How to Prepare for a Winter Sun Holiday

While the latest coronavirus Omicron continues to pose a challenge to aspiring holidaymakers and the tourism industry as a whole, the UK government has suggested that the red list and similar restrictions may be lifted towards the end of the week.

This may enable you to seek out some much-needed winter sun, but planning and organising a trip of this type can be short notice given the potential need for extensive PCR tests and a period of quarantine.

Below, we’ve outlined some tips to help you on your way, while also appraising some of the best destinations for getting a winter tan!

3 Winter Travel Tips

Let’s start with some organisational tips, which are increasingly important at a time when the international travel industry is so complex.

  • #1. Booking Ahead of Time (Where Possible): Given the constantly changing travel rules and restrictions across the globe, it’s harder than ever to book trips ahead of time. However, it’s important to be as proactive as possible as a traveller, especially if you’re to source the best and most competitive flights.
  • #2. Choosing the Right Destination: Once again, the travel restrictions being imposed across the length-and-breadth of the globe can make it hard and potentially increasingly expensive to travel this winter, so you should compare the market for the best and most competitively priced destinations in winter 2021.
  • #3. Pack Layers of Clothing: The concept of winter sun means different things depending on where you travel in the world, so you may need to pack for variable weather conditions that may be both hot and cold. This will require you to pack different layers of clothing for any number of eventualities.

What are the Health Benefits of Winter Sun?

Now that you’re a little more prepared for your travels, you’ll need to identify the best destinations in which to access some winter sun. Here are some of our top tips:

  1. Cyprus

Cyprus is an excellent bet for winter travellers, both from the perspective of cost and the prevailing weather conditions.

As one of the most southerly islands of the Mediterranean, it should come as no surprise that December regularly sees temperatures of 21ºC and seven hours of sunshine each and every day.

Although these temperatures tend to cool a little in January, they’re still around 18ºC and incredibly pleasant when compared to the harsh winters of the UK.

  1. The Canary Islands

If you’re on a budget and in the market for a great value break away, Spain’s Canary Islands should be one of your first ports of call.

Tenerife, Lanzarote and Gran Canaria are all particularly good options, while even in the winter months you can expect to see extended periods of sunshine and temperatures of around 21ºC.

These locations typically see fewer crowds during the winter, so you can enjoy a slightly more relaxing and less intensive trip as a traveller.

  1. The Caribbean

Now, if you want a true winter getaway and one that offers you access to some incredibly hot sunshine, we’d definitely recommend a trip to the Caribbean.

Including the Caribbean islands of Barbados, Jamaica and the Bahamas, this region regularly sees temperatures hit highs of 28ºC in December, while also serving as a great spot for those of you who enjoy watersports and relaxing on long, white sand beaches.

Even now, Barbados also sits on the UK’s so-called “green travel list”, so you can freely travel there at present without the need to quarantine for seven or 10 days following your return.

Accessible from all major airports, you can even take the train journey from Darwen to Manchester before jumping on a long-haul flight to your chosen Caribbean island.


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