807+ Japan Restaurant Names List

“Japanese food makes me feel particularly good Japan Restaurant Names.”

We look around ourselves and see uncountable cuisines. Each one of them equally delicious, beautiful and mouth-watering.

When we think about traveling around the world and exploring every corner of this beautiful planet, we usually include exploration of different food and eating staple dishes from different countries and states and writing the experience down in our journals, right?

Japan BayJapan CaveRestaurant FantasyRestaurant Lion
HeartyJapan ReservationJapanzoidRestaurant Basket
Japan HutRestaurant BashJapanazaRestaurantvio
ZestDudeRestaurant PartJapan Zest
Restaurant BabyJapan AlluringRollRestaurant Feed
BoyJapan BingeRestaurant ChowRestaurant Piece
Japan PalaceJapan DishedGrillYummy
Restaurant BingeDashingJapan DineDivine
PlaceRestaurantivaEdulisRestaurant Garnish
Restaurant CitronJapan PalateBazaarRestaurant Galore

But all of these options, the different variety of food, its smell and colour, they all make it difficult for us to choose which one is our most favourite one, isn’t it?

DineJapan CoastalJapan YouRestaurantquipo
Japan SmackJapanifyJapanioRestaurant Hotspot
Restaurant HutSuperiorJapan ForageJapanology
Japan FantasyRestaurantluxTossRestaurantoryx
Japan BabyBangBabyJapan Smoke
Restaurant FeastCoastalJoyousRestaurant Wedge
RestaurantladaRestaurant ServiceRestaurantopediaJapanquipo
GroveRestaurant GroveRestaurant FreshRestaurant Flame
Japan StackJapanjetAppetiteRestaurant Abundance
JapansterRestaurantellaJapan TastyAcclaimed
DesireJapan DashingHideoutRestaurantdeck
ClassicsChoppedRestaurant GalaJapan Service
BrewJapan WagonRestaurant AromaRestaurant Bite

Afterall, all these dishes are usually made with the same raw food and spices, only the technique of making varies from city to city.

Japan GaloreJapan DicedRestaurant FuelRestaurant Feast
Japan PlaceRestaurant DishedJapan WagonJapan Baked
MagmaJapan HerbedUpscaleRestaurant Dockside
Restaurant PrestoCoastalBiteRestaurant Piece
Restaurant HavanaRestaurant PlaceGrovePart
Restaurant LionRestaurant CoastalJapan FactoryFed
PalateJapan AladdinBoardBusters
SumoRestaurant WagonAccentRestaurant Crispy
YummyJapan TaleJapan PrestoJapan Grove
HerbedRestaurant BrewRestaurant FineJapan Joyous

But why are we discussing food today? Is there something special? Why are we making you drool with all the food talks?

Creative Sushi Roll Names

Because its time for you and us to open a Japanese food restaurant together.

ZestJapan StakeRestaurant BakedJapan Central
Restaurant AlluringRestaurant LocalSuperiorRestaurant Hotspot
Japan BaronsRestaurant DevineJapan HotRestaurant Garnish
Restaurant AladdinRestaurant BargeRestaurant CitronJapan Nouveau
SmokeRestaurant SafetyFeastRestaurant Bit
Restaurant MunchiesRestaurant SmackFurySensation
Restaurant GnawSafetyRestaurant HutDiced
Japan JuicyRestaurant FactoryJapan FeastGusto
Restaurant TreehouseJapan CellarLordMinty
Japan NibbleJapan ReservationJapan WaveJapan Hideout
Japan SmashCaptainJapan BoyTraditional
CaveJapan TakeoutRestaurant ChopRestaurant Zest
Japan RelishRestaurant ScrumptiousHoleJapan Coastal
Restaurant FedJapan BashRestaurant PerfectionRestaurant Savor

We will be suggesting you all kinds of different names that you will need to open the restaurant and in return all you have to do is use them smartly and label them carefully!

Japan StackRestaurant PerfectionRestaurant MintyRestaurant Crave
Japan ScrumptiousJapan BitJapan GroveRestaurant Grub
Japan BazaarJapan CaptainAromaSizzle
Restaurant DesireJapan FeedRestaurant HideawayWrap
Restaurant CrumbRestaurant TastefulRestaurant StreetJapan Upscale
Restaurant NouveauRestaurant CaterJapan BashJapan Piece
ClassicsJapan NibbleMidnightJapan Feast
Japan DipBoardJapan CutJapan Safety
Restaurant BakedRestaurant SpicyRestaurant LordJapan Sizzle
Japan FixJapan LoungeHotRestaurant Dine

But why Japanese restaurant particularly? Why not any other restaurant?

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Japanese IN TREND!

Because sushi has officially become an international dish and we must provide our future customers with some global food that has crossed all the borders and has become famous and favourite across the globe.

Restaurant BustersBoyBiteJapan Presto
Japan AcclaimedMagmaTastefulRestaurant Fix
Japan CuisineRestaurant FodderJapan StandFlame
LaneJapan BaronsJapan CantinaJapan Forage
Restaurant AladdinRestaurant WaveYummyJapan Flavor
Japan DocksideJapan SavorRestaurant HotLion
Japan BoardRestaurant SavorPalaceCave
Japan FuelLordRestaurant UptownRestaurant Purist
CaterRestaurant CaptainTreehouseRestaurant Spices
Japan DesireJapan FedStandRelish
Japan AromaRestaurant TossRestaurant WishStory
GalaJapan StripJapan WaveJapan Purist
AcclaimedJapan FodderPieceJapan Perfection
Restaurant ChowPerfectionPlaceJapan Aladdin

So, brace yourself, stop drooling and start working on your dream restaurant by reading all the Japan restaurant names we have mentioned below for you.

Japan MeSecretJapan FestiveRestaurant Hotspot
FiestaJapan GaloreJapan SecretRestaurant Lion
BiteGnawRestaurant CaveJapan Devine
LionMeServedRestaurant Crave
Restaurant StoryRestaurant ChoppedJapan SplitRestaurant Fresh
ChoppedJapan TraditionalJapan PieceJapan Gusto
Japan PartRestaurant GaloreJapan AccentWish
Japan GalaJapan FeedRestaurant SmashJapan Street
Japan GnawFeedRestaurant HavanaRestaurant Appetite
Restaurant TossHotspotJapan HeartyJapan Connoisseur

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To you, from Japan!

Good Japanese Restaurant Names

Since we started our discussion with the special mention of sushi, we must present you our first customized list containing some sushi restaurants names only.


Read below;

Sumo sushiSally makes sushiFlavourful sushi Make me sushi
For sushi’s sakeThe sushi loveTosai sushi So much sushi 
The authentic sushi cornerSister’s sushi houseJapanese sushi pointSushi can’t go wrong
Mama sushiThe sushi gangSushi lovers The sushi rolls
Toshi sushiSushi of the seaSushi specialistsSushi sizzlers 

Umm, all these names are very sushi and very much tasty!

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Aren’t they? some really funny sushi restaurant names?

Restaurant MintyJapan HerbedRestaurant CantinaRestaurant Cater
MunchiesRestaurant TastefulJapan TastefulJapan Juicy
Japan AmbrosialJapan CarteJapan PlaceYou
Japan LionJapan CoastalRestaurant PrestoRestaurant Board
CentralRestaurant HeartyRestaurant CentralHerbed
Restaurant FiestaRestaurant AladdinRestaurant WishRestaurant Street
Japan LuchaFantasyRestaurant WrapHavana
SpicyRestaurant ChowChefPresto
TreehouseRestaurant CutJapan CaterSplit
Japan FlavorRestaurant HoleRestaurant AbundanceJapan Crispy
DocksideRestaurant GarnishCantinaRestaurant Herbed
Japan LordBoyJapan CellarAroma
BustersJapan TaleJapan ChoppedPart
Japan WedgeJapan DocksideRestaurant CaptainJapan Cut

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We are pretty sure even if you open a small restaurant at a roadside, you are going to make big sushi deals every day!

HideoutClassicsZestRestaurant Classics
Japan GaloreWaveJapan TastyRestaurant Connoisseur
BargeJapan AlluringJapan BustersJapan Sensation
TakeoutHungryJapan GrubJapan Piece
PalaceRestaurant FiestaRestaurant LaneJapan Baby
Restaurant YouGarnishJapan BaronsJapan Fodder
DineRestaurant DicedJapan GustoJapan Connoisseur
Japan MeRestaurant StakeRestaurant DevineRestaurant Abundance
Restaurant HutJapan SumoBoyPlace
Restaurant StoryRestaurant CaveJapan DineRestaurant Baked

Every other car coming back home or going towards the office will stop at your place to grab some hot and freshly made sushi to satisfy their cravings.

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Restaurant SplitJapan SizzleJapan GalaAcclaimed
Japan ReservationBabyPieceRestaurant Lord
Restaurant CuisineJapan FieryRestaurant BangReservation
CantinaFlameRestaurant AromaRestaurant Cut
Restaurant FuryRestaurant JoyousJapan SpicesRestaurant Magma
Japan FeastJapan BargeJapan EdulisRestaurant Service
Restaurant HotspotPrestoJapan DocksidePerfection
FieryWedgeRestaurant UptownJapan Stack
ServedRestaurant BoyJapan PerfectionNouveau
Restaurant BasketHeartyStreetGrub
Japan StripJapan WedgeEdulisRestaurant Tale
Restaurant ZestRestaurant PuristJapan LoungeRestaurant Fiery
BaronsRestaurant TraditionalJapan NibbleRestaurant Fresh
BitJapan HotJapan FedRestaurant Flavor

So basically, you ae going to sell sushi and will be getting money and blessing in return.

How cool and noble is that!

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Japan StandJapan AnswersJapan AgileJapan Active
Japan AbsoluteJapan AgentsScrumptiousSizzle
Japan AveJapan BeginJapan AwryJapan Beyond
Japan AngelJapan BazaarCuisineRestaurant Roll
Restaurant TossJapan AnywhereJapan AgueJapan Bench
PrestoJapan AlityHilltopJapan Hearty
Japan BlessedJapan ArchivesYouJapan Attic
Japan WagonJapan NibbleJapan AlphaRestaurant Coastal
BiteRestaurant BangJapan BardJapan Anything
Restaurant BazaarGrillRestaurant BoyJapan Accelerate

Let’s increase our nobleness and suggest you some more Japanese restaurant names ideas.

These restaurants will be serving anything and everything Japanese including sushi. So, if you are expert at making any other Japanese dish apart from sushi, you can pic your restaurant name from this list and make that dish your best seller.

Japan AkinJapan ArticlesJapan AheadJapan Aegis
Japan FactoryJapan AwardsMeJapan Aware
Japan ArchiveJapan AimRestaurant WaveJapan Action
Japan BargainsJapan ApexJapan BlasterJapan After
Japan AllianceJapan AxisRestaurant PrestoJapan Axen
Restaurant TreehouseJapan AnytimeJapan AtlasJapan Aver
Restaurant WedgeJapan AzureJapan All-StarCentral
Japan AquaJapan AceJapan BestJapan Article
FreshRestaurant FlavorJapan AnswerRestaurant Captain
Japan BasementJapan AvatarJapan BenefitsJapan Aurora
Restaurant DineJapan AssetJapan AuraJapan Ammo
Japan ArkJapan BevyJapan AdvisorJapan Balance
Japan DishedJapan AttoJapan AllureJapan Arid
Japan BeastJapan ArgentJapan GnawJapan About

Great idea, no?

 Then quickly have a look at these good Japanese restaurant names and decide which one will go best with your future best-selling Japanese dish.

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Dragon KinThe japan feast Sushi rockers The warrior’s table 
Kamaboko Japanese gourmet Domo furai Battered yam
San san kudo Rice filled passionCasually sushiPassionately japan
The noodle exchange Your crispy prawn The secret magic of japanCuisine-o-Japanese
Trip to japan Midnight noodle Travel east Three course Japanese meal

Oh reader, we are proud and satisfied with our name suggestions.

Cool Japanese Restaurant Names!

Who wouldn’t like to stop and find out what your restaurant is offering after reading these names?

Japan ChannelsJapan ChampionJapan CreateJapan Born
Japan BonusJapan BlissJapan CitiesJapan Crossover
Japan CloudJapan BrokersJapan BoardsJapan Daub
Japan CentersJapan BureauJapan CamoJapan Brite
Japan BytesJapan CloneJapan BrowseJapan Circles
Japan ConsciousJapan ComparisonJapan ConnectJapan Collector
Japan ConceptJapan BoldJapan ChartJapan Crawler
Japan CentricJapan ComplexJapan CatalystJapan Campaign
Japan DashJapan CupidJapan ClawJapan Certified
Japan CaseJapan BusterJapan CentJapan Collective

The Japanese secret, trip to japan, three course Japanese meal, all of them sound so exciting and Japanese filled.

Japan CavilJapan DawnJapan CrimsonJapan Butterfly
Japan BlinkJapan ChartsJapan CollectionJapan Crafter
Japan BoostJapan ChoiceJapan BuskJapan Classic
Japan CalculatorJapan CollectionsJapan CollectJapan Charter
Japan BucksJapan CasterJapan CheckJapan Crown
Japan BossJapan ControlJapan DartJapan Buyer
Japan CygenJapan ClutchJapan CapitalJapan Cost
Japan CityJapan BloomJapan CapitolJapan Charm
Japan BloxJapan BrowserJapan ClubsJapan Buys
Japan CacheJapan CraftJapan CareJapan Connection
Japan CenturyJapan CurbJapan CatcherJapan Czar
Japan ChimpJapan CheckerJapan CompaniesJapan Box
Japan BowJapan BreezyJapan BrigJapan Core
Japan CoursesJapan CompassJapan CleverJapan Creators

And we too are excited to see what menu are you going to serve in these all about Japanese restaurants.

Well, we know there are still limited choices for you and so you are thinking hard on which label to choose for your dream restaurant.

Japan FormJapan EfficiencyJapan FocusJapan Frisson
Japan GlutJapan DrJapan GlobalJapan Doup
Japan ForceJapan ExpertJapan FixerJapan Earnings
Japan GotoJapan DynamicJapan EarthJapan Fusion
Japan FosterJapan ExcellentJapan FolderJapan Energise
Japan ElevateJapan DreamJapan DowntownJapan Frame
Japan GapJapan ExplosionJapan FlowerJapan Feedback
Japan DriveJapan GoJapan FindsJapan Finders
Japan DriftJapan EliteJapan FortuneJapan Edge
Japan ExcitingJapan EffectiveJapan ExpressJapan Faqs

But we haven’t said that we are wrapping up and we are going to see you at your restaurant soon.

We will eventually, but for now, we have more suggestions for you.

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Japanese Grill Name.

Yes! Another option filled list coming your way! So, get excited and read below!

Maki taki Raw fish in seaweed Roku sunset Hanabi 
Momo sushi Rolls Royce sushi Rolling ramen Nihongo grill and bar
Rolls of fish Mission japan Shojin house of grillMiyako express 
Grill N chill Itacho sushi restaurant Pazzaz grill houseFuji dojo 
Grilled JapaneseAtomic sushi grillBar hayama A-Won grill

And there you had some more brilliant options on Japan Restaurant Names.

So, tell us reader, while we are suggesting some unique Japanese restaurant names to you, are you planning other things about your restaurant?

Moving ahead, explore more!

Like the décor, the lightning, how much staff you will need, what kind of menu you want and how you are going to design it? what about the furniture and Japanese mocktails?

Japan FinalJapan GlumJapan GeeksJapan Gawk
Japan FeatureJapan GoldenJapan EdenJapan For Life
Japan EqualityJapan FastJapan FreshJapan Genius
Japan GatorJapan FardJapan GlowJapan Experts
Japan EnergyJapan EnjoyJapan FriendlyJapan Foundry
Japan GateJapan DoozyJapan EmotionJapan Efficient
Japan ForeverJapan DripJapan ExoticJapan Gory
Japan FirstJapan EcoJapan DisplayJapan Feeds
Japan EssentialJapan EcruJapan FavoriteJapan Flex
Japan ForumsJapan FactorJapan FauxJapan Exact
Japan EndJapan DivisionJapan EquinoxJapan Faro
Japan EmpireJapan DollarJapan FlashJapan Fans
Japan GenieJapan EssenceJapan FlaxJapan Frig
Japan For LessJapan DreamingJapan FroeJapan Flow

Creative Sushi Roll Names.

We know all this is a lot to process and finalize, but once you will finalize your restaurant’s name, you will be able to plan all the remaining necessary things as well.

Japan LibraJapan ImpactJapan LinkJapan Leading
Japan LeaderJapan GroundJapan InsaneJapan Kite
Japan JusticeJapan LessonsJapan HacksJapan Insight
Japan IdeasJapan HerbJapan HometownJapan Guides
Japan LatestJapan LockerJapan GrowJapan Launch
Japan GroupsJapan LifeJapan LinksJapan Handbook
Japan HubJapan LastJapan KeyJapan Lance
Japan InspireJapan GurusJapan HeadquartersJapan Line
Japan HunterJapan KingJapan IconicJapan Igniter
Japan GulfJapan LanxJapan KiloJapan Habit

But since we are your dragonkin name generator and we are discussing all about Japanese food today, why not give you the last and an additional name list.

Japan JackpotJapan InvisibleJapan JointJapan Kine
Japan HarvestJapan KithJapan LinkedJapan Jam
Japan IndyJapan LightJapan GrokJapan Linq
Japan IntelliJapan HugeJapan HeroesJapan Indo
Japan HorizonJapan GreatestJapan LiveJapan Intro
Japan KingdomJapan GuysJapan LeadersJapan Incorporated
Japan LessJapan HallJapan HeartJapan Jump
Japan InstantJapan GuavaJapan InfinityJapan Insights
Japan LegacyJapan LoadJapan LiftJapan Haven
Japan GuardianJapan HappyJapan KingsJapan Incredible
Japan HumbleJapan HuntersJapan JawaJapan Heaven
Japan HeadJapan KeenJapan LocatorJapan Intra
Japan InsiderJapan GrowthJapan LegendJapan Loin
Japan LogicJapan LimitedJapan KyatJapan Joy

This one is not for your brand’s name but to be put up in the menu.

What are we talking about? We are talking about some creative sushi roll names.

We will discuss more about them in detail but first have a look at all the sushi roll suggestions below.

Rainbow sushi rollSpider sushi rollSurf and turf roll Tempura sushi roll 
Crunch sushi roll California sushi rollShrimp sushi rollSushi fruity roll
Tiger sushi roll Authentically Japanese sushi roll Spicy sushi rollSalmon sushi roll 
Authentic sushi rolls Vegetable sushi rollVolcano sushi rollAvocado sushi roll
Dragon sushi rollGarlic sushi rollFish n grill sushi rollCream cheese sushi roll

So many sushi rolls options. We never thought they all existed until we dig deeper to find them just for you.

Imagine a page in your menu all dolled up with sushi roll names. not any ordinary sushi rolls names but the creative ones, the chosen ones.

Japan PassportJapan MinerJapan MapsJapan Loop
Japan OasisJapan MasterJapan ParadoxJapan Passion
Japan OffersJapan LushJapan NicheJapan Plat
Japan MaximumJapan OriginJapan MeterJapan Muno
Japan PickerJapan PicksJapan MyriadJapan Milli
Japan OptionJapan NumberJapan MassiveJapan Own
Japan MountJapan MoveJapan MatesJapan Panel
Japan NaturalJapan MynaJapan MountainJapan Patch
Japan NativeJapan MixerJapan MapJapan Perfect
Japan OxenJapan LungJapan ManiacJapan Mystery

By doing so, you are going to grab a lot of attention and appreciation towards your restaurant, reader.

And don’t forget all the profits. And these things all together are ging to make you so happy and satisfied and will push you to work harder and better always.

Japan MingleJapan PeakJapan LoveJapan Options
Japan MachineJapan NetsJapan PiratesJapan Mystical
Japan NeatJapan PagesJapan MagicalJapan Navy
Japan OustJapan PlatinumJapan MetroJapan Only
Japan MuseJapan PlethoraJapan PerchJapan Marks
Japan MavenJapan MaxJapan NeoJapan Non
Japan NexusJapan PlacesJapan NimbleJapan Mechanics
Japan OurJapan PalsJapan MountainsJapan Matters
Japan PicoJapan ModeJapan NeonJapan Marker
Japan MacroJapan MillionsJapan OracleJapan Nonstop
Japan OgreJapan OkraJapan LucidJapan National
Japan ParadiseJapan MachinesJapan OfficialJapan Matcher
Japan MungoJapan PlansJapan MobilJapan Markets
Japan MemberJapan MogulJapan PetaJapan Ment

So, this plan looks the best right now, with these positive outcomes that you will get if you open a Japanese restaurant in the near future.


Japanese food has become more famous around the world than any other cuisine.

The famous Japanese sushi makes every American droll and that is why it has become the national snack of America.

So, opening an authentic Japanese food restaurant is more like putting smiles on so many sushi lovers than you can ever imagine.

Just give it a try and see the magic of sushi unfold in front of you with so much of love, happiness, appreciation, and profit coming your way.

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