How to Stop a Raid in Minecraft ?

“Every command has a story.”

For a gamer, their world revolves around their favourite video games.

They constantly look for new ways, techniques, methods and commands to win the game, do something different in it or discover its secrets.

And who wouldn’t want to do all that and become a pro in something they absolutely love and invest their time in.

We appreciate the passion of these gamers and to support them in becoming the master of their favourite video game, we have bought some information on it.

The game is Minecraft and the information is about how to stop a raid in Minecraft.

We can see you are already excited to know what this special piece of information is all about.

Read the contents and find out yourself.

  • How to stop a raid in Minecraft command
  • Does a raid ever stop Minecraft?
  • What is the best way to prevent raids in Minecraft?


So? How are we going to stop the raid? What is the code or command for that?

Let’s quickly find it out. Just come along and continue reading.

Escape the Raid


Everything is possible in the virtual world of video games. We just need to find out what we want to change, stop or chase and then search on all the ways that can help us achieve our target.

And to stop a raid in Minecraft, this is all what you have to do.

Well, the easiest way to stop or escape a raid is by

  1. By wining. Just win the game and then kill all the raiders all at once.
  2. By losing. If you have lost the game willingly or unwillingly, you will still have the chance to stop the raids by letting the raiders kill all the villagers.

After doing that they will not return to raid you again since there no one left to raid.

But before discussing all this, there must be a question doing rounds in your head and that question will be Does a raid ever stop Minecraft, right?

Before looking for ways to stop raids in Minecraft, we must know if it is even possible or not? whether we are going to find something after this research or we have to go back to playing our game empty hands.

Well, the good news is that it is possible. That stopping raids in Minecraft is a thing.

But you first have to understand how and why is it possible.

As you know, there are 3 spawn phases in Minecraft and each of them 20 attempts.

If the raid in all of these 3 phases and 20 attempts fails, the raid will end automatically. 

But there must be a better way of doing that, right?

The convenient and easy one. Like commands? just like we have commands for so many things in Minecraft, don’t we have any command to stop all the raids?

Well, the makers of the game have surely kept this in mind and have created a command to stop the raids from happening in Minecraft.

Let’s get you updated with these commands as well.

How to stop a raid in Minecraft command:


Since we are looking for a permanent solution to this raid thingy, what you really need is a command to end it.

And the best thing about commands is that you can undo and redo them.

So, whenever you wish to have raids again, you can easily opt for that too.

Oh, but what is that command?

Your magical command that will stop raids and prevent them form happening ever again in Minecraft is “/gamerule disableRaids true”.

Use it asap and enjoy your raid free game.

But why do these raids take place? Majorly because of the spawning of the pillagers, right?

And since we are discussing all possible measure to stop raids, we must also discuss how to stop pillagers from spawning.

Pillagers spawn you if you interact with one of the villagers.

If you live near a village and a bell, then you must destroy the bell and also kill the villager if he is near you.

That will stop pillagers from spawning you anymore.

What is the best way to prevent raids in Minecraft?


There is one more way or we should say the best way to stop raids in Minecraft.

And to know about the best way of stopping these unwanted raids, we must understand why they really take place, right?

While some of you might know the real reason behind these raids, we must tell our new Minecraft players that these raids actually happen due to the bad omen effect.

The effect that you will get if you or your wolf killed a raid captain.

And to stop this effect all you have to do is either keep a bucket with you that is filled with milk because it cancels the bad omen effect, or just don’t kill the raid captain at all.

Wondering how to tell who is the raid captain? The carry their banners with them, don’t forget to notice next time.

And yes, if you will do either of the two things, you will be saved by the bad omen effect that will further prevent future raids from taking place.

Done and dusted! And now reader, you are all ready to play the game without the fear of raids.


There are several ways of stopping something in a game. Always remember what you want and how you are going to use it.

Also, never forget to first check if your demand related to that game can be fulfilled in anyway or not.

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