How To Speed Up Your Wireless Internet Connection

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What is a Wireless Internet Connection?

A wireless internet connection is commonly known as Wi-Fi or wireless fidelity. Wireless internet is simply a method to connect to the internet without the need for wires. An obvious advantage is that multiple devices can connect to the internet simultaneously. In today’s world where IoT (internet of things) applications are everywhere, the need for having a wireless internet connection is greater than ever.  

Upgrading Your Wireless Internet Equipment

An individual can improve their internet connection by upgrading to the latest technologies. Usually, people do not bother upgrading their routers or modems and only pay attention to upgrading the internet plan, what they should realize is that upgrading a router to one which is of the latest generation has multiple outcomes which include better Wi-Fi range and provide the user with a stronger signal and the advantages are not limited to these. A similar case is with upgrading a modem if your current one isn’t providing the required performance.

Changing the Position or Location of The Wireless Internet Equipment

Since a router sends out signals in all directions, therefore, placing your router in the corner or any far end of your residence would transmit a significant portion or percentage of the signal coverage on the outer side. Also because the signal strength diminishes due to obstructions like walls, doors, ceilings, etc. Thus placing the router in a more central position would make a notable difference.

Changing the Type, Location, or Model of Your Antenna

Changing the orientation of your antenna does make a difference. For example, if you living in a double storied house and your preference is to have a stronger signal on the first floor, for this set up you would need to potion your antenna sideways for better signal strength upstairs. Similarly, for stronger signal strength on the ground floor, you would need to position your antenna upwards so that signal strength is better horizontally.

Changing the type of the router will also affect your internet connectivity for the better. For example, if you upgrade to a router with two antennas as compared to a router with one antenna your will experience better signal strength and will experience an improved connection on your multiple connected devices.

Upgrading Your Internet Speed or Internet Plan

If you are not satisfied with your current internet connection then one recommendation would be to opt for an upgraded internet plan to get faster internet speeds. This means that you would evaluate your internet service options, observe if the current internet service provider can provide you with the service that you want for the price that you want. If the internet service provider is not able to provide that or come to your terms, then simply just go looking for a new internet service provider who would provide you with those services.

Different Types of Internet Service Connections

Below we have given a list of all the possible types of internet service providers that you could get for yourself with fiber optic being the fastest and the most expensive.

  • Coaxial Cable Type of Internet Connection
  • Fiber Optic Type of Internet Connection
  • DSL Type of Internet Connection
  • Fixed Wireless Type of Internet Connection
  • Satellite Type of Internet Connection

Getting an Internet Connection from a better type of Internet Service Connection

If you still feel that after completing all of these steps, you are still left with an unreliable or low-quality internet service connection, then it might be time to reevaluate a few things. If the current internet service provider is not providing you with services that you need or is not up to the level that you desire, then simply moving on might be the best option for you.

However, you need to keep in mind that if you are still in contract with the internet service provider, then early termination fees might result in some serious or rather hefty overhead charges.

Wrapping Things Up

In the article above we have assembled information regarding the steps that you need to follow to speed up or rather pump up your internet download speed and internet upload speed, which in turn, would boost the overall performance of your internet connection. Simply follow the instructions or guidelines given above and you would be able to resume all your online gaming activities online streaming activities and if you are one of those individuals who have cut the cord, then, you will be able to resume those activities.