A Wholesome Guide On How To Turn On Wave In Messenger

Want to grab somebody’s attention on Facebook by sending a quick handwave? Wanna know how to turn on a wave in messenger? Or want to respond or remove the hand wave or emoji reaction from a message and look less of a creep?

Fortunately, there is a way! With a little workaround, you can get things settled in less than ten minutes. Our step-by-step guide on each query will surely guide you!

But before that, let’s understand what is a wave on Facebook!

Wave Button On Facebook: What Does A Wave Mean On Facebook?

A wave button is an old but pretty cool feature introduced by Facebook. It is one of the best tools to start a conversation.

If you have been active on Facebook since its launch, you might remember a feature called poking each other. And now, the concept of poking someone has completely changed to the Wave button on Facebook messenger.

This dramatic feature can not only be used on Facebook’s messenger app, but also the desktop. 

Some of you wonder, how to turn on wave in messenger

Well, this is a common misconception because there is no turning on or off option for the wave button, but if you wish to send a wave to a Facebook friend, then here is how to do it!

Easy Steps On How Do You Send A Wave To Someone On Messenger

Are you new on Facebook? Want to quickly learn how do you wave on Facebook messenger (Mobile)?

Well, you can send a quick wave to your active Facebook friends signaling that you want to start a conversation. In this section, we have covered how to wave one Facebook messenger.

Follow the steps mentioned below and learn how to use the wave hand feature in no time.

1. Firstly, open your Facebook Messenger on your phone. 

2. Now, fill in the details like email address, username or phone number, and password to log in to your account. 

3. After logging in, look for the people tab. You will locate it at the bottom right of your screen in the chat tab.

4. After opening the people tab, you will see friends from your friend list active on Facebook.

5. You will notice a waving hand next to your name on Facebook, which is located on the right side. 

6. You can click on the wave option of any of your friends you want to talk with.

Want to learn how to wave at someone on Facebook via desktop? Then check out the next section. 

A Simple Process Of How Do You Wave On Facebook Using Your Desktop!

Waving on facing the computer requires different steps. But worry not, it is quite straightforward and simple. Follow the below steps and learn how to do it:

how to respond to a wave on Facebook
  • Type your pass and username to log in to your Facebook account on your computer or laptop.
  • Then, go to your Home tab.
  • There, you need to find your desktop Facebook chat window, which is located on the right side of your desktop screen.
  • Now, bring the cursor to any of your friends’ names whom you want to chat with. By doing so, a wave symbol will appear on the screen.
  • All you have to do is tap on it and send a virtual wave to your friend.

Did any of your friends send you a hand wave symbol on Facebook? And you don’t know how to respond to a wave on Facebook? Want to learn how to wave back to your friends? Don’t fret! We have got this covered!

Continue reading to find out what to do next!

Guide On How To Send Back Wave On Facebook Messenger On Mobile

Did you just receive a cool hand wave from your friend or a family member? Are you tempted to try this feature yourself? Then floor the easy steps below:

1. Open the Facebook app, and go to your friend’s chat who just waved at you.

2. In the second step, you will see a yellow hand signaling a wave at you with a quick message saying “___(your friend’s name) is waving at you”.

3. Click on the option which says, “Tap to wave back” to send a hand wave back and start a conversion.

Isn’t it easy?

Want to wave back at your friend on Facebook messenger or through any other option? Then in the next segment, learn how to do it!

Other Options To Wave Back On Facebook Messenger

how to turn on wave in messenger

Facebook Messenger is a great application to get in touch with your loved ones. However, due to various features, it gets a little confusing to use, and the most puzzling feature is the hand wave feature.

But chill, now we have made it easy for you! If you are wondering, how to send back a wave to someone on Facebook or what other ways to use it, then follow the below steps:

You Get One Automatic Wave When You Add A New Contact 

Did you know that after adding a new friend on your Facebook messenger, neither of you have texted anything, but you will see a note on the app which says that your new friend is waving at you? You will also be given an option to wave back at them. All you need to do is click on the second waving hand icon.

However, this trick will only work for one time when you add new friends (only on messenger). Apart from wave signs, you can opt for many other options, which are conversation starters that you can send any number of times.

Emojis And Other Options 

We have found another creative way to start a conversation. And that tool to spice up your chat is the “emoji button”. For that, you need to open either messenger or Facebook app and open the chat tab of your friend.

You will see a yellowish round smiley face on the chat option or a text box. Just click on it, and the list of emojis will appear on your screen. To make your conversation more interesting, you can use any sort of emoji as a conversation starter.

You Can Also Use The Facebook Website To Wave

If you still want to stick to the old school method, then you can use your computer or laptop to wave back at your friends as many times you want. Go to the contact page on the right side of the web page and drag your cursor to your friend’s name to see the wave option. Click on it to send a wave back to your friends.

What if you want to take a wave back from your chat? Are you looking for answers to, “Can you take back a wave on messenger?” Find the answers below!

Easy Steps On How To Take Back A Wave On Facebook Messenger

Have you accidentally sent a hand wave at your Facebook friend? It has been less than 10 minutes, and you are looking for a remedy can you take back a wave on nearby friends? Or want to undo the wave at a friend you are no longer friends with?

Well, we can feel the tension, but there is nothing to be embarrassed about. Facebook allows its users to undo the hand wave, and here is how to do it:

  • First of all, you need to be very quick because you only have ten minutes in your hand to undo the virtual wave.
  • Then, go to your Facebook chat, where you sent a wave.
  • Now comes the tricky part, tap, and long-press the wave icon, which you have sent by mistake.
  • Continue to long-press the button till you see a small menu on your screen.
  • Click on the remove button and just tap the “Remove for Everyone” button.

After following all the steps carefully, the Facebook wave will disappear from your as well as your friend’s chat window. *Phew*

Have you sent a reaction to a message, which you want to remove from both the chats? Then, below you can learn how to do it!

A Small Guidebook On How To Remove Reactions From Messenger

Not long ago, Facebook introduced the mentions and reactions with a specific emoji for messenger as well as stories. They are pretty easy and quick to react to somebody’s message in a group or a private chat to express your feelings about it.

It is also a handy tool when you are trying to grab the receiver\’s attention about a certain message. However, things can turn upside down, if you send a wrong reaction or accidentally react to their message on messenger.

For example, you sent a sad emoji, reacted to a positive message, or reacted to shocking news. Mistakes do happen, and it is easy to change them. If you are facing a similar situation, then don’t freak out.

Thankfully, it is possible to remove the sent reaction. Here is how to delete a reaction in Messenger:

1. Open your Facebook chat where you sent the unfortunate message reaction.

2. Find the message you accidentally reacted to.

3. Click and continue holding the received message to open the reaction emojis once again. 

4. Then, click on the same reaction that you sent accidentally.

5. After doing the above step, the emoji will disappear from both the chats as the reaction will be undone.

If you wish to send the correct reaction, then tap and hold the message and send the appropriate reaction.

You can even undo the reaction from a Facebook post by simply clicking and holding the like button.

That’s all. We hope this helps you!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you still have more questions related to Facebook wave feature? Then without further ado, let’s find out the answers.

1. What does it mean when someone waves at you on Facebook?

When someone like a family or a friend waves at you on Facebook or the messenger app, it simply means that they want to talk to you. And if you want to start a conversation with them, then you can also give them a hand gesture which is a cool form of saying hello on Facebook.

This sign is the easiest way to begin a conversation with known and unknown people.

2. What happened to Facebook wave?

Facebook’s wave button has not been a massive hit but it is still used as a conversation starter among Facebook users. However, the Facebook team has removed the poke button and replaced it with a “hello button”.

This feature has not received much appreciation from the Facebook community because it is similar to the waving button.

3. Can you turn off waving on Facebook?

Many Facebook users ask, “How To Disable Facebook’s Wave Function”. If you are also wondering whether one can turn off wave in messenger or not, then our answer is no.

If you have accidentally waved at someone on Facebook, the undoing or Deleting Wave in Facebook Messenger option is available, but that for 10 minutes. If you have crossed the time, then you can apologize to the respected party from your end.


*Poof!* Congrats, your accidental wave is permanently gone from the Facebook chat window. So next time You get one automatic wave when you add a new contact, you know what to do!

In this blog, we covered various ways to use the wave option while conversing with someone on Facebook. It is a great way to make the chat more interesting instead of sending the boring “hi” or “wassup”. So don’t just stare at your screen, get waving! Come back to us for more tech-related blogs!

Good luck!

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