How To Hatch An Egg In Pokemon Brilliant Diamond?

Are you too addicted to Pokémon Brilliant Diamond? Well, then you must know how desirable it is to hatch more and more eggs. But everyone gets stuck and looks for ways how to hatch an egg in Pokemon brilliant diamond.

Earlier, there was the only way through which you could equip yourself with a new Pokemon was to indulge in a battle. But, now, with new updates of obtaining and hatching a pokemon egg, you can easily get your hands on new Pokémon!

So, let\’s quickly explore how to hatch an egg in a Pokemon brilliant diamond and other details through this complete guide!

Hatching a Pokemon Egg:-

  • In the Map View, tap the Main Menu
  • Tap Pokémon
  • At the top of the screen, valve Eggs
  • select one of your Eggs
  • Tap Incubate
  • select an Incubator
  • Walk to door the Egg

How To Hatch An Egg In Pokemon Brilliant Diamond

Hatching the eggs is one of the most tiring processes of the entire game. There are various methods when it comes to hatching, so let\’s start with the standard method of steps!


1. Standard Method of Covering Steps

The normal method used to hatch eggs is to cover a certain number of steps by walking. How many steps until the egg hatches pokemon varies depending upon the type of Pokémon.

But for your information on How many steps to hatch an egg brilliant diamond? here is the detail!

Being a little specific about how many steps to hatch an egg BDSM, it can be anywhere between 1200 to 10,000. For instance, here are some types of pokemon along with the. of steps they need to hatch the egg.

  • Magikarp eggs : 1,280
  • Slowpoke eggs : 5,120
  • Metagross, Tyranitar, and Dragonite eggs : 10,240
  • Pichu eggs : 2560
  • Piplup eggs : 5120

Furthermore, to cover these steps at a much faster rate and make pokemon hatch eggs faster, you should know that covering distance shouldn\’t be restricted to walking. You can bike down on long plain stretches or ride in circles to cover all the steps a little faster.

2. Hatching Pokemon Eggs with Modifiers

This is the method for someone wanting to know how to make eggs hatch faster pokemon ability-wise! 

Pokemon here have some abilities called modifiers which can be utilized to make the hatching a speedy process. If you are wondering, what ability makes eggs hatch faster, it\’s the Magma Armor and the flame body!

All you need is a Pokemon having these abilities within your party. Their heat properties would help in warming the egg, increasing the distance due to the heat and hence, hatching it in a small period of time.

But how do you remain updated on your hatching?

3. Checking Egg Cycles In Bdsp

You can check your hatching process by checking egg cycles in BDSM. When a player takes the same number of steps as an Egg cycle, their Egg\’s remaining Egg cycles are generally reduced by one. When an Egg has completed all of its Egg cycles, it hatches.

To check it, go to your party menu and open the Egg\’s Summary. Choose the second tab, and look under \”The Egg Watch\” to see your remaining cycles.

Well, now you know how to hatch an egg in pokemon brilliant diamond! However, there are some eggs that can be a little tricky to get and hatch, like the riolu!

How To Hatch Riolu Egg In Pokemon Brilliant Diamond

Riolu egg is one of the complex eggs to hatch as it involves a whole procedure to first obtain it. Here\’s what you need to do to obtain the egg:

  • Make your way to Canalave City.
  • In the city, you need to land on the Iron Island using a boat ferry.
  • Once you reach there, enter the cave to proceed to the second level.
  • Here, you need to beat the Galactic goons with Riley.
  • Once you beat them, you win the egg.

After obtaining the egg, it\’s time to wait for it to hatch. For its hatching, you need to walk 50 km every day and use infinite incubators for a lot of time. It would be a little easier if you collect some adventure sync eggs to increase the hatch rate of riolu.

Now it\’s safe to say that you\’ll do a good job next time it comes to hatch an egg!

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond Breeding Guide

Before discussing how to hatch an egg in Pokemon brilliant diamond, it\’s vital to see what leads to getting an egg. It\’s either getting from the male NPC down the road which requires some talking.

Or, by breeding some compatible Pokémon which is more complex and requires you to learn a few steps. With that being mentioned you must be wanting to know the way out for Pokémon\’s best breeding.

Let’s know more!


How To Breed Pokemon Bdsp?

  • The breeding process takes place in the Pokemon nursery. Hence, you need to drop off any two Pokémon, (one male and other female).
  • It is to the daycare by entering the building and talking to the nursery lady. You can find the nursery in Solaceon Town, between Route 209 and Route 210.
  • The two parents Pokemon that you choose to breed together must belong to the same Egg Group out of the 15 of them.
  • In the time being, you can either indulge in some other tasks while the breeding is happening. Or else, you can keep a track on both these Pokémon using the Egg Monitor Poketch App. This app is available from the male NPC in the nursery.
  • Once the Pokémon breeding process is over,now. you can collect the brand new Pokemon egg from the nursery lady.

This was the basic breeding process. However, you can speed things up a little and get the most out of your efforts by equipping yourself with the oval charm!

What’s that? Keep reading!

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Pokemon Bdsp Oval Charm    

The Oval Charm in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond Shining Pearl. It allows players to get eggs faster in the nursery. Since the gathering process becomes speedy, hatching eggs also happens at a fast rate.  Here\’s how to unlock the oval charm:

  • Complete the main story mission of bdsp and gain the Pokémon Championship of Sinnoh region.
  • Now, go to the Hotel Grand Lake, located on Route 213.
  • Here, you will meet a man swimming named Morimoto, who will challenge you for a battle.
  • Beat him and the oval charm is yours!

Once you have the charm, it will always be turned on, and the drop rate of eggs will instantly improve for the rest of the game.


Q1. How Do You Hatch A Pokemon Egg?

To hatch a Pokemon egg, you need to cover a certain no. of steps by walking or biking up and down.

Q2. How Do You Hatch Manaphy Egg Brilliant Diamond?

After obtaining the manaphy egg from the mystery gift option, you can hatch it by walking with it at your party. Having the ability of a flaming body, no. of steps would be reduced to just half!

Final Words

To conclude, Pokemon BDSM is a fun game, and obtaining and hatching eggs makes it more fun! The process of obtaining the eggs is the breeding of two opposite-sex pokemon of the same egg group in the nursery. When it\’s time for their hatching, if there is no hurry, you can simply hatch it in a simple way of walking and covering steps at a normal pace.

However, if you want to fill your team with a lot of eggs for the shiny hunt, then you can hatch using some modifiers and cover the distance biking to cover steps at a higher pace! You can also check your progress through the checking egg cycles option!

Hope this article helps fulfill your purpose.

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