How to Fix When Modern Warfare Crashing PC


Call of Duty modern warfare is a very famous and renowned shooter game in the first-person. This game was developed by the Infinity war in the year 2019 and some of the players recently have been facing an issue in the working of the game. The game has been developed over two years and is the fourth main installment in the series. In the game, a radical leader has completed his task of executing the president of a country, the name of whom has been hidden.

This leads to the development of conflicts among the different states of the country and they are observed by the player through the perspective of the U.S Marine Force Seargent.



A multiplayer medium-sized feature in the Call of Duty 4 that is given to the user as a part of the package and is also available in the different seasons of the game is called a crash. A night version of this is also available on the mobile version of the game which was made public on 11 November as a part of season 12. It is the exclusive dark mode that was exclusively made for the latest season of the game.

The crash is smaller compared to other available maps and the host has to face the enemies in this faster-paced match. This is difficult in comparison to the other available maps as there are darker areas with narrower corridors and the players are encouraged to go into the camp. The fast-paced speed is free to all the players and the large spaces like high rooftops allow the players to snipe. Many people have been complaining recently about facing trouble with the working of the game which has caused an overall decline in the popularity and number of downloads of the game


Are you also one of the players who are experiencing unbearable and random crashes on your PC while fighting your way in the game? These errors include all the different errors like dev error 6178 modern warfare which is a fatal error code. Even if the user is playing in a single power mode they are prone to experiencing the cod mw pc crashing.


Most of the modern warfare crashing PC 2020 instances are occurring because of the hardware issues which can only be minimized if the device meets the requirements and also has certain high graphic settings to ease the functionality of the game. Some of the higher graphic settings like the Ray tracing may provide additional help to the user. The main reasons behind the modern warfare warzone crashing PC problems faced by the users are-

  1. In-game overlay
  2. The conflict between the different software in the device
  3. The high texture quality
  4. The audio or the video drivers are not updated regularly
  5. The corrupt game files that are not deleted from the device and may harm the functioning of the device as well as the game.
  6. The V-sync or the G-sync
    Though no exact cause has been mentioned yet which can solve the questions raised by the users, these are some of the most common causes of the crashes.


Are you still facing the issue of modern warfare crashing after update? There are many websites that give articles on call of duty modern warfare crash fix PC. The solution to this problem can be certain troubleshooting solutions which are mentioned below and may help in getting rid of the problem easily-

  1. All the background applications that are working along with the game can be closed by pressing ‘Ctrl+Shift+Esc’. The antivirus software should also be closed so that all the protective features of the device are unable to easily work out the game.
  2. Most Call of Duty players can set the quality of the graphics to low so that the load on the device is less and the game may function without any errors. The most common culprit of the call of duty cold war crashing PC is the data required by the graphics of the device. The gamers can look for and set the texture resolution to normal to solve the crashing issues. To do this the user has 2 alternatives to choose from-
    a. The call of duty game should be opened and then click on ‘Option’ and then ‘Game Settings’ and ‘Graphics’.
    b. In the second option the user can select the details and textures tab and change the resolution to normal or high as per the requirement.
  1. Another method to solve this problem is by running the game again and again o that the corrupt game files can be found.
  2. Updating the graphic video or the audio driver may also help. This can be done by downloading an application like Driver Easy and running it so that the system can recognize it and update the driver accordingly. The Driver Easy can be downloaded and installed to update other devices like the keyboard, driver, etc.
  1. Many people have registered complaints saying that ‘the modern warfare crashes on launch PC’ which is a very common problem faced by the players of the game. This problem can be solved with the basic step of looking into the system requirements and making sure that they match the needs. The requirements of the game can be compared to the other specifications of the device like the availability of 8 GB RAM, a compatible graphic card, the directX compatible 12 system.
  1. Sometimes even though the game does not show any errors you can see that the speed of the game is very slow and it might buffer. To understand this problem the solution is to check the graphic settings of the game.
  1. The missing game files are yet another cause of the call of duty cold war crashing PC. If the game is being played on Steam then the in-built feature may help to rectify the missing or corrupt files all by itself.
  2. As most modern warfare players have said that the programs with the overlay feature can also cause the crashing of the PC. Discord is one such app that has the overlay feature and the in-game feature can be disabled so that the working of the game can be checked. To disable the feature-
    a. The discord application needs to be opened.
    b. The settings icon has to be clicked on.
    c. The overlay tab from the left pane can be used to toggle the enable overlay option.
    Even though a lot of times the device shows the message of the ‘modern warfare crashing pc no error’ the user still faces issues with the working of the game. If you are also facing this issue and are not able to resolve it with the help of the above-mentioned troubleshooting solutions, then help can be asked for from the online websites. This technical support can be provided either by the local shops or the online websites as they are available 24*7 to the user. Though the game has been experiencing frequent crashes, it is still one of the most preferable games.

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