How To Delete Black Desert Online Account

Regardless of the genre of games, you are into, exploring the world of fantasy while attempting quests must have made to your list of favorite video games

Hence, it might be safe to assume that you are familiar with the online game, black desert.

However, it doesn\’t seem to ignite your interest anymore, like before, which led you to the question \”How To Delete black desert online Account?\”

Well, we are here to deliver the answer as the upcoming details will allow you to delete do account as immediately as possible.

Though, Before we jump right into the guide to black desert delete account.

Let\’s take a quick look at some common reasons that might have resulted in the decision to get rid of the account, in the first place.

Spammed By The Chain Of Emails`

Are you planning to delete the account as you are bothered by receiving the bulk of promotional offers or even the newsletter which results in the mailbox of the user appearing spammed?

If that’s what you want, here is what you need to do:

  •  first to click on the spam button, located at top of the mail button as it will mark those mail as spam and
  •  the second option is to click on the link of unsubscribe situated at the mail’s bottom.

But, if the another is that you have developed a newfound interest in other sandbox games which makes it quite difficult for you to make time for the current game, then how about deleting the black desert account?

Let\’s wait no more and get started with the steps too!

Deleting Black Desert Account.

It is important to understand the right steps to delete the black desert account so it can be closed permanently. Hence, let\’s find out the step-by-step solution.

Deleting Black Desert Account
  • Once you notice the mention of “What is your issue Related to ?” continue by choosing ACCOUNT
  • For the next step, scroll downwards for filling out the details given in the form, choose ACCOUNT DELETION on CATEGORY.
  • Furthermore, go for “REQUEST TO DELETE MY ACCOUNT” on the subject type
  • Last but not the least, proceed by entering your email address and providing an authentic reason for the deletion of your account on Description type
  • Before clicking on the SUBMIT button to send the details of the form, you need to verify the captcha. The time frame of the company to respond to your query can be about 72 hours, which means you have to wait for that long.

But, In case you are seeking to find answers to certain problems related to emailing in the black desert then the info below is at your service

Black Desert Online Email Change  

Want to know how to update your email address? Follow the steps below.

Step 1 – Start by login to BDO Online Banking and then move to “Profile Maintenance” then go to “Customer Information” and “Update Customer Information”

Step 2 – Now, you need to delete your previous email address and input the new one in the field of “Email Address”. Followed by clicking “Update” and then “Ok”

Step 3 – Check your earlier registered email address as you need to take note of an approval code that will be received by you at the email address that you previously registered.

Step 4 – The next step requires you to revert to your BDO online banking account and search on the top right side of your screen the “Approval Code” and click on it.

Step 5- Finally, Click on the “Input Code” icon, move ahead by entering the approval code received by you in your email for updating your email address.

Black Desert Online Email Change  

Another Emailing Obstacle

When it comes to managing the black desert email exchange, it sounds interesting, but sometimes, it is easier said than done.

Considering the same, we have shed light on some more concerns than many users face.

So, let’s explore more to know more!

Black Desert Online Email Not Sending

If you as other users of the black desert are currently facing a problem in terms of the verification email, the developers are yet to work on it. Hence wait for a while and look forward to the fixing of the same.

Furthermore, if you want to direct your concern to the platform then you can anytime go for the black desert online submit a ticket   

Read ahead to learn about the process

Tickets For Inquiry

Earlier, to receive more than one response you were required to re-submit a ticket with the help of the “submit a ticket option”. And then,

 refill the necessary details related to your additional questions and concerns.

However, the platform has optimized the experience by allowing the user to submit more than one inquiry with the “start an inquiry thread” button available on the ticket page.

We believe in providing our readers with all the possible help we can think of, so this article won\’t be an exception. In other words, you might want to read further to avail answers to a few problems you might encounter.

Frequently Asked Questions

  •  Did Black Desert Delete My Account?

The pc players aren\’t left with any choice but to transfer their black desert online account to Pearl abyss from Kakao game as the publishing agreement between Pearl abyss and Kakao games in North America and Europe has been terminated by the Pearl abyss.

Therefore, if you didn\’t transfer your account before May 31 then it means your account has been deleted and all the associated game data will be not available.

  • How Do I Unlink My Black Desert Account?

It\’s quite simple to unlink your black desert account as all you have to do is to move to Start<Profile, followed by pressing Y which will bring up the window of account linking, and press A to unlink.

  • Can You Reset Your Black Desert Account?

You can adhere to any of the two ways to reset your black desert account

Option A – If on the EU / NA regions as the PA launcher comes up, look at the region selected in the bottom right, if your default is EU then change to NA or vice versa, to be precise, you will be starting from the very scratch in the new region, though your progress will be saved in your primary region.

Option B, as no system is available to reset your existing account, you can certainly delete all the characters you have and commence all over again, you might not deem it as a complete reset but this method will permit you to begin from the scratch.

Summing Up

We hope we were able to cover your issues in concern with the black desert. Though if you still are facing problems, never hesitate to directly contact the support service of the black desert online game.

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