How To Jailbreak Nintendo Switch In Easy Steps

The Homebrew Installer is the simplest and most widely-used method for jailbreaking a Nintendo Switch. In December 2017, a group of hackers presented the Homebrew Launcher at the Chaos Communication Congress in Germany; it was subsequently released to the public.

Since modifying the OS does not necessitate using a personal computer or a computer with the Mac operating system, the Nintendo Switch itself, a microSD card, and a laptop are all required.

Even if your Switch runs software before 3.0.0, you can still update to 3.0.0 by inserting a Pokken Tournament DX disc with the ID number 000 into your system. The Switch\’s software can be updated to 3.0.1 in some variants i.e., 001 and 002.

Use these steps to jailbreak your Nintendo Switch if it is running software version 3.0.0.

  • You can get the most up-to-date version of nx-hbmenu on Github 3.3.0 at the time of writing.
  • Put hub menu.nro in the SD card\’s base directory.
  • Put the microSD card into the Switch\’s slot.
  • To set your DNS server directly, head to your connection\’s Settings.
  • To test your connection, please input the following DNS into the provided field:
  • Select \”Setup.\”
  • The Switch must be restarted.
  • It\’s time for a new link test, so go ahead and start it.
  • Use the \”Start\” button.

The installation went smoothly if the numbers \”2000-1337\” appeared on the computer. After that, select Album from the Home option to access your custom software.

Another jailbreaking method exists for Switch consoles running firmware versions 1.0.0–4.1.0, but it is useless with consoles bought after July 2018. More pins on the right JoyCon must be shorted out, making this technique more dangerous than the previous one. If you\’re willing to take the chance, you can learn how to do it. However, Tech Advisor will not be held responsible for harming your console.

Why Would I Want To Jailbreak My Switch?


When you jailbreak a System, you receive access in a manner that the developers never intended. This makes it simple for people to develop and distribute their software for otherwise inaccessible gadgets.

The Nintendo Switch can be \”jailbroken\” so that third-party software can be installed. Although there isn\’t a huge library of games to choose from now, it\’s still early on and does give those willing to take the plunge the option of playing unofficial retro games on the console. 

What Are The Risks Of Jailbreaking My Switch?

  • If you jailbreak your Nintendo Switch, you risk permanently damaging the system. Even though there haven\’t been many reports of jailbreak breaking the Nintendo Switch, it is possible because most jailbreaks change the operating system somehow. Also, Nintendo will not replace a broken device if it is jailbroken.
  • Even though we don\’t know for sure if Nintendo can detect a jailbroken Switch without physically inspecting it, jailbreaking your device will void the warranty.
  • Due to the above drawbacks, we do not advise jailbreaking your main Nintendo Switch. If you mess around with Homebrew on your Switch, it\’s best to get a second device just for that purpose. 
  • There is also some doubt as to whether or not a Nintendo Switch can be un-jailbroken before being sent in for maintenance. 

What You Can Do with Custom Firmware


Let\’s take a look at what you can do after you\’ve jailbroken your Switch.

  • Wallpapers, themes, and splash screens can all be altered to make the Home Menu appear exactly how you want it to.
  • Numerous titles allow you to manage your saved data, including editing, backing up, and restoring.
  • Use emulators to play classic titles on your Switch console.
  • It is safe to upgrade to the newest edition without losing your custom settings.

You will require the following to effectively complete a jailbreak: – Knowledge of custom firmware and how to use it.

  • You can move files between your computer and Switch using a USB connection and a compatible device like an Android phone. Keep in mind that not all Android devices are compatible with this feature.
  • In case you own an iPhone, a Lightning to OTG converter, your iPhone, and a USB cable.
  • A mini-SD card with 64 GB of space or more is required.

There is no longer a need for anything else because we have it all now. Here\’s how to start the jailbreak:

  • The identification number can be found in the Settings menu of your computer.
  • Use this Github database of patched/unpatched serial numbers to determine if your machine has been compromised.
  • You can test the efficacy of the payload by seeing if it is \”potentially fixed\” if your serial number is among those listed.
  • If it has been \”patched,\” you are out of luck. There may be vulnerabilities in later versions, so it\’s best to stick with 7.0.1 or lesser if possible.
  • You should have at least one eShop game or demo and application loaded before installing or setting up the console for Homebrew. Cartridges should be avoided if possible but must be installed if necessary.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to jailbreak Nintendo Switch lite?
Following these steps will allow you to Jailbreak your Nintendo Switch Lite.

  • It would help if you altered your domain name system options to use Google.
  • Putting down roots close to the hub menu.
  • Using the Softmodding method.

2. Is it possible to Jailbreak on Nintendo Switch Lite?
It is possible to jailbreak the Nintendo Switch Lite version, but doing so has risks. However, the more recent models, such as those with a V2 or higher version number, need an external dongle to be installed when you replace it if you need to use any online-connected Nintendo functions.

While this is happening, you need the most recent system update, and jailbreaking is equivalent to tearing down a wall with bricks. So make sure to do that while you attempt before you break. 

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