How to Ship an Arcade table Machine

We have gathered some detailed information on how one can ship an arcade machine for the sake of your ease, so you don’t have to go anywhere else in search of the correct facts. If you are looking for some helpful details like that, then this article is just for you.

Here we will let you know how you can do that by keeping in mind a few things that can save you from long-run trouble. Read this article till the end without skipping anything. We hope you will find the answers to all your questions related to the topic with a lot of this information.

So did you finally lay your hands on the best arcade table now? If not yet and thinking about getting one soon, then obviously shipping it to the right place is an integral part of the purchase, and you can\’t just overlook that.

Before you order something, you think about the ways through which the manufacturer company will send it to your address. Are the practices safe for the product, and will you get the item in the proper form without any damage?

If you still haven\’t thought about it, you should probably do it because it is essential to know whether or not the shipping part can be done in the best way possible. In this article, we will let you know the basics of the shipment of an arcade table, so if you ever plan to get one, you ensure that you are taking the proper steps.

The Fame of Arcade Table Machines

There\’s a whole lot of generations of adults who liked vintage arcade games for ages and who dream of having one as an adult. Ever since the acclaimed documentary, named The King of Kong: Fistful of Quarters, came to the surface, the vintage arcade games are back with popular demand. But how do you get a vintage arcade game, especially that one that falls under your budget?

A good place to begin all of this is always eBay because their collection of arcade games is always moving and is one of the best places to find rare ones. Except for that, the Vintage Arcade Superstore is a hub to hundreds of the most popular vintage arcade games and pinball machines.

If you’re looking to find newer games, you can try out Bmi Gaming for their eclectic deep catalog of the latest and newer games. It might be a long way to go, but with the new trend in barricades arcade bars, such as Coin-Op in San Diego, you might probably get a local hangout that\’s looking to make room for massive and better ones.

Choosing the Best Arcade Table Games

It is essential to note that looking for the best arcade table is not easy as there is much variety out there, and if you don\’t already know about the good ones, you might choose the wrong one. Always remember that the most popular arcade games of all time list are not the same as the highest-grossing list.

If you want to choose some of the best options, then you have Space Invaders, Street Fighter II, Donkey Dong, Championship Edition, Pac-Man, and many others. If you are looking for a dynamic option that appears for everyone around you, then the games we mentioned above are some of the finest options that you can try out.

However, know that finding one of the most popular arcade games will likely cost you a bit more because of the popularity and demand of these games. Still, they would be worth a shot because, apart from entertaining you, they will bring back the old memories of your childhood that you can hold on to for the rest of your life by gaining access to one for good.

How to Ship an Arcade Table Machine

Some companies offer you free shipping advantages but don\’t fall for them as they are traps as there is nothing like free shipping. As arcade table machines are vintage electronics, you need to ensure that your product will arrive in its best form. You can\’t just leave everything on the company to deal with.

It is your responsibility to ask the company how they will deliver the game in one piece. This is not something that you can send through FedEx and postal service because the size is massive, and the product needs to be properly taken care of so while shipping, it doesn\’t get any damage.

A big section of the shipping cost will be based on how far the machine is going, so ensure to consider just how much traveling the game will be doing. If some company is offering you free shipping costs, then don\’t fall for their trap as there is always the hidden shipping cost in it. Your best call here is to contract with a reliable shipping company to go over the shipping process with you.


We hope that this article will be good enough for you to know what to look for in an arcade table machine and how you can keep in mind the things that can help you get the shipment properly. Let us know if you have any other questions regarding this.