hole, Western Tal Tal MountainBombs
46Under a Rock, Western Tal Tal Mountain RangePower Bracelet
47Explore a Cave & Bomb a Wall, Tal Tal Mountain RangePower Bracelet, Bombs
48Jumping in a Hole in the Hinox Boss Room, Eagle’s TowerReach the West of the Second Floor of Eagle’s Tower
49Under a Rock, Western Tal Tal MountainPower Bracelet
50Dig Between the Stones, Western Tal Tal MountainsShovel


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Chamber Stones are mostly offered to Dampé to build new +Effect Panels and Chambers for the Chamber Dungeon.

Are you wondering, \”How many chamber stones Link\’s Awakening has?\”

Well, there are a total of 14 chamber stones found around Koholint Island.

If you are looking for more ways to find the chamber stones, then check out the chart below:

Town Shop ToolBuy seven for 1,280 Rupees each.
Trendy GameAppears after completing Catfish\’s Maw.
Trendy GameReceived after collecting all 10 Figures.
Fishing PondObtained after catching an Ol\’ Baron.
Fishing PondObtained after catching a big Ol\’ Baron(At least 60 units).
Seashell MansionObtained after collecting 30 Secret Seashells.
Seashell MansionObtained after collecting all 50 Secret Seashells.
Raft ShopObtained after completing the Rapids Race in less than 30 seconds.


Link\’s Awakening Chamber Stones can be received if every creation meets the specifications of Boris’s challenge.

Seems difficult?

Well, you can now unlock them by mastering the nine main nine dungeons in Link’s Awakening. After all, it is the rooms of these dungeons.

Are you looking for others ways to get hold of these precious chamber stones?

Then, below we have listed few options for you:

  1. Buy It!

You will get a chance to buy chamber stone for 1280 rubies in the corner shop in Mövendorf.

Pretty steep, right?

  1. Earn with the crane!

During your adventure, you can visit the Kran-Kemenate at the wonder crane game south of the corner shop over and over again and get it at cheaper rates.

  1. Go Fishing!

In the fishing pond in Mövendorf, many fishes have chamber stones in their throat.

Surprising right?

If you see a shimmering circle in the pond, then try fishing and get your reward. Also, make sure to look out for the most conspicuous fish.

Currently, we have no clue how many chamber stones you can buy or win in the crane kemenate. However, we recommend you visit Mövendorf daily while playing the game.


Many gamers read the price of this game, which is $60, and that leaves them questioning, \”Why is Link\’s Awakening so expensive?\”

We understand that you don’t want to spend your money on ordinary games. But trust us, this game is worth the price!

The Nintendo Switch’s game has broken all the worldwide sales records, and for a good reason.

Even if you are an old or new Zelda series fan or don’t play such games at all, give it a shot and get the best gaming experience ever.

And guess what?

This engaging action-adventure game is great not only for veteran gamers but for beginners as well! Its beautiful graphics, puzzles, unique story, and soundtrack will blow your mind away!


Overall, Link’s Awakening is a treat to gamers. However, some might find it frustrating to locate certain tools. But we have solved your problem now by revealing the places where the Secret Seashells and chamber stones are hidden. This game is a charming remake of its older version, and developers have done oh-so-right! So play this game, feel the nostalgic rush, and defeat the bosses!