The rdr2 high stakes treasure map is an optional side quest that the player can pick up from in between the game. This is started by finding one of the strangers and then it leads to three different maps located in various locations. These also give rewards to the player on the way as they progress through the various challenges in the game.

How To Start The High-Stakes Treasure Mapquest?

To start the high stakes treasure, map the player has to ensure that they have cleared chapter 3, or else a stranger that is used to start the mission does not appear. These will be found wandering around and muttering to themselves which are not near but appear randomly on the mind map.

How To Start The High-Stakes Treasure Mapquest

Though this is a random event it is best to bet to find the stranger who will wander between the Wallace station and the Cumberland falls. The player can also find him throughout the heartlands and the location mentioned above.

The location of the rdr2 high stakes treasure map is towards the Cumberland falls. The player has to start from the eastern side of the waterfall and then through a small path they need to head up and behind the waterfall. The next treasure map will be located on the small nook in the top right.

 To find the location of the red dead redemption 2 high stakes treasure the player first has to gear up into the winter location and then move towards the Barrie lagoon northwest of the Valentine in the grizzlies. From here the player will be able to find a log bridge and can make their way to the final treasure map.

What Is The Location Of Treasure Map 3?

The red dead redemption 2 high stakes treasure map 3 is the third and final map which is the most difficult to pin down and shows the player the winding path. Initially, the player needs to head towards the Bacchus station and then head up a big hill west of the station.

Once the player reaches the top of the hill, they need to find the path facing the bridge and then head towards a ledge and head towards the sloped rocks. They should sprint or slide off and die. Once the player is sprinting around the corner, they need to make a small jump and find a ledge located below it.

They can also jump down and turn to find another ledge and then head towards the corner. The three golden bars can be sold at $500 each and both of them have to be at the Fence.

What Is The Location Of Treasure Map 3

What Is The Jack Hall Gang Map?

The rdr2 jack hall gang map gives the location to the band of the outlaws from yesteryear and the stash of gold somewhere around the New Hanover. The first map can be purchased in the treasure hunt from Mexico and then they can meet at the starting off chapter 2 near the Flat neck station. It can further be sold for $5 or less and then can kill the demons and take it off his body.

If the player fails to collect the map from Maximo and can then purchase it from Fence. For the Jack Hall gang treasure, the player can purchase the map from Maximo and a treasure hunter and can be found on the ridge overlooking the mirror. It is located northwest of the Flat neck station and north of Bard’s crossing for approximately $10.

This map depicts the Caliban’s seat which is a unique rock formation located towards the south of the Valentine. Scale the hill on the eastern side to reach the top. Follow the path through the rocks from the top and then move along the ledge by jumping across the gaps and mantling over the ledges. This needs to be done until the player reaches the large swath of white granite with a small hole in it.

For the second map, the player needs to find it by finding the stash from the first Jack Hall Map. This location is depicted in the map which is the Cotorra springs and to the east of the dividing line between E and W grizzlies in the Ambarino.

This location is of the legendary wolf cautiously in the area. Head towards the west end of the area and then find a small circle of the formations and the stash is located inside the central stack of the rocks.

What Is The Jack Hall Gang Map

During the third map, the player needs to find towards the O Creagh Run which is located to the north of the three sisters in the Grizzlies east region of the Ambarino. To reach there the player needs to head directly to the north of the hills from the Emerald Ranch and then the gang’s treasure with the two gold bars under a rock on the island in the middle of the lake.

What Is The High Stakes Treasure Location?

For the high stakes treasure, it can be started during a random encounter out in the world or later by purchasing a map which is missed can cause tough encounters. To find the treasure locations, the player needs to keep an eye out for the older treasure.

He won’t give the map willingly and can be robbed at gunpoint. They can kill, hogtie and then loot them if it isn’t fancy and then run hard enough and he will drop the map.

To spot the map, the player needs to look at the large rock to the northeast of the Riggs station and though he appears in various locations between the strawberry and valentine. Once the map is collected, the stash will be found at the Cumberland Falls. Approach towards the base of the falls from the west and then swim across the rocks on the south of the side falls. A fallen tree that will allow to the side of the waterfall and climb up behind the falls to collect the stash and to the next map.

What Is The High Stakes Treasure Location

The second treasure map will lead to the north into the grizzlies west and it is located above the frozen water between Lake Isabelle and window rock. Head into the frozen lake and look for a bridging tree on the ice-coated island and the rocky banks of the lagoon.

The treasure map will be located in the knot of the bridge. The final map will lead the player to fort Wallace. This fort is located on the large rock formation next to the Ft. Wallace to the northeast. Then ride along the path towards the backside of the rock face.


The different rdr2 treasure locations are mentioned for the readers and it is important to look for the map at proper places. It is difficult to find the proper locations for the quest and then the player can fight the demons to clear the quest. The high-stakes treasure map 1 is the first step to clear the quest.