How To Make A Lectern In Minecraft

Have you ever looked at a lectern and wondered does Minecraft has one as there are libraries in Minecraft? To say the least, there are lecterns in Minecraft but they are difficult to get.

So today we thought that we will tell you how to make a lectern in Minecraft? We will do so by going through


Now let’s go with the flow to explore more on lecterns.

Lectern-What Is It

Now if you don’t know what lectern is in real life as well, then let us help you.
A lectern is a podium that is used by the church’s father to read a book. Let’s see now what does it means in Minecraft.

What Is A Lectern In Minecraft?

In Minecraft, the lecterns serve the same purpose of holding books to read. The difference is that in Minecraft a lectern is placed in a library and can be used by anyone to read a book in multiplayer.

The lectern in Minecraft is also known as the Minecraft Podium. It is considered as its another name.

What Is A Lectern In Minecraft

In normal offline gameplay, a lectern is used by the village librarian in the game. You can become the village librarian by claiming the lectern as your own.

With that, let\’s find out more about its use! There are only specific uses of a lectern in Minecraft. Now you might be wondering what they are, to know them to get into our elaborative read on the same.

Usage Of Lectern

The lectern in Minecraft can be used in the following ways. To know them, continue reading.

How To Use A Lectern In Minecraft?

Like in real life, knowing about a thing is not enough. You should also have practical knowledge of how to use them. The same goes for the lectern in Minecraft as well.

In Minecraft lectern is first used by a village librarian. The in-game village librarian works on the lectern by standing and staring at it.

As a player, you can use the lectern to read a book or even write one book. Apart from this, a lectern can also be used as fuel for your furnace.

The lectern in a furnace can be used to smelt a total of 1.5 items. A fun fact about lecterns is that they produce a bass sound when placed under a note block.

Now let’s move on to the books placing method on a lectern as you might be wondering the same for a very long time because a lectern is useless if you can’t use it to read a book.

How Do You Put A Book On A Lectern In Minecraft?

To put a book on the lectern you have to simply hold the book in your hand and point it at the lectern. Right-click on the lectern to place the book on it. Right-click on it again if you wish to read the book.

Note that only empty books or books written by some other player can only be placed on the lectern. If you wish to write in a book on a lectern, you can do so with the help of a quill.

How Do You Put A Book On A Lectern In Minecraft

You can make a book and quill by placing a book, ink sack, and feather in the crafting menu. Special books like an enchanted book or a normal printed book cannot be put on a lectern.

As coming through this we hit on another fun fact about lectern that is when a page is flipped in a book that is placed on a lectern, a red stone pulse is emitted from the lectern.

This pulse means that the lectern is keeping a record of the progress of your book reading.

Now you don’t have to go and look, what does a lectern do in Minecraft as now you know its role now. You might be thinking that we gave you enough on the lectern and its use, but you might want to know its crafting as well in Minecraft.

So here we go on discussing its secret recipe with you guys.

Crafting Of Lectern

As we told you earlier, an unclaimed lectern in a village is hard to get and the easiest alternative is that you can craft one yourself. Let’s see how to do that in the next section.

Lectern Crafting Recipe In Minecraft

The lectern crafting recipe is the very easiest task to do which everyone can do. To craft a lectern, you will need:

  • 4 wood slabs
  • 1 bookshelf

It does not matter what type of wood slab you use. It can be of any type. As a matter of fact, 4 blocks can be of 4 different types as well. Now to craft the lectern:

  • Place 3 wood slabs in the top row of the crafting menu
  • Keep 1 wood slab in the bottom center block of the crafting menu
  • Place the bookshelf in the middle block of the crafting menu
  • Let the crafting complete, your lectern is ready to use.
Lectern Crafting Recipe In Minecraft

If for some reason you wish to break your lectern for some valuable resources like wood, stone, iron, diamond, nephrite, and even gold.

So, you can break your lectern by simply hitting it with an ax, but choose wisely because different ax types will take different times to break it.

After knowing these many details, you must be wondering about the usage of Lectern too.

So well before coming to an end, we got you a crazy fun fact regarding lecterns which is the lectern crossword puzzle clue.

Now you must be thinking about what it is.

It is nothing but simple crossword synonyms for the word lectern.

Newspaper crosswords use this clue a lot. The newspapers simply write lectern in front of clue. Now, this clue can have 4 possible answers.

If the space given is for 4 alphabets, then it will be AMBO. If the space is for 5 alphabets, then it will be STAND. If the space given is for 6 alphabets, then it can be PODIUM or PULPIT.

Easy and fun, isn’t it!


So now this brings us to the end of this lectern talk. We hope we were very clear in your mind regarding the lectern, it\’s crafting, and its uses.

From now on you won’t have to go looking for lecterns in every village that there is on the game as we briefed you on everything related to the lectern.

You can also use them as a decorative item for your Minecraft house. We wish you happy playing.

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