How To Make People Remember Your Business Name

Some of the most iconic companies today have some of the most memorable names, names that tend to ‘’stick’’ even with new competitors entering the market. The name of a business is the initial point of contact for your customers. So, it’s essential to create a memorable name for your company.

What’s In A Name?

A name identifies your business, and with every customer comes the challenge of ensuring they can remember your name among a sea of similar businesses. Many people can hardly remember the names of the people they interact with regularly, making it even harder for them to recall your company name if it’s too ordinary. A unique, well-thought-out name for your business makes it easy for customers to remember your company and refer it to other prospective customers.

What Product or Service Do You Offer?

Without question, your business name should capture the nature of your business. Your customers trust that you can and will deliver the promise of your business, whether you offer a cleaning service, run a restaurant or do digital marketing. Your business name should capture what you do, at least to some extent so that customers can associate your business name with your service.

For instance, Toys R Us is a company that simply makes toys. But every time you see this name, you immediately associate the company with toys. The name shows that toys are what we make, and toys are what define us.

Business Cards and Merchandise

A good enterprise uses business cards with details that are easily verifiable, even on Nuwber. However, another way that makes business cards more effective for networking is if they carry your business name. When you look at something enough times, especially if paired with a possible association, e.g., logos, this tends to remain in your memory and is more likely reachable in the subconscious. This is a great way to make your business name memorable – to make people look at it from time to time.

You can use merchandise such as notebooks, branded pens, t-shirts, and even household goods to take this further. If a business name is integrated into a customer’s office, home, car, and other places where they spend most of their time, the name inadvertently becomes a part of their life in a positive way.

What’s Your Story?

Dwayne Johnson’s media company is called Seven Bucks Production. The story? Many years ago, he literally had seven bucks to his name; this situation anchored his dream of a better time in the future. Stories have the powerful ability to weave a timeline for your business, from humble or unlikely beginnings to the present.

A business name that captures part of your unique story makes customers resonate with your business and adds a personal touch that can set you apart from the competition. Compelling stories tell of a time when something nudged the creation of a business to fulfill a client’s need.

Be Different

Many business owners fall into the trap of what’s popular. For instance, businesses in a particular field, moving companies, tend to have a similar naming structure that utilizes words like movers and shippers. This strategy may assist your business to appear in the top search results for your niche business; however, your business name may get lost among hundreds of other businesses that offer the same service.

Furthermore, ranking is very dynamic, and your business name may fail to appear щn the first few search pages. A smarter strategy would be to embed unique but popular search terms in your business name that customers are more likely to remember.

Where Is Your Business Located?

Sometimes you run a unique business with few competitors in your geographical region. Think of a business like pet grooming; chances are that you might be the only one offering these services in your area. Such specialized services can be paired with names of towns or cities to make them easily available and memorable.

Why not take advantage of your region’s name and include it in your business name so that if someone is looking for a candle maker in your locale, your name automatically pops up. If and when new competitors come up, your name is still the dominant, more recognizable name simply because it kept coming up before.

Word Play

Krispy Crème, Kraft Heinz, or Reddit. This trend of misspellings and word spins came into wide use during the dot com era as many companies shared the same services but could not have the same domains. This inspired a series of name iterations based on double entendres, puns, and deliberate grammatical errors to create unique, creative, and memorable names.

Business owners can take advantage of this form of naming to create fun business names that are not defined by grammar or logic. This method of naming provokes thought and makes it more likely for people to look into your business. This can be combined with merchandise to create very interesting pieces and messages.

Use Taglines

Another great tip is to carry over your business name to your logo or business emblem. Slogans are also highly effective as they can help associate your brand with issues such as climate change, equality, and sustainable methods of production. By aligning your core business with important matters to your customers you stand a better chance of them remembering your business. This is because they can easily associate it with something already important to them, especially in this era where more and more consumers favor brands that align with their personal values.


Before advertising, marketing, and any other activities designed to increase your brand awareness, your business name is the first introduction to customers. Making your business name memorable goes a long way in making it easily identifiable and setting it apart from other rivals. Creating a memorable name is a combination of location, nature of services, wordplay, and other visual cues like cards and merchandise all working together. Just like good music, your business name and services should last in the mind of your customers.