How To Glide In Disney Dreamlight Valley (Updated 2023)

Disney Dreamlight Valley has become quite popular among millions of players since its release. Also, this game is full of your favorite Disney characters and is being updated constantly. So, gliding is one of this game\’s new features after updates. You will need to know how to glide in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Simple enough! To glide in Disney Dreamlight Valley, you have to eat a good amount of cooked meals. Once you are well-fed, you will need to press the shift key while running. This is the exact process of gliding in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

How Can You Glide In Disney Dreamlight Valley?

So, as it is discussed earlier in the intro section, gliding around the Disney Dreamlight Valley is quite simple and requires a few easy steps to complete. 


1. So, first, you will need to increase your energy bar. For that, you, as a player of Disney Dreamlight Valley will have to eat a good amount of cooked food until your energy bar is full. Gliding or hovering around the valley requires a special ‘Well-fed’ bonus. You will be able to get it only by eating. 

2. Once you notice the bar’s blue color turns into yellow, you should press the shift button while running. In this way, you, as a player, can glide around the valley much faster. 

3. However, the gliding button may vary or change, depending on what platform you are playing Disney Dreamlight Valley. 

4. Also, keep noticing the yellow bar while gliding around in the game. When the yellow bar disappears, it will take away your gliding ability as well. 

5. Then, players will need to eat again to glide in the valley. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How do you skate in Dreamlight Valley?

Ans. To skate or glide in Disney Drealight Valley, players first need to eat cooked food to enhance their energy level. Once they see yellow overlapping the blue bar, they can press the shift button and start skating.

Q2. How do you get paths in Disney Dreamlight Valley?

Ans. In Disney Dreamlight Valley, you, as a player will be able to unlock the Star Path when you go to the Event Tab in the menu. Using the Star Path, players may obtain tokens when they finish their tasks successfully. These tasks are the same as Dreamlight Duties. The tokens include Fishing, planting vegetables, Mining Gems, and more.  

Q3. How do you move a well in Disney Dreamlight Valley?

Ans. The process of moving a well in Disney Dreamlight Valley is to choose it first. Then, move it far from the bridge.

Final Thoughts

You just have to keep in mind that you cannot eat raw food to increase your energy level in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Only cooked food will work at this time. Therefore, if anyone is planning to glide into a farther region, make sure you have enough cooked food with you. All the best! Happy gaming!

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