How To Study Journalism In Bitlife? [Updated 2023]

You\’re in luck if you want to work as a journalist in Bitlife because it\’s an excellent career path that\’s both demanding and rewarding. How to study journalism in Bitlife is as follows:

Make sure you have finished high school and college first. Although a journalism degree is not necessary, having a strong foundation in writing, research, and critical thinking can be beneficial.

You\’ll need to start looking for entry-level work in the journalism industry once you\’ve finished your studies. As an example, this can entail working as a freelancer, a reporter for a neighborhood newspaper, or an intern for a journalistic organization.

Making progress on your writing portfolio is one approach to improve your chances of getting hired. In order to achieve this, you can write blog posts, contribute to student publications, or even start your own podcast or YouTube channel.

You\’ll be able to advance and take on more important tales as you gain experience and establish your reputation. This can entail reporting on international events, conducting in-depth interviews, or publishing first-hand news reports.

Yet developing your profession is only one aspect of becoming a successful journalist in Bitlife; you must also uphold your morals and beliefs. You\’ll have to make morally challenging choices, negotiate complex political situations, and stand up for what you believe in—even if it means risking your career.

So get ready to go in deep and start pursuing those huge stories if you\’re prepared to take on the thrilling and demanding world of journalism in Bitlife!

How To Do Journalism In Bitlife?


For doing journalism in bitLife, first, you will have to create a new character and make it grow through the years until it graduates from high school. 

In the overall course of the life of your character, you will need to maintain high smart stats by reading a lot of books along with visiting the library. It will be helping you to ensure that the character has a high chance of getting into a reputed university and also acquiring a scholarship to pay for its education.

While entering university, you will have to select journalism as your major. By choosing journalism, you will be able to compress the full-time job listings to more related jobs, which will eventually help you in becoming a journalist afterward.

After graduating from a university with a degree in journalism, go to the full-time job listings and try to locate the Jr Reporter or Reporter post. Both will require you to have university degrees. Now, all you have to do is apply for the job and then pass the interview to do journalism. 

How To Become A Journalist In Bitlife?

If you want to become a journalist in BitLife, first you will be required to get a degree in journalism from a reputed college. After you finish studying in college, find the job tab in the game, then search for a job in the post of a ‘Jr. Reporter’. 

If you have not been able to find the option under the job section, then consider relaunching the game. Ultimately, you can apply for a job in the field of journalism and become a journalist in BitLife.

Furthermore, there are some other things that you should keep in mind through this overall process – 

  • You have to ensure that the character you are creating has high wise stats from the very beginning of its life.
  • A journalism degree from a repeated college is a must-have for becoming a journalist in BitLife.
  • In case you have taken any sort of student loan to be able to get your degree from a college, ensure to get a part-time job to pay your expenses.
  • In case the option of ‘Jr Reporter’ is not showing under the career tab, quickly close and then launch the game again.

That is all you are required to know about – how to become a journalist in BitLife.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I get a scholarship in BitLife?

To get a scholarship in BitLife, you will have to focus on maintaining high smart stats or playing a sport and finishing high school. 

The best way to obtain a scholarship is to increase the Smarts stats of your character as high as possible. To do so, you will have to read books and visit the library quite frequently, for improving your academic skills prior to applying to a college. 

Having good academic skills will increase the chances of getting a scholarship in college.

Another way of getting a scholarship to BitLife is to excel in a sport. Specializing your character in athletics can open various career opportunities. For accomplishing this, you’ll have to participate in several extracurricular activities from middle school on up. 

You will have to be selected for a sports club. Moreover, join your sports team, work on staying on the team, and reapply in a sports team in high school. Also, go to the gym and for walks to maintain athletic skills. 

All you need is decent athletic stats while finishing high school for getting a scholarship in college.

2. How do I give my car away on BitLife?

For giving your car away on BitLife, go to ‘Assets’ and choose the car you want to give away. Select ‘Gift’ and give it to whoever you want. 

3. What does karma mean in BitLife?

Karma is basically an element of BitLife. It is increased by good actions and decreased by bad actions of your character. Karma helps your character to love longer and easily get through difficult situations. 

4. What is the best country to live in BitLife?

From a financial viewpoint, Saudi Arabia is the best country to live in, because it has no income tax or estate tax. Some other top countries are Austria, Brazil, Karat, and Russia.

5. Does a manor count as a mansion in BitLife?

Yes, any house which has a manor in the name is counted as a mansion in BitLife.

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