How To Find Inspiration For Your Business Logo Design

Your logo might only be a small thing, but it’s one of the most important and biggest decisions you’re going to make for your business. Among all the images and graphics you’re going to come up with, your logo will be the most-displayed and the most-used marketing material. It shapes your image and your identity as a business. In fact, you won’t build your brand’s identity sans a logo.

With the important role it plays, designing a logo is, therefore, a process your business must take seriously. It’s not something you finalize in one sitting or conceptualize overnight. In fact, once you put yourself down on the table to really give your business logo some thought, you may be at a loss for ideas. When there are millions of logos registered already, how do you make yours stand out while still being descriptive of your brand’s identity?

Get more information here, for insights on how to find inspiration for your business logo design and then proceed with the tips in this article.

Take A Look At Your Competition

Your competition’s logo is always a great place to start. You shouldn’t copy their logo but get ideas of what they have and what they don’t have. In fact, you can start by going through the names and logos of all your competitors within your local area and niche and that serve the same target market. That way, it’ll be easier for you to visualize those ideas.

By getting inspiration from your competitors’ logos, you can create one that you know can be strikingly distinguished from that of your competitors’. This means that there’s very little to no similarity and that your logo also won’t be confused by that of any of your competitors’.

Most importantly, when you use your competitions’ logo as your inspiration, you can also follow tried-and-tested ideas of what works and what doesn’t within your market.

Write Down Every Idea That You May Have

Even if you think it’s the worst idea ever, just write it down. Don’t let any idea slip away or come to waste. No matter how far off that idea may be, you never know if there’s something good that may come out of it. Writing it down can help ensure that you don’t forget anything and that you’re able to discuss the probability of each of your ideas.

There are some ideas you may think as bad but can still spark great conversations with the target audience of your business.

Go On Pinterest

Inspiration and ideas are all over the internet. But if there’s an app or website that’s filled with images or graphics, then that’s definitely Pinterest.

Once you’ve got your business name and your target audience settled, spend a good deal of time browsing through Pinterest regularly. Right at the tip of your fingertips, you may come across hundreds of images that strike your fancy, incorporating all the good elements into your logo. Or if you’re running low on ideas, then Pinterest can also help boost your creativity.

On Pinterest, you won’t experience a shortage of logos or design ideas from which you can potentially get inspiration.

Put Yourself In Your Audience’s Shoes

Like your competition, there’s no other better place from which you could draw inspiration for your logo than your target market. After all, they’re the people who’ll be looking at your logo. So when you turn the perspective around and put yourself in their position, you can have ideas as to what strikes their fancy and what doesn’t.

For instance, from their perspective, create a list of all the logos within your niche that you remember. What qualities in those logos stood out the most? Why do you adore that logo? Most importantly, what does that logo have that made you, now as a customer, remember it easily?

When you take this kind of perspective, you’re ensuring that whatever you come up with, this already resonates with your audience, hence catching their attention. Convincing them to support your brand won’t be that difficult, as you would starting from scratch.


Even if you may have very little poor graphic design skills, looking for inspiration for your business logo design is everywhere. Surely, every entrepreneur out there has a creative bone in them, waiting to be tickled. Whatever your idea may be, put it on the table and give it some thought. After all, what matters is that your logo is representative of you, your business, and the image you’re trying to create for your brand. Look around you by starting with the areas in this post, and who knows? After reading through this, you might have ideas flowing through your mind, all ready for conceptualization.