How To Delete Game Pigeon App On An I phone?

If you are an iPhone owner may currently host many mini-games, apps, and other tools. Many iPhone owners raise a question that says “how to delete game pigeon?” which was released after the IOS 10. The game pigeon ios is an I Message application that people used to interact with others on Messages.

If you prefer using iMessage a lot then there are chances that you have already installed the Game Pigeon at some point or the other. This article will help you in figuring out how to completely remove the pigeon application, remove it on the iPhone in case if you do not wish to use it.

What Is The Game Pigeon Application?

One of the most commonly witnessed questions about this application is “what is a game pigeon on iPhone?”. Game pigeon is an iOS application that lets you as a user play multiple mini-games with others via the messages applications.

This application was developed in 2016 after the update which allowed the support of the various applications to be accessed from within the application. One can specifically download many applications from the App Store and these are built right into the Messages application.

Game pigeon comes with many mini-games which can be played with anyone you’re having a conversation with. Some of these games include 8Ball, Archery, Darts, Dots and Boxes, Mini Golf, Paintball, Shuffleboard, and game pigeon word hunt.

How To Remove Game Pigeons From Apps On An iPhone?

If you have been using Game Pigeon for a while now and want to take a break to lessen the distraction then you might have been searching for “how to delete game pigeon app?”. Sometimes only hiding the app helps as you do not need to install it all over again the next time you want to play with your family or friends

As a user, you can simply hide the Game Pigeon app and prevent it from appearing on the messages app by removing the inside section. To do this follow the steps mentioned below-

  • Open the messages app on your iPhone and head over to any conversation.
  • Open the conversation and a stream of apps is laid out at the bottom of the screen.
  • All of these applications are available within the app and one of them is the Game Pigeon app.
  • Slide these towards the left and click on the more button.
  • In the next screen, the app will be listed and within that tap on the edit option.
  • The Game Pigeon app can then be disabled from appearing inside the Messages by switching the toggle to the Off position.

Therefore to remove the Game Pigeon app you can hide it using the steps that are mentioned above.


How To Uninstall The Game Pigeon App?

The question that says “how to uninstall game pigeon from iPhone?” is also asked very frequently if one wants to get rid of the game. To do this, one can launch the messages and open a conversation with anyone. Slide to the left of the applications under the text box and at the end of the row, tap on the More button.

When another screen appears, locate the Game Pigeon app from the list of applications available to the user. Completely uninstall the Game Pigeon application, swipe to the left of the app, and bring out the delete option. This will be deleted from your iPhone from the moment it is swiped left.
A similar method can be used to uninstall the other applications from the messaged app by following the above-mentioned steps.

How To Reinstall The Game Pigeon Application?

Sometimes instead of looking for “how to uninstall game pigeon?”, there are questions about how to reinstall the application on the iPhone. This is done in the same way as any other app will be installed from the App store. For easy access, it can be reinstalled straight from the messages application. To do this-

  • Open the messages app and head over to a conversation.
  • Tap on the app store icon and open iMessage.
  • Install the Game Pigeon app by scrolling down to the Top Free section. Tap on the ‘get’ option if this is the first time you’re installing the app.
  • Alternatively, the search functionality can also be used within the App Store and then tap on the download icon to reinstall the app.

How To Play Shuffle Board On Game Pigeon?


The game pigeon shuffleboard is a game that uses longboards and disks and is a tabletop version. The main aim of the game is to slide by hand or using all four pucks alternately against the opponent. The highest scoring area without falling off at the end of the area

If you want to win this game then, you can knock off the opponent’s weights and can be outstanding on the board. “How to play shuffleboard on game pigeon?” is the main question and the steps are mentioned below.

  • Toss a coin and see who has the first turn and then each player has to play with four pucks.
  • Hold the puck properly and the winner will shoot their puck towards the opposite end.
  • The opponent then shoots the puck using a knockoff and finishes all of their pucks.
  • If both the players have the same score then the game withdraws.

How To Download The Game Pigeon?

Sometimes the users have complained about the Game Pigeon not downloading which can be resolved by trying to reset the phone softly. It may help to fix all the random glitches in the app and if it does not help then you can opt for a hard reset to the phone. Many times people have also faced the Game Pigeon not opening issue that can be resolved.

The user needs to go to the settings and sign out from the Apple ID and then sign in again with a different account. If it still does not work then try and download the application again. If you are changing the ID continuously, then use the same Apple ID that was used first.


Is Game Pigeon a safe app?

This app has an in-app purchasing which the younger children can run up significant bills without realizing. Therefore, it is better to install time limits during the use of this application as sometimes people have a complaint of the game pigeon not working with screen time.

How do you delete game pigeon?

Choose the Game Pigeon application on the screen and click on the plus sign to add it to the favorites. Swipe left on the game and remove it and then swipe left again to delete it from the game. The game would then be uninstalled from the phone.


An iOS that lets you play multiple games while conversing with your friends and family, Game Pigeon is an application that was developed in 2016. It was developed after the iOS update which allowed support from various applications.
This article answers many different questions like “How to delete game pigeon off iPhone?”, “How to delete game pigeon?”. Many different ways to reinstall the application and hide it to avoid any distraction are also mentioned.

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