Dealing With The Microsoft Teams Popping Up Problem

Microsoft Teams is a great communication application for the users and is feasible across all platforms. Once the user gets accustomed to it, the application starts to get annoying. Many users of the application have reported that how to stop Microsoft teams from popping up even after the application is closed.

They have been asking questions like “how to stop Microsoft teams from popping up?” and all the other related queries. This repetitive popping up of the application is annoying and it takes over the active window over the other working applications.

Even if the application is minimized or closed, it can reside in the quick launch area and cause the problem without even entering the login credentials.

Why Do Microsoft Teams Keep Opening?

Microsoft Teams

If the Microsoft teams pop up now and then, then the application has been configured to run in the background or the auto-starting. Since a lot of people do not bother to tweak an application’s settings then it might cause a problem and the application might pop up again and again.

How To Get Microsoft Teams To Stop Popping Up?

Many people who have been facing a problem with the application have been asking questions like “how to get rid of Microsoft teams popup?”.

If Microsoft teams are popping up on the screen and one wants to solve the issue without uninstalling the application then there are a few steps that the user can follow-

  • Open the Microsoft team\’s application on the device.
  • Open the settings section by pressing the Ctrl+Command on the keyboard.
  • When the settings come up, tap on the General tab from the left and uncheck all the boxes.
  • These are located adjacent to the ‘AutoStart application’ and on close, keep the app running.
  • Following these steps can turn off Microsoft team’s popup from opening up in the background or starting up on every boot.

How To Remove Microsft Teams From Startup?

If as a user you do not wish to use the application anymore, then you can proceed to uninstall the application from the device. Unlike all the other applications, it is hard to uninstall Microsoft teams.

Many users have also complained of the Microsoft teams randomly installed right after uninstalling it. It also loads itself again and again during boot. The below-mentioned steps can help the user to uninstall the application completely and stop it from installing again.

  • Ensure that the app is not running on the device and quit teams by right-clicking on the icon in the taskbar.
  • Click on the start button and head over to the settings and applications.
  • Type “teams” in the box under the category of apps and features.
  • Highlight the application and click on uninstall.
  • Confirm the uninstallation and then select yes.
  • Follow the above-mentioned steps from above and select the team\’s machine-wide installer inside the apps and features.
  • Confirm the uninstallation by clicking Uninstall and then selecting yes.

How To Reinstall Microsoft Teams?

How To Reinstall Microsoft Teams

One can also reinstall the application by downloading the desktop application which is available on many devices running on Windows.

How To Stop The Taskbar From Popping Up?

On windows, the notifications are shown in the bottom right of the screen. An issue that comes up with the users of Microsoft Teams and takes over the other active windows. The pop-up notifications were different from the application notifications that come up at the bottom right corner of the screen.

How To Stop The Microsoft Teams Pop Up Notification?

If one does not wish to see the pop-up notifications then the steps mentioned below should be followed to get done with the notifications. The steps are-

  • Open the Microsoft Teams on the device.
  • Open the settings sections by pressing the shortcut keys on the keyboard.
  • When the settings section comes up then tap on the notifications.
  • Select how you want the notifications to be displayed for each type of notification.
  • Select the Off option from the drop-down menu for all notification activities under the different categories.

Why Do Microsoft Teams Keep Reinstalling?

Many Windows users have reported that the applications keep on reinstalling themselves even though they have uninstalled the application from their device. The reason that the application keeps on reinstalling itself is that the team\’s machine-wide installer is already present on the device.

To stop this from happening, one should remove both the applications simultaneously, and to do this the user can-

  • Hit the windows icon and click on the settings icon.
  • On the settings window, click Apps.
  • Remove the Microsoft Teams and the machine wide-installer.

Frequently Asked Questions

How To Stop Microsoft Teams From Opening?

Press the Ctrl +Shift + Esc key to open the task manager and then go to the startup tab. Click on the Microsoft team’s application and then click on disable.

How To Stop Things From Popping Up When I Start My Computer?

To stop the pop-ups when the device is started, then open the settings and applications and then startup. The start-up can automatically determine which should be disabled and this is done via the on or off toggle switch.

How Do I Stop Microsoft Teams From Opening Automatically?

It is the same process that the user needs to follow if the application comes up.
Press the ctrl +shift+ Esc key and then go to the start-up tab.
Click on the application and then disable it.


Microsoft team’s application has become one of the most widely used apps and is a great communication utility. The users of the app can use it across all the platforms but the problems that come up with it might make it very annoying.

This article deals with the major problem of the application popping up and the steps to follow to resolve the issue. The article also mentions the steps to stop teams from starting automatically windows 10.

It also deals with one of the most important questions are “how to stop Microsoft teams from popping up?”.