How will you be able to make a 3-way call on Android or on house phone?

A 3-way call or a conference call is when you dial the numbers of more than one person. When you arrange a conference call or a 3-way call, the persons who participate in the call can hear each other’s voice without any hazard.

No matter your phone is iPhone or Android, it is really a cool feature. Talking to more than one person can save a lot of time of yours. You can share important data to your colleagues, seniors and juniors at the same time.

But how to make a 3 way call? Don’t worry. In this tech-article, you will find all the steps about how to 3 way call on android and how to make a three-way call on a house phone.

how to make a 3 way call

How To Do A 3 Way Call On Android- Easy Steps For You

So, if you are new to the Android phones, you might want to know how to do a three way call. Setting up a 3 way call on androidis now super simple. You just have to go along with the ways that are stated below.

Here is how to make a 3 way call on android.

  1. As for the 1st step, you have to dial the number of one of the persons to whom you wish to talk.
  2. Once you call gets connected, you need to choose the “Add Call” option. Thus, the 1st call will be automatically put on hold.
  3. Now, you should dial the 2nd person’s number on dial up space.
  4. When the next call get connected, I suggest you to tap on ‘Merge call’. Thus, the two calls will be joined and a 3-way call will be started.
  5. If you want to swap calls, choose ‘swap’.

That’s all. This is all about how to conference call on android. Gone are the days when you got interrupted during a conversation by the repeated incoming calls. If you need to end conference call, you just have to tap red icon, which denotes ‘End call’.

Now, if you have read it already, we should move to the steps regarding how to do a 3 way callon landline or your home phone.

how to do a three way call

Want more features with conference call on Android? For that you can use any three way calling app. there are many popular 3-way calls apps available on Google Play Store.

Making 3-Way Calls On Landline With Verizon

Verizon is an American multinational telecommunication company which allows you to make a 3-way call or conference call on your house phone or landline, which means you will be able to chat with more than 1 person on call with Verizon services.

Here is how to make a 3-way call on Verizon landline.

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  1. At first, pick up the receiver of the land phone and hold ‘Flash’ or ‘Talk’ button.
  2. Now, call the 1st person and when the call gets connected, request him or her to hold for sometimes.
  3. Then again, you have to press the ‘Flash’ button and the call the next person.
  4. Now again, hold the ‘Flash’ or ‘Talk’ button.

In this way all the participants will be connected to each other and thus you will be able to start a conference call on your landline.

Call On Android- Easy Steps For You

Having Issues With Making A 3-Way Call With Verizon- Verizon 3 Way Calling Not Working

Sometimes, you can face that you can’t set up a conference call or a 3- Way call with Verizon. This is possible if you do not have enough allowance for credit in your Verizon account. Also, it can be possible that you do not install the calling feature properly.

Therefore, you can resolve the issue by sing 2 ways. First, you need to check if you have enough credit or not. Second, follow the guide that are given above in order to successfully set up a conference call on landline.

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Make sure that you have the land phone which is compatible with the conference call. If anything does not work, you have to contact with Verizon customer support and inform them about the issue.

Verizon 3 Way Calling Not Working


1.How do you set up a 3-way call?

Now, setting up a 3-way call on your Android or smartphone is super simple.

  • At first, you should dial the number of the person whom you want to call first.
  • When the call connected, click on the option ‘Add call’. You will see it as a symbol of plus (+).
  • Now, while dial the number of the second person. Meanwhile the first call will be put on hold.
  • When the next call gets connected, tap the ‘Merge call’ option.

Thus your call will become a 3-way call.

2.How do I make a 3-way call on my Samsung?

  • First, you need to call one person whom you want to talk.
  • Once the phone connects, tap on ‘Add call’. It is a plus (+) sign. Thus the call will become on hold.
  •  Now, dial the number the 2nd person. When the call connects, tap on the ‘Merge call’. Thus, you will be able to manage a 3-way call on your Samsung.
  • If you wish to end call, tap on the ‘End Call’ icon.

To Sum It Up

I hope that you have learned about making a 3-way call or a conference call on your Android phone after reading this technical guide.

So, you can call the two person at the same time from your smartphone and have a chat with them without facing any problem.

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