How to Have a Self-Care Evening with your Friends

Self-care is something that we’ve had to learn over the past year or so, especially during the more draconian periods of lockdown. Taking a little bit of time for yourself is vital to safeguarding your mental health. But now that we’re able to more freely mix with one another, why not throw in a social component to your self-care regimen?

While there are certain activities, like bubble baths, that are best performed solo, there are others that can be more collaborative. Let’s take a look at a few of the activities you might plan on a self-care evening with friends.


Yoga is a habit with a whole range of benefits, and it’s also fun. If you’re serious about looking after yourself, therefore, you could do a lot worse than to find a local instructor and get a few friends to come and help to hold you to account every week. If you’re all doing it, then it’ll be more difficult to fob the thing off. Over the weeks and months, you’ll build up physical and mental toughness, and you might find yourself floating in an aura of zen.

Spa Day

Pampering isn’t something that you need to spend huge amounts of cash on. You can replicate the spa experience at home, for just a sliver of the cost. And while you’re at it, you can talk about the burning issues of the day, play whatever music you like, and generally establish a zone of maximum chill.

Picnic in the Park

If the sun’s out, and you have a decent stretch of parkland available, then it might be time to pack up a hamper and head out for a picnic. If you’re feeling especially fancy, you might even take a portable barbeque or pizza oven and really get things going. Don’t forget dessert, either; a hamper of white chocolate is just the thing, provided that you keep it nice and cool. You’ll get a sizeable dose of vitamin D from all the sunshine you’ll be soaking up – but just be sure that you’re wearing adequate sunblock.

Do some volunteering

If there’s a local cause that’s dear to your heart, then you might commit just a little bit of your free time to helping out. While it might seem paradoxical, if you care for other people, you might find that your own problems seem to pale by comparison, and that you come out of the experience feeling refreshed.