How To Earn A Lustful Ribbon In Bitlife? [Upadated 2023]

Ribbons are awards you can earn in BitLife by accomplishing noteworthy deeds while playing a character. You cannot accumulate millions of dollars through several experiences since they do not carry over.

If you complete it in one character\’s life, you might get the Barbie Girl ribbon or the rich one by getting a lot of plastic surgery. Excess is the theme of The Lustful Ribbon; for this one, you need more than one lover for each character.

You need at least 20 distinct loves for a character to fill out the lusty Ribbon. It\’s a reasonably simple ribbon, but you must be careful not to acquire any other ribbons during this lifetime or risk losing them.

Having a typical life and a respectable job that pays the bills is an excellent method to achieve this, but you should also constantly try to have one-night hookups while meeting new people through your game\’s dating outlets.

It is best to avoid pursuing any relationship when trying to finish this Ribbon because you don\’t want to build attachments or a relationship with anyone you meet.

Once you\’ve completed it with 20 different players, you can keep going to ensure that you receive this Ribbon once the character dies. Try to keep the one person you have a one-night stand with a secret once a year while still using the dating app to meet new people.

To ensure you don\’t mess up and catch an illness with your dates, it doesn\’t harm to maintain working out on the side or seeing the doctor. You are strongly advised to contact a doctor once a year after being with someone to avoid earning the Wicked or Mediocre ribbons if you contract an illness while attempting to obtain this Ribbon.

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How To Get The Lustful Ribbon In BitLife?


The lusty Ribbon says it all: have many lovers throughout your BitLife. But just like in real life, having a lot of love might cause issues, so we\’re here to give you a tonne of advice to make it simpler.

1. Fornication Is Forbidden At Any Cost:

Yes, you must engage in fornication as frequently as possible. It doesn\’t matter if you have a relationship or one-night stands. Fornicate whenever you get the chance, and with as many people as possible.

2. Get Into Sexy Things:

Threesomes are a terrific way to obtain this Ribbon because you\’ll have two lovers at once. Fortune smiles upon the brave.

3. Avoid Attempting Anything Else:

We advise you to merely lead a dull existence outside your sex life because you don\’t want to receive another medal unintentionally. Drop out of school, forego further education, and settle for a monotonous job.

4. Avoid illness:

Try to practice safe fornication because you don\’t want to get a sickness that will limit your ability to engage in frequent fornication.

5. For More Than 30 Lovers:

To earn this Ribbon, you need to sleep with more than 30 people throughout your lifetime. Sleep with more individuals than your age to ensure it.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the hardest Ribbon to get in BitLife?

BitLife Smart Ribbon
The Cunning Ribbon is one of BitLife\’s more challenging to obtain. You must leave jail or prison and remain at large till you pass away.

2. How do you become a gold digger in BitLife?

How to earn a Gold Digger ribbon: It is advised to do this if you are attractive and athletic and were born in one of the wealthiest nations (such as Australia or Germany).

You should never work. Use freelance jobs to earn cash for your dating app and wedding expenses quickly.

3. How do you become an orphan in BitLife?

Your character may be brought to an orphanage between the ages of 1 and 17. This only occurs when there are no longer living parents in the family; at that point, you and your siblings will be sent there to spend the remainder of your childhood.

4. What\’s the oldest you can adopt in Bitlife?

Additionally, children up to the age of 17 can now be adopted. The maximum age before was 7.

5. What does craziness do in BitLife?

The more insane a lover is, the more probable they will approve of your exotic pets, agree to threesomes, marry you early, fight less, and have children sooner.

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