How to Embrace Your Style Without Judging Yourself

Fashion is a way to express oneself. Whatever you wear sends a statement to the world. Some people claim to not care about how they look on the outside. However, just because you don\’t mind how you appear doesn\’t mean the others aren\’t judging you. Some people use clothes to communicate political statements. Others use patterns to show a bit about themselves. Sometimes it\’s difficult to figure out what to wear when you are concerned about how other people perceive you. Even if it\’s a psychological issue for you, there are things you can do about your feelings. Here are some ways to embrace your style without worrying about what others think.

Ask yourself – why do you care about other people\’s opinions?

It\’s natural to care about the opinions of others. It\’s particularly understandable when you are worried about how loved ones perceive you. When you care about the people in your social circle, you want to make a good impression. There are instances where wearing an appropriate wardrobe is expected. For example, you probably won\’t attend a wedding wearing jeans and a t-shirt. However, there\’s a balance between caring too much about what other people think and being respectful of other individuals. If you find yourself obsessing over what people think when they see your wardrobe, that might be an issue to address. What\’s underneath these thoughts? Maybe you want to be liked. Sometimes in school, kids emulate other students\’ styles. It may be because they want to be accepted by their peers. Adults can behave this way as well. Perhaps you work at a corporate job, and you admire one of your colleagues\’ styles. You are worried that you don\’t look professional enough and as a response. That\’s why you aim to copy their look. If you\’re worried about what other people think about you, it\’s time to analyze why that might be. What are your insecurities? These are things that you can look at and analyze.

What is your style?

Take a moment and think about your personal style. What do you like to wear? Some people are more casual and prefer to wear jeans and a flannel. Other people like to express themselves using bright colors or sparkly patterns. Whatever your style is, it\’s valid. You don\’t need to impress other people with how you look. You need to wear something that makes you feel like you. Style is an extension of people\’s personalities. It\’s okay to express yourself the way that you feel the most comfortable. Perhaps you\’ve never thought about your personal style.

Take a moment and think about what you like to wear and how it makes you feel. Some people like to wear T-shirts that have sayings on them. Perhaps you are passionate about social justice. You could wear shirts that express support for the black lives matter movement. Fashion can be a way to express your viewpoints. It\’s fascinating to take some time to think about what your wardrobe means and how it shows the type of person you are.

Are you worried about what other people think? You can talk about this with a therapist

If you\’re concerned about your style and how it appears to others, there could be something else going on. Maybe you\’re insecure, and you\’re not sure how to express yourself, and fashion is an extension of that. You can talk about self-esteem issues and insecurities with a therapist. Whether you see someone online or work with a professional in your local area, you can get the support you need. Check out for more information about mental health.



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