How to Leverage Email Marketing for Recruitment and Hiring?

Email is a great channel to use for the hiring process. 

What do you do?

Do you hire employees for your company or multiple companies? 

In either case, your email list could be a tremendous asset when you use it properly. 

You might have heard of many businesses and marketers using email marketing to reach their target audiences. 

Only a few leverage it for the recruitment process.

Recruitment email marketing

In recruitment email marketing, you send emails to your list of people who have signed up for job updates from you and those who might be interested in the job opportunities that you are promoting.

So, like any other email marketing, recruitment email marketing also needs an adequately built email list. 

For this, you may have to find emails of your target segment.

Email look up – Build a prospect list.

You can use an email look up tool such as to find the email addresses of your target audience.

Before this, you should clearly define your target audience. It could be the people who are just graduated, people who have updated their LinkedIn account as actively looking for a job, etc.

With such people\’s names, company domains, you can quickly locate their email formats.

Recruitment email marketing – Content types

You could send different content to intrigue professionals to apply for the job roles in the companies you are associated with.

Individual approach

You can approach candidates individually using email marketing. 

It won\’t get you a good result when you send a general message lacking personalization to everyone on your list.

Instead, if you send a highly personalized email, there is a high chance of expecting a good CTR.

New job opening announcement

You will have a list of candidates interested in the companies you are associated with or candidates who are particularly interested in a role with those companies. You have to notify them if there are any openings.

While sharing such details, you may also send subsequent emails with tips about facing the interview, the skills required for such a job role, etc.

Share about the work environment. 

This is another excellent email type where you will share the work culture of the companies you work with a recruiter. 

You could include details about the employee benefits, employee reviews, etc., to keep them informed about what it takes to work in these companies.

Share company news

Sharing your company news is a great way to keep your audience\’s attention towards your company.

You may include details about a new launch, crossing a milestone, about receiving an award, etc.

With good knowledge about a company, candidates would be more likely to show interest in joining the organization.

How often should you send the emails?

When you send only one email, it is highly likely to go unnoticed with the pile of emails.

And if you keep sending multiple emails every day, your prospects will be annoyed. 

Balanced communication is required. Hence, you may send around three to four emails every week. 

Besides this, here are some more tips you may follow;

  • Segment your prospect list based on their work experience, or job nature, etc.
  • Make use of an enticing subject line
  • Add a clear CTA button or link
  • Include social icons

Final Thoughts

You can use email marketing as a powerful, flexible tool for the hiring process. You can hire top candidates in less time.


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