How To Stream Nintendo Switch To Discord [Updated 2023]

Do you play games on the Nintendo Switch and want to show off your skills to your Discord friends and followers? A wonderful way to show off your abilities, interact with your audience, and even create a community around your gaming material is to stream your games on Discord.

We\’ll show you how to quickly stream Nintendo Switch gameplay to Discord in this post so you can tell everyone about your gaming adventures. Now that you have your Joy-Con controllers, let\’s begin.

What You Need for Nintendo Switch Streaming to Discord

You need to get some things set up before we begin the guide on how to stream from your Switch to Discord. What you need to include is as follows:

  • A video capture card

A video card with the necessary USB C connections is required, along with a few options found on most HDMI capture cards.

While some individuals purchase an additional audio card for audio inputs, we advise you to visit an electronics store and request a video card that allows internet streaming instead. The staff members will know what to do.

  • VLC Media Player or software for video capture cards

You must choose the streaming software you want to employ. For this, some traditional programmes, like OBS Studio, are ideal. This will depend on the card you select in either case.

You will still need to follow the same procedure whether it comes with the same software or not. You may stream Nintendo Switch to Discord by utilising the original VLC player.

  • Downloaded Discord app

Discord is much more than just a chat application. You can utilise the desktop version of Discord instead of the browser or mobile versions because it is far more effective.

To go Live on Discord, you can either start your own private room or join an existing one. Text channels will not show on the Switch screen, only voice channels will.

You are now prepared to learn how to stream Switch games on Discord if you have these items at your disposal.

Steps to Stream Nintendo Switch to Discord


Sure, here are the steps to stream Nintendo Switch to Discord:

  • Connect your Nintendo Switch to your computer using a capture card. A capture card is a device that connects to your computer and allows you to capture and stream video footage from your Nintendo Switch.

  • Download and install streaming software on your computer, such as OBS (Open Broadcasting Software), Streamlabs OBS, or XSplit. These software programs will help you to capture and stream your Nintendo Switch gameplay.

  • Open your streaming software and create a new scene. Add your Nintendo Switch as a video capture device, and adjust the settings to ensure that the video and audio are synced correctly.

  • Connect to Discord and create a new voice channel or select an existing one where you want to stream your gameplay.

  • In your streaming software, select the option to stream to Discord. This will allow you to stream your Nintendo Switch gameplay directly to your Discord voice channel.

  • Start playing your Nintendo Switch game and your gameplay will be streamed in real-time to your Discord voice channel.

  • Adjust your settings as needed to ensure that your stream quality is optimal and your audience can see and hear your gameplay clearly.

That\’s it! With these simple steps, you can easily stream your Nintendo Switch gameplay to Discord and share your gaming experiences with your friends and followers.

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